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Saturday Night Dump

Welcome to the Saturday Night Dump!

Wolfbernz talked about a surprise… I’m here to tell you about it!

We are all about the Linky Love… obviously… and what a better way to get out some linky love than to add a few newbies to the directory?!? Check out the new listings in Money Blogs, Literature Blogs, and – of course – The DUMP. In case you weren’t aware, the dump is for bloggers who Submitted their blog to BlogDumps, but didn’t tell us where they wanted to be listed! Anyone and Everything can be found there!

We’ve also added a new category to Blog Dumps… Real Estate Resources. We are hoping to see real growth in that area in the coming months. Everything from Real Estate Brokers that blog about houses they offer – to mortgage brokers, loan information, and foreclosures will be listed there!

Oh Yeah, the surprise! Well… We want to help our affiliates to make money while promoting BlogDumps, so EVERY BLOGDUMPS AFFILIATE has been Featured on the BlogDumps Home Page and the Blog Directory Home Page. These features, while their blog screenshots are smaller than those of Paid to Be Featured Bloggers, the effect is the same, a screenshot (provided by will be randomly displayed to visitors of BlogDumps. We are hoping to help our affiliates by driving traffic to their sites! After-all, how do you promote something you don’t know about? We are hoping that by promoting our affiliates, this will give them a little… shall we say “nudge” ?

Check out this Awesome Affiliate!

Happy Saturday Night!

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What a beautiful Saturday!

It was so nice to wake up to the sun beating in the window and the birds chirping outside in the trees here on the farm today! We had close to fifteen inches of snow here this week and it’s all gone, it will be seventy degrees tomorrow on Sunday… I guess that’s why I like it here on the Eastern Shore we get weather extremes but they don’t last long and it’s over. I should have mounted a camera on the front of
the Jeep it was so much fun trying to get to town on all the back roads!

Could it be Spring is almost here?

So what type of flowers should I plant in front of the farm house this year… Any Ideas?

We have a lot of new members this week, Thanks for Dumping your blog!

I have added almost everyone that has Dumped their blog to the directory categories. I still have about fifty to go so don’t be alarmed if you are not listed yet, this is all done by humans and we check each for content first so you can just imagine the time it takes… The only thing is, there are almost ten new links a day sometimes – I think I’m getting ahead and I’m really getting further bhind LOL. But, I like it this way it keeps it fresh and new and the spam blogs out.

I was over at one of the other blog directories I belong to and they have a sticky post on their discussion area that says no link dropping… That is not the case here so do not feel that you can’t tell people about your blog or that you can’t leave a link to it. If the thread on the discussion involves a post or is relative to what everyone is talking about drop the link or if you have posted about the same thing on your blog give an excerpt and drop a link to your post. BlogDumps is about getting maximum exposure for your blog.

The best way to achieve readers and gain traffic is through social networking and you can do the right here on BlogDumps in many ways. I invite you to surf BlogDumps and check out all the places you can drop your link to your blog. You can even create your own page here and add videos, photos, and more with all the links you want on it! Or join the discussion forum and add your Two cents! There is another spot to drop your link each day when you get bumped off but I will let you find it… LOL

Our newest members

Skeet Shooting Tips Outdoors & Hunting Blogs

The Signpost
celebrating some of life’s highlights
by blogging about people, events, places, trends, issues
and other topics to engage your senses

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Have a great Saturday
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Saturday Night Dump!

Welcome to the Saturday Night Dump!

Tonight I thought it would be awesome to recognize all the BlogDumps Affiliates! These bloggers are helping BlogDumps by more than just placing our link on their site, they are helping us to become the best blogging community on the web today.

Without further Adieu, I give you BlogDumps Affiliates:

Dusk Through Narrow Streets

Brown Bear Creative


Your Caring Angels

Aria’z Ink

Health News For You

London Best Blow Dry – London Salon

One Hundred A Day Opps

…Scattered Brain



Machweo ya Maendeleo

X-Posed – Secrets of The Sexes!


