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Sunday Edition of the Saturday Dump

We had a wonderful weekend at the National Sailboat Show in Annapolis Maryland. I could not believe some of the amazing and beautiful ships that we got to tour.

But amidst all the craziness, we didn’t Dump anyone last night. So here is the Sunday Morning edition of the Saturday Night Dump!

Check out these new bloggers to the directory! We got a few travel blogs this week (and for some reason all I can think is can we get ‘there’ by boat? LOL)

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Rajasthan
Travel – Built around four lakes in Udaipur – charms are obvious, earning it the moniker as “the Venice of the East by Hot air balloon rides.

Kiwis Can Fly
This blog is dedicated to me spending my life savings on travel.

Twisted Humor

Budget Hotels in Delhi
Budget Hotel in Delhi Offering Hotel Reservations in Ajanta Hotel in Delhi, Hotel Near Delhi Railway Stations, Accommodation in Delhi, Economy Hotels Delhi.

Sabrina’s London Diaries
I write about my Expat adventures, including my dating experience. I also write about English culture and History and give travel tips.

Have a great Sunday Morning everyone!

BlogDumps Blog Dumping Time!

Welcome to the Saturday Dump everyone! This week we’ve had some really interesting new blogs join the BlogDumps Blog Directory. Check them out and don’t forget to leave a comment – Bloggers Love Comments!!

I can’t add them all so I just pick a few each week 🙂 If you would like to get your blog Featured and a mini review follow me here and I will show you how.

We are a human edited directory and add people as we can if you would like to get ahead of the line go here.

This Monday is the check in post for “Top Sites Tuesday” so make sure to stop by and join the fun!

Mobile Phones Review & news
Specializing in offering everything in the area of mobile Phones, and also showing the newest types of mobiles, latest mobiles news, reviews, features and Prices.

world amazing facts, world amazing pictures
world amazing news, world amazing facts, world amazing places, world interesting fact, worlds amazing bridges, world amazing hotels, world amazing house, world amazing cars, world fastest car

sbxlive – free hacking tutorials
computer hacking – sbxlive – free hacking tutorials

beaded crafts
DIY & Home Improvement Blogs

Footprints In Time

Wake Up Woman
A modern day woman teaches woman how to be a good wife in true 1950s style

Here are a few that have supported BlogDumps for a long time and we appreciate it much 😀

Babble Break

Art by Tomas

As The Rooster Crows

Over Cups of Coffee

Have a great Saturday


Saturday Dump

I though I would do a Saturday Dump This week I haven’t done this for some time so I thought I would dump a bunch of bloggers…

I know you think I am going to get rid of them but No, I am going to tell you about some cool new blogs and some that have been around a bit.

The first ones are new to the BlogDumps community So make them welcome and stop by and see what you think 🙂

Happy Single Life
Life of a single woman and her stories in finding true love.

War, Lies And Delusions
After nine years of warring, with a $60 billion war funding bill on the table, a pledge of $500 million to help Pakistan, America is the reason this war will never be won

Healthy With Herbal
herb blog

royal enfield motorcycles
This is a dedicated blog/website on Royal Enfield motorcycles containing interesting articles, useful maintenance tips, expert tips on cleaning, washing, upkeep of your Royal Enfield

These are a few of the regulars around here that support BlogDumps and have great blogs and are very good reads and I highly recommend you stop by and visit them… You will be glad you did, make sure to leave a comment bloggers love comments 😀


Older Eyes
General/Misc. Blogs – Reflections from an Older Perspective on feeling older, love and marriage, family, spirituality, writing and music … with some good old curmudgeonly rants thrown in for spice.


The Artist Challenge
The Artist Challenge is a theme based club for artists and writers.


The Inferno
We are a blog of writers and artist who have a unique vision. We believe that writers are artists, and artists are writers. We simply work in different mediums.


Pete’s ‘Today in History’ Quiz
For all fans of quizzes, this blog is here for you to get your daily ‘fix’ of trivia questions. Each day there will be questions about happenings that occurred on that particular day in history.


Babble Break
Welcome to my Wonderland and join me for a babble-licious Babble Break.


Your Caring Angles
Blogging girls, Your Caring Angels is all about angels. We have many true inspirational stories about Angles from many people of all walks of life.

I hope you all enjoyed being dumped it’s probably the only time you will ever enjoy it… LOL

Have a great Saturday

Saturday’s Featured Blog!


I stopped by this blog before it became a featured blog – just poking around as we all do.

I found myself falling right into the page, it has a great appeal and, well, being an animal lover there were baby cheetahs in a post titled The Whoosh of Rain Forests, the Rustle of Savannas – well you know the rest…lol – I had a good time and found the Arkist Blog informative and a good read… I will be back! It’s great!

I found this on the ARKist about page and it just sums up what the Arkist Blog is about in a nut shell for you – but really you should take a look for yourself.

ARKist publishes eco-news and opinion about practical approaches and solutions to what’s ailing the global environment. Yes, we said global. We have lived in or traveled through many countries, some on the brink of environmental disaster. The people who live in such trouble spots understand more than most how crucial it is we clean up our thoughtless leavings and develop the technology, practices, laws and behavior that will return us to a healthy world. So we’ve been there, and now we have a deep appreciation for workable ideas and impressive advances, plus all the ups and downs that go with those. Our beat is international ecology—the interconnectedness of living things on this small blue sphere.

Join us navigating these waters in search of a world that can survive.

Welcome to the BlogDumps community ARKist!


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. . . . . .

So much to tell this Saturday.

It’s so nice when things seem to begin to go the way you want them to go isn’t it?

Gas is down to $2.03 today, we took a trip to get toys and cool stuff for the little ones in the family… I was a happier guy at the pump!

Here at BlogDumps we have a lot to tell we have just released the BlogDumps Instant Messenger Build 2.0 Gosh it has so many new features including file transfer (not gigantic files yet, but we are working on increasing the file upload size). I like the video conference room where I can see everyone at once…Tooo funny!

We have upgraded the BlogDumps Bloggers Blogs (wow that was a mouthful!) to the latest version available, I know some of you will be confused at first but you will love all the new features in the dashboard area – and if you need help let us know in the BlogDumps Discussion Forums. This upgrade is going to make BlogDumps Bloggers that much more secure from the hackers and bad people out there.

I have added threads in the forum for both of these topics so if you have any questions or find something cool you can do on the new BlogDumps Instant Messenger please post it there. This will help everyone who has a question.

There are a ton of new blogs this week and I am going to Feature (this one)

Insane Baltimore
Insane Baltimore
Insane Baltimore

I really like this blog it’s a great read and I just had a blast stopping by. I especially enjoyed one of the latest posts called “There’s so much I want to say!

Make sure to visit this one on your blog surfing this weekend.
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Have a great Saturday All

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .