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Friday’s Fifteen Hot Blogs

TGIF!!! Yes once again it’s the weekend… OK, maybe it isn’t but it’s close enough!

What a great week we had around here! I hope you all had a great one too?

I have been working endlessly on re-designing BlogDumps and so far it seems to be working out for the best, although there have been a few glitches. That we won’t discuss because I don’t like to reveal my total screw ups…LOL

The Salisbury Autumn Wine festival is this weekend that should be really great. It’s twenty dollars to get in but you get a wine glass and they let you stay all day long and taste all kinds of different wines from local wineries. They also have some good food and live music…talk about fat and sassy! So what are you up to this weekend?

While you are blog surfing make sure to stop by and check out these cool blogs. They have been in the top sites that send traffic to BlogDumps so there must be something going on that we should all know about if they are getting so many visitors, I am off to take a look so follow me…

Friday Fifteen Hot Blogs Sites on BlogDumps.com:





The pisstakers


make money online money

chronic chick talk

really bad tattoos


free pc gamez

123 hodgepodge

your caring angels



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Oh, check out the featured video at the bottom of this page… hehehe

Have a great weekend

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Friday Fifteen

I have great news! We have been updating our BlogDumps Blog Hosting platform on our test site and it is all working like a dream! I installed the newest version of WordPress 2.6.2 and all the plugins! You are going to love the new blogging platform.

For all of you that are tired of the same old theme I have installed about 100 themes to the test site – I still need to configure them, but I believe we are ready to make the change on the live BlogDumps Bloggers site.

Before we do we have one more phase of testing… yes you guessed it we have two test sites the first one is working perfect but before I upgrade your BlogDumps Blog I want to make double-sure it all works like it’s supposed to.

Sooooo….. We will be under going some maintenance this next week. If all goes according to plan, you probably won’t even notice until you login to your blog and see the new dashboard. And it’s Great! I think I said that but I am so excited.

I do want to ask one favor though I want all of you to join the BlogDumps forum and tell me if you experience any problems or notice anything ood with the upgrade in the help thread.

Friday’s Hot Blogs on BlogDumps.com Today:

make money online money
Your caring angels
ifashion hits
google.com.py Another google? Geeeeeze…
south side star
zone plug
thru chocolate eyes
sexy women in calender
eight bit memoirs

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TGIF!!! We’re off to the Apple-Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville, Delaware (I’ll tell you more about what that is later!)

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