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The Artist Challenge – Saturday’s Feature

I don’t know if you all have been to The Artist Challenge, but you MUST stop by while you are blog surfing! Talk about tons of cool art!

I found myself gazing at pictures and just having a good time enjoying fine artwork. The only way it could be better is if I was standing in a live gallery surrounded by all the pieces!

Most of you know that I am a BIG FAN of CBS Sunday Morning. I am amazed and awestruck that CBS has aired 3 of their 2010 Sun Art Submissions in just two months. If you aren’t familiar with the sun art concept, Sunday Morning ends every story segment with a picture of a sun. Every sun is unique to every story – it’s really pretty neat! And to have 3 suns aired in 2 months, that is simply amazing! Curious to see one? Check out The Artist Challenge #26 – 2010 CBS SUNDAY MORNING SUN ART You’re sure to be amazed by all the suns!

Are you an artist? “The challenge can be done in any style or medium the artist chooses. (Painters, Sculptures and craftsmen are all welcome.) Each member is given 30 days to render their concept and post their masterpiece on The Artist Challenge site by the specified drop dead date.”

The current challenge is Under the Sea. Stop by and take a look at all the submissions and interpretations of the challenge. You will be amazed – If you’re like me, you’ll be there a while 😉


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Finally Friday

Well after a long, humid, sticky week I am in need of some rest. I can’t wait to just sleep in tomorrow!
I hope all of you had a great week also. How was your week?

There is not much in the way of news around here we just seem to be humming along… I see there are a lot of new blogs on BlogDumps Bloggers, a big welcome to all that joined the community this week. I also noticed a lot of new bloggers that have submitted their blogs to the directory. I will be adding new blogs this weekend to the directory so make sure we can find your buttons. 🙂

I am thinking about having a video contest and a prize for the best or funniest video that is uploaded to BlogDumps Video… We should run the contest for some time to get a big response!

Let me know what you all think about it and help me come up with a good idea for this, I think it would be a blast. I guess the one that gets the most votes would win. We will have to figure out the details and the winner would get money for winning! Continue reading Finally Friday

Top Blogs Tuesday, It’s a MEME Now!

It sure looks like Spring is trying but these chilly nights on the Eastern Shore are still cold to the bone!

I have been thinking about a contest to see who can be number one on BlogDumps. I got it! We could have a Top Sites Tuesday MEME where everyone writes a post on Tuesday and ads the BlogDumps “Make Me Number One” button to it.

Then we can list the top sites each Tuesday on the post here on BlogDumps Blog. Starting Tuesday, everyone can check in and leave a comment saying their post is up.

I will publish the post on Monday night but it won’t have the top sites listed until Tuesday night! So grab a “make me number 1” button and join in the fun, who knows you could be number one.

To make it even more interesting I am going to give away a BlogDumps T-Shirt to the top blogger whose site is number 1 two weeks in a row and a free feature… How does that sound?

There have been a ton of new blogs joining the BlogDumps community so I would like to say Welcome… If you haven’t submitted your blog follow me here!

Make sure to drop in at the discussion forum and add your two cents and make sure to leave a link to your latest and greatest post!

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Top Blog Sites on -Tuesday Meme!

one world singles

your caring angels

make money online money

thai dave


hope works community

dump diggers

sassy darlin

octagon buzz

Have a great week everyone, make sure to join in the new Top Sites Tuesday MEME!

Bloggers Help America

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Welcome To The Saturday Night Dump!

What a nice day it was today… Fall is here but I love this kind of weather!

If you haven’t noticed I have been remodeling around here trying to make BlogDumps one of the best blogging resource sites on the web. I guess the hardest part is that we didn’t get BlogDumps out of a box or buy a template etc.. So we have to build and script as we go along.

One of the nice new features is that we now show the two newest members that joined the BlogDumps community on the front page with a screen shot of the blog that was submitted along with it’s page rank. So if you haven’t joined our community now is the time to join! You can get some front page time until the next blog is submitted and bumps you off the page. That is, unless you become a featured blog and then you will randomly show up in the spotlights throughout the site as the featured blog .

I would like to invite all of you that are BlogDumps members to join the discussion forum. We will be implementing some cool new features and they will be linked to the forum database for user login, profiles, avatars etc..

The search box on the front page has moved to the top of the page and will search the web for whatever you are looking for. A big Thank you to for the logo I love the dump truck with the RSS in the back of it.

