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BlogDumps News

Wow there are so many new Blogs on BlogDumps this week it’s incredible!
I sure hope we can handle all the traffic, it has been huge! I have actually done some server clean up and removed any sites we decided were of no real value (super old), this will clean out the databases also and help make room for everyone.

I am hoping we can continue to allow new registrations but some of the new bloggers have created more than one blog – some as many as five or six. If you find that some of your blogs are missing you didn’t read the terms of service or your welcome email….. Please Only Create One Blog!

I will be weeding through all the blogs this weekend and all the ones created that are from the same IP address and have more than one and nothing on them I am going to delete them. This makes room for others to have a blog here on BlogDumps I feel this is only fair to everyone, unless BlogDumps starts bringing in enough money that it doesn’t matter then that is the way it will be.

On a lighter note, the best thing about BlogDumps data center is it is not going to be hit by the Hurricane Irene 🙂

We are going to get hit here at the office so we will be hunkered down and hopefully have some internet during the storm. It is supposed to last through Saturday and Sunday so I may or may not be able to post during the weekend.

Well, I am off to get ready for the storm, I hope all of you in the area are in a safe place and ready it’s going to be a big one!

Have a great Friday!

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BlogDumps News and Saturday Funnies

Hi all, it has been a few days since we have posted but it has been real busy around here – we are trying to finally get everyone added to the directory but some blogs may have to wait until we get to the next port when we land. If you want to be added right away to a category please go here to get in front of the line. OK, so it costs a couple dollars, but every dollar helps keep the servers humming and the programmers happy.

Everything else is on time and on track except the .css changes we are making in IE for the B Tubed part of BlogDumps that seems to be taking toooo long for me. I almost think we need some real change in this department but they keep asking me what and I haven’t figured it out yet, any ideas????? Leave them in the comments, I’m game let’s do it!

There are new sponsors on the front page of BlogDumps so make sure to click around and check them out we want them to be happy and get some readers and stay awhile 🙂

Not much else to report, Oh yeah we changed the back up time to 3am Eastern Time US for all BlogDumps Bloggers you all seem to get on the site at the same time in the mornings and when we do the data back ups it slows down the site so we are doing them when you all “Should be sleeping” 🙂

BlogDumps funnies – check this one out it was uploaded to B Tubed

Have a great Saturday!

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This week on BlogDumps

Top Sites Tuesday was fun this week with Liggy winning this week 🙂 I am glad everyone enjoyed the theme.

If you are interested in joining our fun on Tuesdays the check-in post goes up on Mondays so you know what’s going to be the theme for the week and you can see who all’s participating. Its a lot of fun and talk about bringing you readers we have had thousand of visitors so far this week just to the blog so it is a good way to get some visitors to your blog 🙂

I had some fun this week – some of the new community members have downloaded the BlogDumps Instant Messenger and I received some Instant Messages, that was fun 🙂 If you want to send smileys right click on the text area in the messenger and it brings them up. I have gone through the help area on the IM and made sure that it is up to date. When you download it, it doesn’t take but just a small amount of memory and no special pages or equipment is needed. If you are a member of the BlogDumps Community Discussion forum you use the same username and login password to access it. Have some fun! You can get family and friends to download it they don’t have to be a blogger to use it. This way you can keep in touch with them or just have some fun by sharing photo files etc… If you decide to try it my username is Wolfbernz.

I added comments to the BlogDumps new customizable profile pages on the discussion forum so people you know can leave comments on your profile wall I thought this might be a fun thing to have. you can now change the look add friends and more on your discussion forum profile pages. Give it a try it’s fun!

Make sure if you want to get in on the Saturday Funnies post to upload a funny video and I will use it and link it to your blog… The same goes for the Sunday Music Post Upload one of your favorite songs and I will use it and link the post to you and your blog.

We have been adding blogs to the directory as we can, there have been so many it’s hard to keep up if you would like to get ahead of the line and or get your blog Featured follow me here it’s just a few dollars and you will be in the directory within 24 hours.

Have a great day,


I Love Fridays

Yes, we made it through another week. All is well here the snow is finally melting but what a slushy mess it is!

Nancy from Coffee Break? won this weeks “Top Sites Tuesday” she has a great blog and it’s a “Must Read” on your blog surfing… *rolls out red carpet* We are so glad to see Nancy join us this week she writes so well, I love reading her blog.

In the news: We are still adding blogs and getting somewhat closer to getting them all added to the directory so please be patient, we will get to your blog soon we manually add each one to ensure quality to the site.

I have had some emails as to why a video you have received in your email will not upload to B Tubed. Well, if the video has some copyright codecs in it it will not upload this is automatic so we do not have any copyright issues to deal with. If you have photos and need a link url or just need a place to store them this is a great place for that, videos and music also we host all your videos and music. The best part is you can choose who gets to see them you and your friends or the world. You can use the embed code to add them to your blog also, All the videos Music and photos come with embed codes and you can change the size in the code to fit what you need it to be for your blog.

That’s about all I have to report other than I am working on making some changes to the discussion forum soon. Not to many people have been using it so I am going to make some changes… I’m not telling you, you will have to see when I am finished! 🙂

I hope you all had a great week and have a better weekend, It’s Friday… Yeah!


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BlogDumps Thursday News

Another great week around here… We have had some spring like weather on the Eastern Shore, it’s nice but we still have February to go so I guess winter is not over yet!

Older Eyes (aka Bud) was this weeks winner on “Top Sites Tuesday.” Since Bud has had a review already and been featured, we thought it would be nice to send him a BlogDumps T-Shirt. Bud we will be sending you an email to get a mailing address.

