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Welcome to Florida

Trina and I have made it to Florida on the sailboat.

I appreciate some of you being patient while we have been underway. Those that had linking assistance I haven’t heard back so I am guessing you have it all worked out after we talked.

It was a fun ride down, we encountered a few minor issues but were fixed easily.
We will be here in Jax Beach Florida until after New Years.

During this time we will be working on the site and making some changes, if you have any requests please feel free to notify us.

If you have been to BlogDumps video “B Tubed” you will notice we now have a timeline that you can update in your profile, add a link to it etc.

If you haven’t updated your profile, photo and added your blog URL please do.
This service is all free. You can host all your video, photos and music here… Ready for future use. Public or private this is up to you 🙂

All the best
Trina and Wolfbernz

BlogDumps Sunday Music

It’s a nice day to just sit and relax and watch the rain. Yes it is pouring here!
So Netflix it is for the day. It’s always nice to take a day off and just do nothing but watch movies 🙂

I had to turn off registrations to getting a blog for a little bit so I can do some clean up and delete old blogs that haven’t been used for years now.

I hope you all are having a great weekend, See you all on Top Sites Tuesday.


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BlogDumps News

Well it’s hump day as they say and we are here working hard.
We found a small glitch in the affiliate program… It was a call to the database issue – it didn’t take long to fix it.
If for some reason you noticed that your affiliate buttons were not showing we were fixing the problem.

All is well now and BlogDumps is up and running smoothly, if that’s the only small issue we have had in a long time I am good with it.

Have a great week and if you are on vacation and headed to the beach here is a cool oldie from the beach boys 🙂 to listen to.

Oh One more thing, to combat spam comments I removed the old captcha and I have installed a new one if you all don’t like it I will take it down.


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We Missed Our Birthday!

Now that’s funny, We Missed Our Birthday! Yes BlogDumps has been on the web for six years now!

It is hard to believe it has been that long, it seems like yesterday we were sitting in our coffee shop and said we should do that! Our birthday was last month and due to my last project in June, I completely missed it! Uh uhmmmm ooops! Can you say pumpkins!

BlogDumps has come a long way from it’s earlier days, there are some cool features that are free to use so enjoy. An example is our no spyware safe to transfer files and photos Instant Messenger.
Or upload and host your funny videos and music.

The best of all if you are a blogger we have Top Sites Tuesday… Join us the check in post goes up on Mondays.

To all of you that make BlogDumps work and keep the BlogDumps monster from getting loose Thank you 🙂

Wolf and Trina

BlogDump News

As most of you all know we have been traveling for a few months and during this time new blog registrations on BlogDumps Blogers have been closed. We will re open them in the coming week as we will have a bit more reliable internet and will be able to monitor the site to make sure it is clean of spam blogs and nasty stuff.

We have begun getting ready to start the process of “DELETING” blogs that have not been used or updated in the last three years to allow other bloggers that want the space to have it. If you have a blog on BlogDumps Please update your blog if you wish to keep it. We will notify BlogDumps Bloggers and It will be on everyone’s dashboard before this will happen.

If you have a blog somewhere and are not satisfied or want to start a new one, just for your info we do not care if you blog for fun or for profit from silly things to rants and raves, advertisements are allowed just no nasty or hateful stuff or links that lead to this sort of thing. We use the latest blogging plate form and update it regularly and have a 99.99999.1 up time ( I had to put the .1 in there)

I would like to thank all of you that participate in “Top Sites Tuesday” It’s a lot of fun and it will continue… It would be great to have a few more participants so if you have a blogging friend that might enjoy it please invite them 🙂

As for the rest of BlogDumps all is running smooth and we have had no real issues other than a burp a week ago and it was just a data server restart that did the trick.

Have a wonderful day

BlogDumps News

Hey everyone! We’ve landed at a place with lots of time on our hands, a great place to set up and work on the computer, and lots of Wifi.

I’ve been working hard on updating all of the sites in the Wolfbernz Network.

For now registrations on the BlogDumps Bloggers site have been disabled due to huge overrun in spammers. We were hit pretty hard and it cause our servers to slow down and need to be rebooted. So I’ve been working feverishly to remove all the spammers, prevent their future sign-ups, and I’m taking the time to optimize all the databases so we run more smoothly. I’m hoping to have registrations open again in the next few days, but after all the updating and optimizing and cleaning, I have to check everything to make sure all is working properly.

