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New Front Page And Categories Coming

Blog directory
Blog directory

So it’s been sometime since we have worked on the Dump!
We plan to change some things around remove old links.
I thought I would take the site back to the basic idea and that’s to promote your website and blogs.
Make sure you have your BlogDumps button on your front page or our spider won’t find it and you will be deleted from the directory.
New categories like Podcasts, Hemp, CBD and Some others will be added soon, or just use the health category.

All is up and running smoothly.

Have a great day,

Free Blog Submission

So you want to blog, gain readers and traffic?

Low budget, don’t know where to start?

First use BlogDumps free blog submission, click on submit your blog and follow the instructions on the home page

The next thing to do is add your blog to other free directories.
There are still a lot of them on the web.

If you really want your blog to take off, don’t just write a post sit back and think visitors will magically appear and read your post, it’s not going to happen.

The next thing you must do is visit other bloggers, become friends, make comments.
Most bloggers will return the favor, stop by and read your post and leave a comment.

Network,network,network, it’s the only way you will get yourself and your blog out there.
Visit other blogs in you niche, become a regular.
If you are invited to do a guest post by all means do it!

I’m sure I missed something important in my strategy so leave yours in the comments and happy blogging!

Submit your blog free today on BlogDumps page rank 4 dofollow directoy.


CBD Cannabidiol Relief

Just what is CBD?

It seems to be all the rave to vape, eat and now drink CBD Cannabidiol products!
I have been doing a little bit of research on CBD and what it is and what it does.
CBD, however you take the product- for instance vaping it with a vape pen found on or having honey Stix infused with CBD that is edible, is known to help with all kinds of medical issues, just like pot!

Yes, this is made from the hemp plant and it has no THC in it.

Yes, it is legal in all fifty states.

Back to the health part of CBD, from what I have read it has benifits for a multitude of issues. Such as fibromyalgia,
Seizures, epilepsy, skizofrania and the list goes on.
They are finding more uses daily for CBD products.
To quote Wikipedia

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis.[5][6] It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.[7] CBD is considered to have a wide scope of potential medical applications – due to clinical reports showing the lack of side effects, particularly a lack of psychoactivity (as is typically associated with ?9-THC), and non-interference with several psychomotor learning and psychological functions.

I find it a very interesting product after finding the website that sold CBD products, I’m going to buy some on their website and give it a try, they say it helps with insomnia.
I have so much on my mind I find myself up at late hours, so I’m going to give it a try!

Using a Blog For Business

Today Facebook is all the rage! But here is what I think – Facebook is great, but with a blog you can be more creative than you can on FB.

It’s a place you can change the back-ground to represent your product better.

It also gives your customers more of a personal experience and tells them about you, your business and of course a place to show off your work photos.

I’m not saying to leave FB, but used in conjunction with the Blog this will help you in the search engines. We all want to be found… How?

The blog, if used with posts about local topics in your area and where you conduct your business, will index each of your posts with its own URL.

Use titles with local names of places in your area include what you do or sell.

When you make your post tags and and categories the same as above applies, use the same as your title, it’s best if the are relevant to your post and title.

And lastly use your title in the first paragraph but not the first line.

Blogging still works for business and if you notice all the big companies still use them, take a look around and see how much information you can get off a big companies blog!

Blogdumps Moving Up In The Ranks!

I said years ago, be passionate about what you do and it will work.

BlogDumps has been listed as one of the best high rank directories on the web! I’m not bragging, but I sure am happy!
I see so many new sites adding themselves to the directory everyday, it’s wonderful 🙂

BlogDumps has been promoting sites for almost ten years now and the feedback I get is “I get the most traffic from BlogDumps”

The ones with the great feedback told me they use the “Make me Number One” button on their front page. You can see all our buttons on our Button Page

Starting today and running for just a short time, I am lowering the price to be a featured blog from $9.95 to $5.99 – This is a one time fee and your site will be featured on the front page and directory rotation from now on.

With all the traffic we have been receiving, now is the time to feature your site and gain more readers!

Here is one of our newest featured sites.


Have a great day!

Ps If you want to get a blog site here on BlogDumps please email me at: admin(at) it’s free and you can do what you want personal or business just no porn.

Promotion success!

So it looks like the featured blog promotion was a huge sucess 🙂

I really wish I could just feature all the blogs that get dumped here but that wouldn’t pay the server bills! lol

To be a featured blog on the front page rotation and on the directory page there is a one time fee for life!
Yes, that’s right you help us and we keep you featured here for as long as your blog is on the web.

Being featured is a great way to stand out and gain readers, plus you just might find I visited your site and wrote about you and your blog here on BlogDumps Blog!

You can however choose to just add your blog to the directory for free in just a few clicks, no passwords, no logins, no bull!

I want to thank all of you for joining the Free Featured Blog promotion!

One of the coolest on the new list is called the Friggin Cat House!
I love her blog it’s cool with great posts stop by and give her a visit, and for Goodness Sake leave a comment! You all know how much we all love comments!

The Friggin Cat House

With all that said, the blog registrations are open again on BlogDumps Bloggers – get your free blog/website as they say now. Let your friends know. We do not discriminate if you want to just blog about your life that’s great! If you would like to blog and have advertisements all over the place and try to make a few extra buck that’s great too!

Not sure what to do? We have been promoting blogs for almost ten years, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you very step of the way! Oh and did I mention it’s free! Let us help you get started and help you with your success in your new endeavor.

When you click on get a blog it will prompt you to email us.
We have had so many spam blogs in the past we have had no choice but to manually set up a blog for you.
If you would like to just email us now to get a blog
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Have a great day


Welcome to BlogDumps! We have been promoting blogs here on the site for just about nine years.

We just renewed our trademark so it looks like we are here to stay!

If your new to blogdumps leave a comment or an old friend! You know us bloggers we love comments!

I hope you have noticed some of the changes on BlogDumps lately, we haven’t
made many in a while. We have also been cleaning out some of the dead blogs
making room for new ones so grab a new blog and get started on the web today
with BlogDumps Bloggers.

Also I am working on spicing up the BlogDumps Blog Directory pages. We are
working on the site a few pages at a time so there will not be any interruptions
in services.

Also, don’t miss out add
your blog
to BlogDumps and get featured free!

Have a great week!


The Next 10 Blogs Get featured !

We have had so much fun laying in the sun on the west coast working on cleaning up and freshening up BlogDumps. We have come along way in the last nine years.

This site was built for bloggers to have an easy place to just drop by and in a few clicks be submitted into the blog directory! No passwords, no logins no bull!!! All I ask is put one of my funky cool buttons on your blog.

So here is the deal. 

The next ten bloggers that submit
their blog to BlogDumps
will be featured on the front page and directory
page for one year! Yep added to the front page and directoy rotation!

How cool is that a link off the BlogDumps front page with a Google rank of

I’m a blogger and I think it’s cool! 

Add your blog here!