Bud has a great blog and is a wonderful read so make sure to drop in and visit. I am sure after you visit you will return. Thanks for being a part of the community Bud, it’s nice to have you hanging out with us!

Not much to report here. I did find I bought BlogdumpsVideo.com three years ago and the domain was still in it’s old place so I am moving it to where all the other BlogDumps names are registered. You won’t notice anything during the change. I just like to keep things simple 🙂

I have been trying my best to get caught up on adding people to the BlogDumps blog directory but some hide the button where I can’t find it. If you submit your blog, before we add you to the blog directory we manually check for a link to BlogDumps. Those of you who hide the button on a links page or remove the button immediately after submitting your blog, will not be added to the directory.

Hope everyone has had a great week!

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Saturday Night Dump

Well, it’s another Saturday Night here at the dump. Pete won Top Sites Tuesday – he was Top Blog! Pete’s blog, Pete’s “Today is the Day” Quiz, is a great asset to the BlogDumps Community and we appreciate that he participates each week. In visiting his blog, everyone learns something new every day! In case you haven’t visited his blog before, every day he puts up 3 trivia questions and the answers to yesterday’s questions. I find all of his questions challenging and am always thrilled when I guess one correctly!

But we want you all to know that everyone is a winner in our book! It’s everyone’s participating that make Top Sites Tuesday so much fun. We love visiting everyone’s blogs and we hope that everyone that participates enjoys Tuesdays as much as us!

We do need a theme for this week, so if anyone has an idea leave it in the comments… If Wolfbernz has to think two more thoughts… LOL And yes, All ideas are welcomed!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!

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Happy New Year!

Wow, it has been another year already 🙂 We have had a lot of fun around here!

Thanks to all of you it has been a blast… Gosh remember the BlogDumps birthday party? We almost shut the place down… LOL

We have had our ups and downs, but thank God we have had more ups 😀

This weeks top Blog was Over Cups Of Coffee… That’s how this whole site began – in the coffee shop Trina and I had a few years ago. Lots of good things happen over a cup of coffee.

As I reflect over this past year I see some changes that I want to make for the better here on BlogDumps, make sure to stop by on Monday that will be the first change, the way we will do Top Sites Tuesday.

I have already begun to make the changes on BlogDumps Bloggers, now newcomers have to fill out a form to make sure they are not a robot or spammer. I also have added the new Bl.ogDumps Bloggers Terms of Service on the form so everyone knows what is expected or allowed here. I will be manually approving each blog created. I know this sounds like a lot of work but I want real bloggers on BlogDumps not just some robot or SEO guy that makes one post and links to all their sites and never comes back. I have started deleting all the blogs that haven’t been updated in years or were started and never completed to make room for all the new blogs. This is a free service we provide and we are getting about ten or so new blogs a day. I have also, with these new changes, been able to add all-text-allowed to BlogDumps Bloggers. This means you can do whatever you wish with your blog, advertise, add videos from anywhere or just blog about whatever you want to as long as it’s not porn or nasty stuff.

I really would like to see BlogDumps free services used by more bloggers in 2010. BlogDumps is a place where bloggers can connect, network and just have some fun. Maybe even use the discussion forum a bit more and share some tips and tricks for blogging and getting noticed.

Make sure to download the latest BlogDumps Instant Messenger for 2010 you will like the cool new features with file transfers and video chat rooms.

If you are going to drink tonight make sure to watch this video… Be safe! Don’t let this be you Continue reading Happy New Year!

Good Monday Morning!

All is well here on the home front! I hope all of you had a great weekend…
I have been working on everything putting it back like it was around here.
The BlogDumps Instant Messenger is working great so I am around if anyone has any questions me just ring me.

I am a little slow posting the Top Sites Tuesday today because I am doing some clean up, I am almost finished though so the post will go up soon.

I went out and bought a one terabyte extra back up to run here at the office. We will be backing up each day here at the office and at the data center on Thursdays we will have a complete backup there also …Yeah! After having to upload 72 gigs of data back on the server I thought I better get at least a one terabyte. I also have added another gig of ram to the servers so the site should run a lot faster now!

Anyway I just wanted to say good Monday morning to you all, I will finish up and then get the Top Sites Tuesday post up!

In the mean time enjoy the music – I’m just about finished being crazy over here!!!

All the best

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Welcome To The Saturday Night Dump!

What a nice day it was today… Fall is here but I love this kind of weather!

If you haven’t noticed I have been remodeling around here trying to make BlogDumps one of the best blogging resource sites on the web. I guess the hardest part is that we didn’t get BlogDumps out of a box or buy a template etc.. So we have to build and script as we go along.

One of the nice new features is that we now show the two newest members that joined the BlogDumps community on the front page with a screen shot of the blog that was submitted along with it’s page rank. So if you haven’t joined our community now is the time to join! You can get some front page time until the next blog is submitted and bumps you off the page. That is, unless you become a featured blog and then you will randomly show up in the spotlights throughout the site as the featured blog .

I would like to invite all of you that are BlogDumps members to join the discussion forum. We will be implementing some cool new features and they will be linked to the forum database for user login, profiles, avatars etc..

The search box on the front page has moved to the top of the page and will search the web for whatever you are looking for. A big Thank you to Buy-Tees.net for the logo I love the dump truck with the RSS in the back of it.

Make sure to check out the latest featured blog

Animal Fact Guide’s Wildlife Blog
The Animal Fact Guide’s Wildlife Blog features interesting animal videos, photos, and news.
This is a very cool blog! I highly recommend it and it’s a must visit while you’re blog surfing.
Make sure to leave a comment when you visit, It is the nice thing to do!

Submit your blog and Get Featured and a mini review!

Have a great Saturday night!

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