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What a great week!

I would like to say thanks to everyone that participated in Top Sites Tuesday.

If you do participate, please leave a comment on the BlogDumps Blog so we can check out your post, leave comments, drive traffic and send new readers!

To stay on the blogroll please try to participate at least every couple weeks, Thanks!

Some of us don’t have a Google account so please allow Name and URL in your comment settings.

I have really enjoyed Top Sites Tuesday, I hope it takes off and really grows as we move along here in the blogosphere.

There is not a lot of news this week, I have been adding additional Google Adsense ads to all the BlogDumps Blogger templates so make sure you join Google Adsense and add you publisher ID # so you get your credit. If you’re not sure how to add your publisher ID, here’s how:

  • From your BlogDumps Bloggers Dashboard click on the “Settings” tab at the top
  • Now click on the My Adsense link
  • Simply add your Google Adsense Publishers ID
  • *BOOM* you’re done! You’ll now receive your portion of the money Generated from the Google Ads on your blog template.

I don’t know about all of you but I can’t wait for a long weekend!!! I love the Fourth of July! I know it’s all about independence, but I really can’t wait to sit in the back of my All-American Gas Guzzling Old Farm Truck and watch fireworks go off with my friends and family… we even have a designated driver already established LOL! Around here towns are close enough together that you can see more than one town’s fireworks display!

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Make Money At Dump With BlogDumps!

Spring Madness… More Money for affiliates!!!

Yes, Wolfbernz, CEO of BlogDumps.com has decided that it is time to share some of the revenue with all of you that have joined the BlogDumps affiliate program.

Wolfbernz Says:

I have decided to increase the amount of shared revenue to 70 percent of what the paid BlogDumps service would be to all affiliates during Spring.

That’s right! We are going to give you 70 percent of every blog referred that gets Featured of uses any BlogDumps paid services until Summer! Now is the time to join the BlogDumps Affiliate Program and get in on the Spring Madness!

We really want to thank all of you the have become affiliates and for all your support!

We thought this would give you a good reason to blog about getting Featured on BlogDumps and about gaining readers get traffic and the ability to get paid!
BlogDumps is the Blog Directory built by bloggers for bloggers! Let’s get our community rolling!

BlogDumps is going to add an area in the forums for all of you that sell ebooks! This way you can list them for sale… Why not? I am sure you didn’t write an ebook not to list it for sale. If this gets popular I will set up a nice place for all of you that have one for sale to sell them!

Well that’s the news for the week, if you are an affiliate you will be getting a news letter about the changes and increase in money! If you are not an affiliate then now is the time to join during the spring madness Money 70 Revenue sharing.

I hope all of you are having a great weekend we finally have some summer like weather!

For all of you that have just joined the BlogDumps please use the discussion and help forum announce your blog, make friends or download the BlogDumps IM with all it’s cool features, PM other bloggers from your dashboard!

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Have a good Saturday Night!
The gang here at BlogDumps

Saturday Night Dump

Welcome to the Saturday Night Dump!

Wolfbernz talked about a surprise… I’m here to tell you about it!

We are all about the Linky Love… obviously… and what a better way to get out some linky love than to add a few newbies to the directory?!? Check out the new listings in Money Blogs, Literature Blogs, and – of course – The DUMP. In case you weren’t aware, the dump is for bloggers who Submitted their blog to BlogDumps, but didn’t tell us where they wanted to be listed! Anyone and Everything can be found there!

We’ve also added a new category to Blog Dumps… Real Estate Resources. We are hoping to see real growth in that area in the coming months. Everything from Real Estate Brokers that blog about houses they offer – to mortgage brokers, loan information, and foreclosures will be listed there!

Oh Yeah, the surprise! Well… We want to help our affiliates to make money while promoting BlogDumps, so EVERY BLOGDUMPS AFFILIATE has been Featured on the BlogDumps Home Page and the Blog Directory Home Page. These features, while their blog screenshots are smaller than those of Paid to Be Featured Bloggers, the effect is the same, a screenshot (provided by Thumbshots.org) will be randomly displayed to visitors of BlogDumps. We are hoping to help our affiliates by driving traffic to their sites! After-all, how do you promote something you don’t know about? We are hoping that by promoting our affiliates, this will give them a little… shall we say “nudge” ?

Check out this Awesome Affiliate!

Happy Saturday Night!

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IntelliLinks? The Answer!

I had posted previously that I would keep you updated on how it goes with IntelliLinks!

Remember the mass emails we all got about their new program? I must be on a list somewhere… LOL

Well, as is turns out, we will not be putting a graph on the side bar of BlogDumps Blog comparing how well IntelliLinks does to how well Text-Link-Ads does and furthermore I am not going to give up my partnership with Text-Link-Ads anytime soon because they pay like clock-work and I can count on it just as the sun rises everyday!

I submitted BlogDumps to IntelliLinks and they wrote me back saying that BlogDumps does not – that’s right BlogDumps does not – meet their guidelines to be added to their inventory!!!

So I wrote them and asked why would you accept one of my other, much less popular blogs but not the one that everyone wants to be on and gets the most traffic? Text links do very well on BlogDumps?

Their reply was “We’re not exactly the same as Text Link Ads in that we have different groups of advertisers” and they said… “Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot accept your site into our marketplace”.

That’s ok, I didn’t ask to join their site, they mass emailed me and asked me to join.

Update BlogDumps and a couple other of my blogs has been accepted and we haven’t made a lot of money but from the date of this post to today, 10/10/09 has been $41.61.


