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Wolfbernz Speaks Out!

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I was just cruising the front page today when I notice a new front page sponser, it’s automatic you see I use Text-Link-Ads for my link money, It’s really cool I just add the code and they do the rest.

Your site has to meet their guidelines, of course, but if you do, you can make some real money with them and they have a good support team also.

But, anyway, back to the topic at hand. You have got to visit Sue Scheffâ„¢ I don’t get paid per click or anything. I didn’t even have to write this post it’s just I wanted to speak out about this!

Today’s youth, look how kids are brought up and how they are taught, but that’s another post “Wrongblog”.

Do many parents get involved after the cutesy stage? No, how many kids lives would be different if a parent could, just for a moment, act like they really care? Attend that camping trip, go on that feild trip… but, no parents fight and Divorce is at an all time high, the kids are tuged back and forth… What a mess

It’s your resposibility. You wanted or had the child – so take care of them. I know you all think what does Wolfbernz know!?! I am a single parent- raised four kids, four horses, 3 wolves, 4 dogs, a lizard, hampsters, a ferret, and a loud mouth parrot named Timothy for over 22 years – so I feel I have earned a Masters Degree in parenting now… Oh, and I went to work also, I had to get peace, quiet and some rest somewhere…LOL

Just read what Sue Scheffâ„¢ has to say. I am proud to have this company as a sponser! I think this is a very important subject. Our Youth are our future, what are you doing on your part?

Ok, so you want to know what I did on my part? My two boys are both Eagle scouts, Graduated High School with good grades, and both are contributing members of Society now. My two girls are the smartest you will ever meet. My youngest gets Straight A’s inher honors courses and will graduates high school and be off to college this year. I participated in each of their lives, even when I couldn’t find an answer I went looking for help, that’s kind of hard for a guy you know, we have to be the “Man” LOL

Thanks for reading and more power to Sue Scheffâ„¢ I think this is the best saying I read on their site:

“Protect Children – not Punish them”.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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