It’s All About Me… L Dawson (Nita)

Morden Fasion


Tiny Treasures

Pink Renegade

Depression Marathon

Get Free Indicator FOREX!!

FickleMinded-A Life That Is Less Ordinary


Monster Express

Life – a record of experiences.

Home Biz 411

Work At Home Mom – Making Money At Home

Jom sembang sekejap

INDO Contest


Freeware Link


Tutor for money making blog


Kelly’s MyQute Fairy – Angel Lifestreaming Blog

Diet Pulpit

Linky Love

Greener Pastures: Personal Finance

This Blissful Life

My Life in this Wonderful World!

My Daughter’s Wedding

Earn RM with Internet-Connection


Weird Ink

The Next Post


Online Marketing 4 Dummies


Mommy’s Little Corner


Mountain Spirit Productions

What’s the word on the street?

Untouchable Earth


Bill’s Blog on the River


All Are here!!

This My World


SammahNET – Reinventing your Future

Sasha Says

The Infinity

Sherry Rambling

Home Business. Small Business. Work From Home

Money from Nothing

Real Life Business

Trina’s Blog

Equus Series


BB Market Place

Guadagni Online con Ebay, Affiliazioni ed Altro

THe wOrLd oF EntERtaiNmeNt

Make sure to stop by and visit all these great blogs, make sure to leave a comment… Bloggers love comments and after all it is the nice thing to do!

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Have a great weekend
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Top Sites Inauguration Tuesday

It is a cold frigid day here on the Eastern Shore today! Today is Obama’s Inauguration Day! A day when the whole world will be looking this way… the beginning of promised change.

There have been a lot of new members with some really cool blogs join our community here. I would like to invite all the new bloggers and the bloggers that have been with BlogDumps to start using the discussion forum to your advantage. You see, at BlogDumps we don’t care if you discuss something in the forum and add a link to your blog or your post you are discussing.

At BlogDumps we are all about Linky Love! Oh, speaking of Linky Love I would like to thank everyone who went to vote for Kim on Linky Loves’ site and helped win BlogDumps a free one year spot for advertising! This is great for all of us in the community. The more traffic, the more readers BlogDumps can send your way.

I started this post about, Oh, 5:30 am this morning – way before the inauguration of our President Obama- as I started my day, I laid in bed and wrote this with my coffee on my lap top. I have no clue why. I just felt the need to blog I guess! But as I finish this post this afternoon and after watching our President Barack Obama take the oath of office I feel the sense of change in the air. I saw the young kids faces lit up – what hope he brings to the table in the classrooms.

Barack Obama does brings hope and hopefully he will bring peace and prosperity – One nation under God.
Did you notice how many prayers and how many things involved the use of God in the language spoken through out this whole campaign and all the way to the Inauguration Today. I did like the end prayer when the preacher said, “Let the yellow be mellow and let the white do what’s right” and I think today we have shown that we have grown as a nation and done just that.

This could be the change our country has needed for so long to work together as equals. If we are to be the example of what democracy is to be then this is the direction we should be headed. I set a few photos to music of our president, I think I even posted it once but I guess it would be ok to do it again.

I know it’s top sites Tuesday but I just felt the need to blog away so without further delay here they are!

Top Blog Sites Tuesday on

Get your blog listed in the top sites submit your blog

Get your blog featured across BlogDumps and reviewed just follow me hereBlogDumps Video is getting a face lift this week so stop on by and watch for progress!

Have a great week everyone,

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Wolfbernz Speaks Out!

I was just cruising the front page today when I notice a new front page sponser, it’s automatic you see I use Text-Link-Ads for my link money, It’s really cool I just add the code and they do the rest.

Your site has to meet their guidelines, of course, but if you do, you can make some real money with them and they have a good support team also.

But, anyway, back to the topic at hand. You have got to visit Sue Scheffâ„¢ I don’t get paid per click or anything. I didn’t even have to write this post it’s just I wanted to speak out about this!

Today’s youth, look how kids are brought up and how they are taught, but that’s another post “Wrongblog”.