Make Money online, join BlogDumps Affiliate Program! Write some posts about The BlogDumps community, Let other bloggers know how good it is to be a Featured blog and when they use BlogDumps Paid services you get paid! With our low $10.00 payout you don’t have to wait forever to get paid!

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IntelliLinks? Works For Me!

Hey all!!! I hope you are having a good Monday!

I just signed up for a text link program called IntelliLinks They are some what like Text Link Ads.
So they are reviewing my blog – I guess to see if I am worthy…!!!

So anyway, We will see how it goes. I will keep you posted on the whole thing… I got it, we will add a chart in the side bar and track them and see how much we get! Oh yea, we are being looked at first… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if we’re approved before I start adding charts to the side bar huh?

Show me the Money! LOL


I have been watching this since Feb 16 2009 and I can say both programs are great 🙂
I am very pleased so if you are a blogger I would sign up for both.

Now IntelliLinks gets you a bit more money thenText Link Ads.
But they have both been good money makers. They can both work side by side on your blog I have tested it and they both work fine.
Why wait you write and they sell links and you make money it’s that easy!

It’s Friday And I even made a Few Bucks!

I know everyone is out to make that First Million Dollars but I haven’t yet so I guess you will continue to see me for a while longer… LOL

I though I would share some of my earnings this month and hope I help a few of you make a couple of dollars along the way.

My Google Check wasn’t huge but it does help put gas in the car, right?

I know, you put it in the sidebar – woo hoo! But you should also install the plugin that adds it in each post or modify your theme to add Adsence to your posts to better monetize each post.

Also There are Adsence Videos Check this one out…

Use a theme that has a small square or place to apply advertisements that you can add Google Adsence to. Some of the new magazine themes are cool and help a lot with blog monetization. I changed Wrongblog to a mag theme and my visitors increased a lot after I made the change. There are a bunch of tools you can use to help make that buck on Google Adsence.

The next site, I have nothing but good things to say about them. If something has gone wrong with the plugin they notify you, if you need tech support A Live Person Answers the phone!

They wrote me last month and said I was not showing links that were sold and then we checked and they had given me the links and were going to pay me but I didn’t have the keywords in the post.
The nice guy on the phone says well you can go add the key words if you wish and get three more links… Another 24 dollars a month, Yea!

This company also pays every month – you can set your watch by them. Ok, I will tell you who they are TLA or Text-Link-Ads. The money starts out slow and the next thing you know, let me post a screen shot.

Then another site I use to make money is ReviewMe…

I stop in and see what’s in the clearing house if nothing else is requested – I found two of them one for twenty dollars… I know you’re now saying “Wow twenty bucks!”

This isn’t all of what I do to monetize my site, but I can tell you that this all goes to one account and at the end of the month it all adds up. And it comes in Month after month.

Become a BlogDumps Affiliate, send all your blogging friends to BlogDumps to be featured and have them join and do the same. BlogDumps Affiliate Pro is backed by a great corporation and with the low minimum pay out, Ten Dollars, you get paid fast no waiting… Each and every month so start telling your friends.

So try these sites… Always remember to be passionate about what you do, write,write, write and the money will follow.

Have a Great weekend… TGIF!
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Pink Renegade!

Sandy Has a few blogs on BlogDumps blog hosting. She’s is a real nice Lady and writes all about how To Start A Home Party Plan Business. “Whether you want to start a business in Mary Kay Cosmetics, Arbonne, or Avon, here’s the place to look first” PinkRenegade.blogdumps.net

Sandy’s blog is well built, easy to read and and has a plethora of information.
Sandy writes on her about page,

“You can make money doing what you love to do.
Just like I do.

I am a full time teacher. To make some extra money I also help people start their own beauty and cosmetic home party plan business. I call myself the Pink Renegade because I don’t believe in doing things the way my uplines tell me to do it. They have been selling the same way for the last 50 years and have never figured out times have changed.
Once a teacher always a teacher.”

Thanks for joining the BlogDumps community of blogs you are a great asset.

Stop by and check out this great blog you’ll be glad you did, Oh, and leave a comment ’cause bloggers love comments. After all it is the nice thing to do.

Get your blog featured on the front page and reviewed on BlogDumps Today just click here

All the best

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Text Link Ads?

What a great day!

I got an email from Text Link Ads It was a notice that three of my inline text links were not found by their spider. So off I went to invesegate and they were right the links were not on the page. So I followed the instruction in the email to make sure I have everything correct (I just knew it was from the disaster we had two weeks ago) But everthing was in place and still the spider had not found the keywords in the post. There was a phone number on the email so I thought I’d just call them followed by “OMG this is going to be painful!” But to my suprise it was pleasant and I am making more residual income from my blog each month just because of the phone call.

Let me back up a bit I called the phone number for Text Link Ads and a nice guy answered the phone in two rings! A live person! He had a look at my account and said the computer had made a mistake and sold ads on my blog and he could either remove the error or I could just add the two words to the blog post anywhere and that they would be found by the spider so I would have the money for the links… Yea!

I know some of you are like, “Oh he’s just trying to make a referral… you bet! These guys are for real – they pay me every month and all I do is write and tell people that this is a legit company with super support.

I think the worst thing a blogger can do is think about the money in the beginning when they’re creating their blog – just be passionate about what you like to write about -don’t get discouraged, we all want to make something from our blogs while sharing our lives and making friends along the way. I made eight dollars the first month with TLA. I thought “Wow! It actually made a buck!” Well I can tell you I now make more then ten times that now and it comes in like clock work every month.

Text link ads has been the best for my blog!

Just to throw some Linky Love around and since I missed Tuesday, My Bad! Here are the

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I think that’s a few extra in there!


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