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Free Blog Submission

So you want to blog, gain readers and traffic?

Low budget, don’t know where to start?

First use BlogDumps free blog submission, click on submit your blog and follow the instructions on the home page blogdumps.com

The next thing to do is add your blog to other free directories.
There are still a lot of them on the web.

If you really want your blog to take off, don’t just write a post sit back and think visitors will magically appear and read your post, it’s not going to happen.

The next thing you must do is visit other bloggers, become friends, make comments.
Most bloggers will return the favor, stop by and read your post and leave a comment.

Network,network,network, it’s the only way you will get yourself and your blog out there.
Visit other blogs in you niche, become a regular.
If you are invited to do a guest post by all means do it!

I’m sure I missed something important in my strategy so leave yours in the comments and happy blogging!

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Merry Christmas To All.

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Trina and I want to thank all of you that have joined the BlogDumps community in the past years and to all of you that have just joined us a big thanks to you all too.

This year has brought some good changes to BlogDumps and it has been through the support of all of you bloggers that have supported us and those that have dumped your blog here.

BlogDumps is all about bringing other bloggers together to help each other so please use the forum, it has been updated and you can complete a really cool profile page there too.

We are also here to promote your blog and see that you gain new readers and comments so make sure to take advantage of all the amenities here on the site including Top Sites Tuesday.

We also have perfected the Webcam up loader on BlogDumps video site “B Tubed.” With just an inexpensive webcam you can now upload a video and send it to friends and family privately *they must join “B Tubed” to receive the video mail and watch it* or you can do video blogging and embed the video on your blog post. The instructions on how to send a private video are in the FAQ on the bottom of the video page on the site.

I had my volume up a little bit high, I am practicing and hope to get better at video blogging… lol

We have been working on the blog Directory and have had some great success. BlogDumps now has a new spider and a new submission you will love.

Now when you submit your blog it will be added into the category of your choice as soon as you finish your submission.

The main thing to remember is to put your BlogDumps link on your front page, do not hide it in a links page or an “rel nofollow” or our spider will not find it.

The featured blog submission has been upgraded and changed. For a one time fee you can get your blog featured.

Also we have the new sponsor a category, your blog at the top of the page with your logo and screenshot for only $9.95 a month. If you would like to gain some extra exposure for your blog try the sponsor a blog directory banner at the top of each directory page, no long term commitments try it for a month or how long you wish. It is inexpensive and helps with bringing more features and updates to the site.

That’s the new for the week. check out this weeks Sunday Music, if you have a favorite upload it to
BlogDumps here
and I will use it and give you credit and a link to your blog. Please make sure to add your blog URL to your profile page on BlogDumps video site “B Tubed”

We wish all of you the best holiday season ever and a great new year in 2012.

Trina and Wolfbernz

Finally It’s Friday!

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Yes it has been another long week! But it hasn’t been a bad one, especially not like the one the people had in the video below!!!

I want to thank all of you that participated in this weeks Top Sites Tuesday 🙂

Not much to report this week we have just been working on some new features as always, we hope to implement them by the end of the summer. I have come to the conclusion a website is never finished it just gets to stopping point before continuing on.

If you are a blogger and this is your first visit make sure to submit your blog to the new improved BlogDumps blog directory. You can now submit your blog and get listed in minutes to the category of your choice. Gain readers and traffic join the BlogDumps community of bloggers. Announce your blog in the discussion forum. With the traffic better than it has ever been you will be glad you did.

Need a place to host videos for your website or business videos? BlogDumps Video is a great place to upload and host all your videos you set the privacy and make them public or private. Use the embed code to add it to your blog or website too.

Enjoy the video it kinda crazy I hope I never have this kind of luck!

Have a great weekend, TGIF!


Blogging Dead – Funny

I don’t remember what site I was on… Not that I surf to many…LOL But this topic caught my eye “Blogging Dead?”

Yes we are in the age of 140 characters or a quick Facebook snip-it that says what we are doing and even gives our location at the time of the micro post. Everyone tries to get as many friends as they can… can you imagine having all your Facebook friends over for dinner if you were popular…LOL I hope you have a big checkbook, but in reality are they really friends? Maybe some are, but all million of them?

Oh yea, back to blogging. I guess the consensus is that the younger generation is not capable of writing long or should I say in depth content, so they don’t blog. I find this to be far from the truth. Most of the people blogging are not of the “older generation”, although the older generation does make up a lot of the bloggers. Older Bloggers do seem to write a bit more in depth so I will give that hypothesis some credit – the younger generation of bloggers don’t write as in depth, but I think that is due to nothing more than the older generation of bloggers have had more complete life accomplishments, it’s not lack of knowledge on behalf of the young generation. I read that the younger generation are disappointed that they didn’t get the involvement and feedback in the comments that they can instantly have on social networks. Even if you post on Facebook you’re still blogging it’s just morphed to a different platform. One can say only so much there and many once they start to write about themselves become bloggers.