Do many parents get involved after the cutesy stage? No, how many kids lives would be different if a parent could, just for a moment, act like they really care? Attend that camping trip, go on that feild trip… but, no parents fight and Divorce is at an all time high, the kids are tuged back and forth… What a mess

It’s your resposibility. You wanted or had the child – so take care of them. I know you all think what does Wolfbernz know!?! I am a single parent- raised four kids, four horses, 3 wolves, 4 dogs, a lizard, hampsters, a ferret, and a loud mouth parrot named Timothy for over 22 years – so I feel I have earned a Masters Degree in parenting now… Oh, and I went to work also, I had to get peace, quiet and some rest somewhere…LOL

Just read what Sue Scheffâ„¢ has to say. I am proud to have this company as a sponser! I think this is a very important subject. Our Youth are our future, what are you doing on your part?

Ok, so you want to know what I did on my part? My two boys are both Eagle scouts, Graduated High School with good grades, and both are contributing members of Society now. My two girls are the smartest you will ever meet. My youngest gets Straight A’s inher honors courses and will graduates high school and be off to college this year. I participated in each of their lives, even when I couldn’t find an answer I went looking for help, that’s kind of hard for a guy you know, we have to be the “Man” LOL

Thanks for reading and more power to Sue Scheffâ„¢ I think this is the best saying I read on their site:

“Protect Children – not Punish them”.

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So much to tell this Saturday.

It’s so nice when things seem to begin to go the way you want them to go isn’t it?

Gas is down to $2.03 today, we took a trip to get toys and cool stuff for the little ones in the family… I was a happier guy at the pump!

Here at BlogDumps we have a lot to tell we have just released the BlogDumps Instant Messenger Build 2.0 Gosh it has so many new features including file transfer (not gigantic files yet, but we are working on increasing the file upload size). I like the video conference room where I can see everyone at once…Tooo funny!

We have upgraded the BlogDumps Bloggers Blogs (wow that was a mouthful!) to the latest version available, I know some of you will be confused at first but you will love all the new features in the dashboard area – and if you need help let us know in the BlogDumps Discussion Forums. This upgrade is going to make BlogDumps Bloggers that much more secure from the hackers and bad people out there.

I have added threads in the forum for both of these topics so if you have any questions or find something cool you can do on the new BlogDumps Instant Messenger please post it there. This will help everyone who has a question.

There are a ton of new blogs this week and I am going to Feature (this one)

Insane Baltimore
Insane Baltimore
Insane Baltimore

I really like this blog it’s a great read and I just had a blast stopping by. I especially enjoyed one of the latest posts called “There’s so much I want to say!

Make sure to visit this one on your blog surfing this weekend.
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Have a great Saturday All

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It’s Friday And I even made a Few Bucks!

I know everyone is out to make that First Million Dollars but I haven’t yet so I guess you will continue to see me for a while longer… LOL

I though I would share some of my earnings this month and hope I help a few of you make a couple of dollars along the way.

My Google Check wasn’t huge but it does help put gas in the car, right?

I know, you put it in the sidebar – woo hoo! But you should also install the plugin that adds it in each post or modify your theme to add Adsence to your posts to better monetize each post.

Also There are Adsence Videos Check this one out…

Use a theme that has a small square or place to apply advertisements that you can add Google Adsence to. Some of the new magazine themes are cool and help a lot with blog monetization. I changed Wrongblog to a mag theme and my visitors increased a lot after I made the change. There are a bunch of tools you can use to help make that buck on Google Adsence.

The next site, I have nothing but good things to say about them. If something has gone wrong with the plugin they notify you, if you need tech support A Live Person Answers the phone!

They wrote me last month and said I was not showing links that were sold and then we checked and they had given me the links and were going to pay me but I didn’t have the keywords in the post.
The nice guy on the phone says well you can go add the key words if you wish and get three more links… Another 24 dollars a month, Yea!

This company also pays every month – you can set your watch by them. Ok, I will tell you who they are TLA or Text-Link-Ads. The money starts out slow and the next thing you know, let me post a screen shot.

