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Top Referrers Script

A couple days ago on BlogCatalog I was asked about a top referrers script. This prompted me to want an automated script for the top referrers on BlogDumps! So I went in search.

I looked at lots of different scripts… none that I liked. Then I found these guys –

They offer a top five script for $10. I thought, “What’s ten dollars?” and gave it a try. It was a standard pay-pal payment and e-mail script delivery.

I had to make a few very minor changes on BlogDumps, and their script was missing a few things that I though were important (like a ban list and including sub-domains of the visitors) so I sent them an e-mail.

Talk about support! These guys answered every question I had, helped with install, and they even modified the script for me!

So, If you need an automated top referrers script… go to:

The Script refreshes at midnight, so new referrers will be up everyday.

All that Being Said, what do you think of the new automatic top referrers script?