Have a great evening everyone!

Merry Christmas To All.

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Trina and I want to thank all of you that have joined the BlogDumps community in the past years and to all of you that have just joined us a big thanks to you all too.

This year has brought some good changes to BlogDumps and it has been through the support of all of you bloggers that have supported us and those that have dumped your blog here.

BlogDumps is all about bringing other bloggers together to help each other so please use the forum, it has been updated and you can complete a really cool profile page there too.

We are also here to promote your blog and see that you gain new readers and comments so make sure to take advantage of all the amenities here on the site including Top Sites Tuesday.

We also have perfected the Webcam up loader on BlogDumps video site “B Tubed.” With just an inexpensive webcam you can now upload a video and send it to friends and family privately *they must join “B Tubed” to receive the video mail and watch it* or you can do video blogging and embed the video on your blog post. The instructions on how to send a private video are in the FAQ on the bottom of the video page on the site.

I had my volume up a little bit high, I am practicing and hope to get better at video blogging… lol

We have been working on the blog Directory and have had some great success. BlogDumps now has a new spider and a new submission you will love.

Now when you submit your blog it will be added into the category of your choice as soon as you finish your submission.

The main thing to remember is to put your BlogDumps link on your front page, do not hide it in a links page or an “rel nofollow” or our spider will not find it.

The featured blog submission has been upgraded and changed. For a one time fee you can get your blog featured.

Also we have the new sponsor a category, your blog at the top of the page with your logo and screenshot for only $9.95 a month. If you would like to gain some extra exposure for your blog try the sponsor a blog directory banner at the top of each directory page, no long term commitments try it for a month or how long you wish. It is inexpensive and helps with bringing more features and updates to the site.

That’s the new for the week. check out this weeks Sunday Music, if you have a favorite upload it to
BlogDumps here
and I will use it and give you credit and a link to your blog. Please make sure to add your blog URL to your profile page on BlogDumps video site “B Tubed”

We wish all of you the best holiday season ever and a great new year in 2012.

Trina and Wolfbernz

BlogDumps News, Happy Veterans Day!

To all that have served and are serving our country Happy Veterans day!
I hope you all watch this video and I pray it never happens again to our boys and men that serve our great country. We are proud of all of you and thank you for your service.

Thanks everyone for participating in Top Sites Tuesday. I have been busy getting ready to leave on our Sailboat trip to Florida. So far all is well and I think we will deliver her in one piece, Well except the piece Trina broke yesterday… LOL It was minor, just part of the mainsail!

So this is the reason for me leaving the Top Sites Tuesday posts up for so long but I hope it is bringing you new readers to your blog.

All is well here on BlogDumps everything is running smooth as usual except we have lost some of our BlogDumps Front page sponsors (If you can make sure to check them out) our rank and traffic have been as good or better so I am not sure why… Maybe a few new changes to the front page and hope that brings in a few new ones. So Far we are in the red for the last few months but I am hoping things get better. I will be working on the front page since we have time to do so other than sailing down the coast.

If you would like to follow us as we travel I will be posting on I can’t promise I will post everyday but I am going to try. It is easier than keeping a log book for sure.

Have a great Friday

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BlogDumps New Update

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Everything is going well the data dump (saving all your stuff) went well. The sites were only down for a short time.
We had a couple glitches during the day as the servers crashed a few times before we even got started so that was kind of scary to say the least but a few data base fixes and back ups and the server techs had us back up and on schedule for the optimization that was to start at 5:00 pm Eastern Standard time.

With all that going on we didn’t have the chance to delete all the blogs that had never been used or were outdated but we did get a lot of them removed before the process began.

So it was a hectic day in cyber land today but all is well and even though this optimization is still in progress it is hardly noticeable.

The only thing you may find is just one of the blogs on BlogDumps Bloggers at a time may shut down, be optimized and then back up. So if you were planning on doing some posts as I mentioned this is necessary so if you try your blog and you can not get to it give it a few and try again it will be back up shortly.

Until this is completed all new blog registrations will be closed. It’s a lot of data so it will take some time.

I crafted this stupid looking page lol, to put up across the site when it would crash but with all the crashes it never got done! Oh well It’s all good now 🙂

Have a great Saturday Night!


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