Then another site I use to make money is ReviewMe…

I stop in and see what’s in the clearing house if nothing else is requested – I found two of them one for twenty dollars… I know you’re now saying “Wow twenty bucks!”

This isn’t all of what I do to monetize my site, but I can tell you that this all goes to one account and at the end of the month it all adds up. And it comes in Month after month.

Become a BlogDumps Affiliate, send all your blogging friends to BlogDumps to be featured and have them join and do the same. BlogDumps Affiliate Pro is backed by a great corporation and with the low minimum pay out, Ten Dollars, you get paid fast no waiting… Each and every month so start telling your friends.

So try these sites… Always remember to be passionate about what you do, write,write, write and the money will follow.

Have a Great weekend… TGIF!
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Don’t Forget To Vote Tuesday!

It has been a cold rainy day here on The Eastern Shore…

I have been working on the latest version of the BlogDumps IM (instant messenger) Now not only will you be able to video or audio chat or just instant message your friends, but you will be able to send files also.

So if you have a loved one and are chating with them accross the country and want to send them a picture file or whatever you will now be able to – the new download should be ready in the next day or so. That’s the news around here… Don’t forget to vote!!!

It is Top Sites Tuesday so here they are:

Hot Blog Sites on Today: Huh?

If you would like to join in the BlogDumps community just Submit Your Blog Here!

Make sure to get around and visit all of these blogs.

Have a Great Week

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Welcome To The Saturday Night Dump!

What a nice day it was today… Fall is here but I love this kind of weather!

If you haven’t noticed I have been remodeling around here trying to make BlogDumps one of the best blogging resource sites on the web. I guess the hardest part is that we didn’t get BlogDumps out of a box or buy a template etc.. So we have to build and script as we go along.

One of the nice new features is that we now show the two newest members that joined the BlogDumps community on the front page with a screen shot of the blog that was submitted along with it’s page rank. So if you haven’t joined our community now is the time to join! You can get some front page time until the next blog is submitted and bumps you off the page. That is, unless you become a featured blog and then you will randomly show up in the spotlights throughout the site as the featured blog .

I would like to invite all of you that are BlogDumps members to join the discussion forum. We will be implementing some cool new features and they will be linked to the forum database for user login, profiles, avatars etc..

The search box on the front page has moved to the top of the page and will search the web for whatever you are looking for. A big Thank you to for the logo I love the dump truck with the RSS in the back of it.

Make sure to check out the latest featured blog

Animal Fact Guide’s Wildlife Blog
The Animal Fact Guide’s Wildlife Blog features interesting animal videos, photos, and news.
This is a very cool blog! I highly recommend it and it’s a must visit while you’re blog surfing.
Make sure to leave a comment when you visit, It is the nice thing to do!

Submit your blog and Get Featured and a mini review!

Have a great Saturday night!

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Friday’s Fifteen Hot Blogs

TGIF!!! Yes once again it’s the weekend… OK, maybe it isn’t but it’s close enough!

What a great week we had around here! I hope you all had a great one too?

I have been working endlessly on re-designing BlogDumps and so far it seems to be working out for the best, although there have been a few glitches. That we won’t discuss because I don’t like to reveal my total screw ups…LOL

The Salisbury Autumn Wine festival is this weekend that should be really great. It’s twenty dollars to get in but you get a wine glass and they let you stay all day long and taste all kinds of different wines from local wineries. They also have some good food and live music…talk about fat and sassy! So what are you up to this weekend?

While you are blog surfing make sure to stop by and check out these cool blogs. They have been in the top sites that send traffic to BlogDumps so there must be something going on that we should all know about if they are getting so many visitors, I am off to take a look so follow me…

Friday Fifteen Hot Blogs Sites on





The pisstakers


make money online money

chronic chick talk

really bad tattoos

free pc gamez

123 hodgepodge

your caring angels

If you would like to get in on the top sites posts, just submit your blog here.

Oh, check out the featured video at the bottom of this page… hehehe

Have a great weekend

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