Back to “Blogging is dead.” I don’t agree. There are so many bloggers on the web. I have been around for years and sure some started just to post about their life and what their kids are up to with a few photos thrown in (I like those the best, real bloggers I call them). Others found out the use of a blog and how good they are for a business to use either on their website or as their website and that’s cool, they need to tell the world about themselves our lovely economy is not helping! The others that think they are going to get rich on blogging… I have bad news, if you do get rich (or even popular) blogging make sure you get a spam filter that works really well ’cause they are coming for you!

The flip side to the coin about blogging is anonymity, the ability to create a blog that is about whatever you want it to be about… Rant away, talk about whatever and there aren’t all your friends and family all over you asking why you posted that and who are you talking about etc… The ability to upload photos related to your article and add a video or two, some real meat and potatoes, an in depth article you can’t get anywhere else – and who cares what everyone thinks? Your blog isn’t for your friends and family, it’s for you and writing is good for the soul. You just can’t do that anywhere else. For example I can just stick this right in the middle of this post, why because I can ( plus it’s funny)

As long as the internet is around we will have blogs created. How do I know? Right here on BlogDumps last month over 300 new blogs, that’s 10 a day minimum, were started. How many Dumped their blog to the BlogDumps blog directory… I haven’t counted, but since we have become a bit more automated and your blog is placed in a category instantly it has increased dramatically. The last count I saw was 80 million blogs on the web and growing.

I do think that all the social sites are here to stay. But I also believe that most bloggers have a Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace page not to give up their blog but to gain more readers, another avenue so to speak. The serious blogger is looking for more avenues to gain traffic and get more readers. In no way am I bashing social networking I am all for it. It gives the blogger a better ability to be found out there. And sometimes our Facebook page is just the diversion – we post what everyone we know can read there without anyone taking offense and we post our unedited thoughts on our blogs 😉 Why, because we can.

So if you like my blog hang around, Sometimes I am funny and crazy other times I get serious but most of the time I am here to help all of you bloggers gain readers and exposure to your awesome blogs!


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BlogDumps News and Funny Video

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I know some of you have tried to Dump your blog this last week and it has said “Sorry we are not accepting links at this time.” We had reached the 2000 link limit in the Blog Dump so we have been cleaning up the dead links and trying to add as many as we can to the directory… Whew it’s a job for sure! We are a human edited directory and we check everything so we are family safe so if you are a mom or dad surfing our directory and your kids are with you, you won’t open some nasty blog in front of them…YUCK!

All registrations are now open again we appreciate your patients during this time. We upped the limit to 3000 links in the front page Blog dump so if you are new make sure to stop by and dump your blog here

On another note I am sure that you have noticed that both Firefox and Internet Explorer have had a ton of updates. This has caused us to have to update also, so we have been working on BlogDumps B Tubed the Video, Music, photos and Games sharing part of the Social network. We are almost finished and it is working great there are just a few more CSS (the way things show on the page in your browser) issues we need to fix and we are up to date with the rest of the world! The feedback I have received from those that use this part of our social network has been that they get a lot of readers from this part of BlogDumps. There are a lot of cool features on B Tubed you can even have friends, create your own groups, albums for all your media and more – so check it out when you get a moment. Maybe do a video right from your computer using B Tube’s Quick Capture web cam feature and post it on your blog using the embed code!

So that’s the news if you have been surfing BlogDumps and found some things changing and a feature not working that is why… Today should be the last day for all the updates!

If you are a BlogDumps affiliate this did not affect you at all. Not an affiliate? Make money by displaying an affiliate BlogDumps button join here 🙂

Check out this video it is so funny 🙂

Have a great… OMG it’s hump day – have a good Wednesday day 🙂


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Saturday Night Dump

It has been a few weeks since I have done one of these, this Saturday Night’s Featured blog is Art By Tomas! He won last weeks Top Sites Tuesday. If you would like to join us make sure to check in on Mondays and see what this week’s theme is. We have a lot of fun and who knows, you could be number one!

Tomas has some really cool art on his blog, he is a part of the BlogDumps community, the Tuesday Meme and we are glad to have him and his collection of beautiful pieces 🙂

This is what you will find on his about page. I used a screen shot to give you a preview of his cool blog.

Make sure to stop by, visit him and leave a comment after all it is the nice thing to do 😀 we bloggers love comments!