Make sure to check out the latest featured blog

Animal Fact Guide’s Wildlife Blog
The Animal Fact Guide’s Wildlife Blog features interesting animal videos, photos, and news.
This is a very cool blog! I highly recommend it and it’s a must visit while you’re blog surfing.
Make sure to leave a comment when you visit, It is the nice thing to do!

Submit your blog and Get Featured and a mini review!

Have a great Saturday night!

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Top Sites Thursday

WHEW! It’s hot and muggy here on the Eastern Shore of Delaware! How is your day going?
Make sure to stop in on the BlogDumps Birthday post and get some free Ec’s or a T-Shirt.

I thought it would be nice to throw some Linky Love out there…

So here are the Hot Blogs on BlogDumps today


If you would like to get in on Hot Blogs Post
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Know what the best part about Thursdays is? Tomorrow is Friday!


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Looking For A T-Shirt?

I know just the place for you to stop by! It’s buy-tees

Paul Baines (a UK tee shirt designer and musician) is the winner of the BlogDumps EntreCard and T-Shirt contest, he did a great job! We all like the Dump Truck design with BlogDumps Written on the side. He definitely knows his T-Shirts!

The Buy Tees philosophy is to provide a forum for independent designers and screen printers and their creative clothing designs, plus all the latest bargain offers, articles and advice, resources and links for buyers, t-shirt designers and tee lovers alike.

Blogging from the UK, Paul does a great job of keeping up with what’s hot and shares what he finds on the web.

His site is very clean lay out out and easy to read. With some cool photos and video.

Even if your not in the market for one right now, his site is definitely worth stopping by and checking out while you’re blog surfing.

One of his latest reviews”Killer Tees” is great and the T-Shirt, well take a look Thanks Paul for joining in the fun here at BlogDumps.


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The Contest Winners are…

We got a great response to our contest for our next BlogDumps T-Shirt Design!

First Place with the BEST Unique Graphic Design! Winning * A BlogDumps T-shirt * 200 EC’s and * A feature and review on BlogDumps! It looks to us that Paul really went “all-out” and spent a ton of time on this AWESOME LOGO


Paul Baines from in the UK

Second Place – Winning * A BlogDumps T-shirt and * 150 EC’s

Cleveland Real Estate from Cleveland OHIO!
*Image of a toilet* or *Image of a guy on a toilet* with text below or above…

“Not Your Average Dump” This is the one we liked the best!

“Not that kind of dump”

“Not your average dump…”

“Flush This…” Wolfbernz Liked this one too!
“We make toilets jealous…”

“We dump so you don’t have to”

“Once A Day Is Recommended…”

These are all great Thanks for participating

Third Place – Winning * A BlogDumps T-shirt and * 75 EC’s

Rodafilp from Ontario, CANADA!
There’s Gold in the Dump, Let’s Blog it!!


Nancy Cleveland
Do I LOOK like a Dumpster???!

Hah! Check out!

I dumped today …….. did you?
Go to the best,

Thanks everyone for joining in on the contest!
Like I have always said… If it were not for all of you and your great blogs listed in BlogDumps blog directory, It wouldn’t be what it is today. The best Dump you will ever go to!
Gosh, Hmmmm, I wonder if I can get Cordy to add some Seagulls to the header. LOL

All the best,

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Saturday Night Dump!

What a great holiday weekend… I hope all of you are having the same?

Well it’s time for the Saturday Night Dump so Tonight it will be… Make sure to check this blog. out! Bill’s blog on the river is a good read. And will be featured this week This blog is a cool site about wolf drawings! And will be featured this week.

marcioeugenio FAZENDO BONITO

billiondollarbaloney I jus d’no what to say…hehehe, But click and see!

This is the only time you will enjoy being Dumped

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Have a Great Weekend!


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I am just feeling the linky love

It has been quite interesting to watch the top Blog sites sending traffic today. This is a list of the top blogs sending people to BlogDumps towards the end of the day –Tuesday night– Some disapeared and some went to the top and then to the bottom.
I really like this little script that does the tracking it works well.

Also we are in the final days of the Entrecard Ec’s, T-Shirt Giveaway and Blog Review, so add your cool slogan here in a comment for the next batch of BlogDumps T-Shirts – it’s that easy. I really want to give away some shirts.

Hot Blog Sites on Today: The best plugboard around! When I grow up… well you know the rest Another great blog to surf OK! I give up I am running out of room blocking google! How many are there??? A must stop on your blog surfing She’s a sweetheart! If you don’t stop by I am disapointed in you. The Gamer blog… If your into game this is it! X-Posed – Secrets of the Sexes! A beautiful site all about Angels

Have a great day

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