Thanks for being a part of the BlogDumps community


Have a blog? Submit your blog to BlogDumps here and join the blog directory (opens in a new window)

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. . .

Saturday Funny Video!

I hope you all are having a great weekend 8) It’s been great here!

We are working this Saturday on activating more new blogs… So many, so fast, it’s almost hard to keep up 😀
I really appreciate everyone being patient with us in getting your new blog going.

If you are adding your blog to the directory and don’t want to wait in line for your turn you can always get ahead by using our guaranteed directory inclusion. There are two ways to do this you can do a one time fee of three dollars and get a screen shot next to you blog link not just a text link or you can use the Featured blog way… This is where your blog is featured on the front page rotation and on the Blog Directory featured rotation and you also get a screen shot next to your blog link not just a text link plus you get a mini review on Saturday night following your blog submission all for only $9.99 this is the best way to go if you want full exposure and to get noticed by the visitors to BlogDumps.

Also, on another note, if you are looking to gain more readers become active in the BlogDumps Discussion forums the discussion forum gets over 80,000.00 visits a month so why not join if you haven’t already and announce your blog to the community. You can of course submit your blog here and choose a user profile in the BlogDumps discussion forum and it is free. It only costs money if you want to be in the front of the line or featured.

Another way to gain more attention to your blog is to create a BlogDumps Video page on BlogDumps B Tubed here. This is free hosting for all your videos,music and photos.There is a quick capture feature where you can use your webcam to upload a video you don’t even have to use a video from your camera, for all you video bloggers you will love the new high quality recording we have added just for you! Just like in the discussion forum you can change the look of you page and make it your own look.

Check out this funny News Bloopers they are great 🙂 Continue reading Saturday Funny Video!

BlogDumps Saturday Dump

First I would like to tell you about one of our greatest and most talented bloggers in the BlogDumps community
Nancy from Coffee Break? She has won this weeks top sites Tuesday. She has a wonderful blog and has supported the BlogDumps community for some time now. I can’t say enough about how much we love her and her blog. Nancy’s writing is so good… I just wish I could write as well as she does, maybe someday 🙂

Nancy writes about many different topics and they are all good reads her site is called Coffee Break? Make sure to stop by and visit her on your blog surfing you will be glad you did.

As a token of our appreciation for being such a wonderful member of the BlogDumps Community we are going to give Nancy a Sponsored Category slot in the category of her choice in the BlogDumps Blog Directory. So be looking for my email Nancy! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Join the BlogDumps Community – Submit your blog to the BlogDumps Blog Directory Today!


Saturday At the Dump – Your Caring Angels

Congratulations to AngelBaby for winning Top Sites Tuesday and a big “Happy Birthday!” to her site, Your Caring Angels, it is now two years old! AngelBaby has been a wonderful blogger to have in the community 🙂

AngelBaby’s site is wonderful, positive and upbeat so make sure to visit her and show her some love!
Your Caring Angels is very well laid out and she is always giving out gifts to everyone so you might just have something waiting for you. I really like when she does the posts “When God Paints” they are always so cool the photos are wonderful.

Everything is running smooth around here I will be adding more of you to the blog directory… I am trying to catch up there has been so many new bloggers that have joined… Welcome! If you would like to be added faster to the directory you can always use the paid inclusion it is a one time fee of $3.00 to be added within 24 hours and if you want a graphic with your link in the directory and to be included with in 24 hours it is a one time fee of $9.99

We also have the new sponsor a category so if you would like to gain more exposure and be at the top of the page just follow me here. By sponsoring a category you also help support BlogDumps and help us keep growing to become the best social network for bloggers on the web.

I hope you all have a good weekend, I will see you tomorrow on BlogDumps Sunday music. If you join BlogDumps B Tubed, the video and music part of the site, and upload music there is a good chance I will use your music and link the post to your blog you can sign up here


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Dumping Your Link!

If you are going to add your blog to the BlogDumps Directory… Please make sure to add the category you want your blog in!

We have had so many blogger that have submitted their blog without telling us what category they want their blog in that I have had to create “THE DUMP” category!

BlogDumps is not an automated Blog Directory we manually add your blog and we take a look to make sure it meets our community standards. I guess you could say we are a human edited directory! So, if you don’t choose a category we have to go and look and see or guess which one to put you in! Some of you blog about everything and it wouldn’t be fair to you or your blog to simply put you in a category!

That is how this new category came about I hope you all understand… If you find your blog in THE DUMP and would like it moved please write me at admin(at)blogdumps.com and let me know where you want your blog to be.

Happy Good Friday!