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Fun On Wednesday

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So I finally have a working computer… OMG I never thought how bad it could get not having a working computer. So now I can start my day with some fun and get some work done.

Now days everything is online let alone our work on the web. First it started with the number keys and then random keys were lost and the the power button and it was over. Thank goodness we decided to check out the surrounding areas attractions were we ran into “Big D” he is a computer fix it guy and he lives up to his reputation as “Big D” he had the computer fixed in no time at all. Trina and I were so glad we have so much to catch up on. Not being at home and being on the water on the sailboat can make it difficult we can’t just move to another computer in the office. I tried my cell phone while the computer was down and that didn’t work out so well.

So here it is Wednesday, Half way through the week and then it’s the weekend. I hope you all are having a great week 🙂

Make sure to enjoy your breakfast like in this funny video.

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September 11 2011

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Normally I do a Sunday Music… Who knows maybe by the time I finish what’s on my mind I will have a song for the day.

As you can see by the title you must have realized that this is the Tenth Anniversary of the horrible attack on the world trade center.

I went to the Homeland security site to see what the level of threat and found that they offer a blog widget that was pretty neat.

I sit here today pondering why… what could make someone or a group of people hate another group of people so much that they would do such a thing.

This attack didn’t just effect Americans – there were people from around the world in those buildings even from there own country… But if you have no value on life I guess it just doesn’t matter does it.

Now don’t get me wrong on my last statement it did affect America and now we know we are vulnerable and we are “Mad as hell” and are “not going to take any more!”

There is all this speculation that it was a conspiracy or that Bush just needed a reason to go after the oil in Iraq, frankly I don’t really know what to believe about it other than the bastards blew up my country men and we just aren’t going to sit around and take that $#!+

Now here we are ten years later we finally got the mastermind of the attack and killed him. We have our soldiers – some of my family even – over there trying to put back together what was destroyed in our attempt to get revenge and in their ongoing battles – something I think is almost (I sad Almost) impossible.

The countries in this region have been at war for centuries, they are never going to agree on anything other than they do not like Americans or Israel. It is a sad day today for all of the world.

We live in a world of no peace and that my friend is awful. At home in the USA there are attacks in an IHOP by our own and abroad they are attacking us as we try to put these countries back together. I just don’t get it?! But I guess I wouldn’t I am not that kind of person.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for one week everyone decided to lay down their arms and just have some peace maybe then each person could realize what a stress relief it would be for the whole world. I have an Idea lets stop all the oppression in this world of ours too. If we all worked together imagine what we could do for everyone on our little planet called Earth.

There are so many without jobs, food, a place to live and call home, how about just a clean glass of water. Yet we spend Billions Fighting wars that seem to never end. We will go into debt for a missile but not a chance for the guy on the street with his family who lost it all due to our economy. WTF? Yeah, I said it!

So a song for Sunday?

September 11 2011
We Will Never Forget! Our Thoughts And Prayers go out To The All The People Effected.

Viewer Discretion Advised.


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Normally I would post using just the B Tubed MP3 Music player but this week I am going to post a video too.

FishHawk has been making music videos and uploading them to BlogDumps and then using them on his blog.

He has been a long time supporter of the BlogDumps community and we appreciate him very much 🙂

Make sure to stop by and check out his cool blog here, you will be glad you did!

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The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

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Have a great Sunday

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Sunday Music – Off To The Beach

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It’s getting to be the last of summer fast so we are all headed out to the beach today to hit the waves and enjoy some warm water fun. We’re loading up the boogie boards, the surfboards and heading out.
We don’t live to far from the beach and it is quite fun there are wild horses and deer on the island. Everyone loves to watch them.
Trina is preparing a picnic for us – the kids are all going so this should be a fun family outing.

For the music today , well who else but the Beach Boys!

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Have a great Sunday!

Lake Of Fire – Nirvana on Sunday Music!

So here it is the Fourth of July again. I was moving a bunch of boxes and things around on the farm. My son comes over and sees me doing this so to tease him I asked, “Do you see anything that you want or that is yours?”

He replied no.

I asked “Are you sure you do not see one thing that you could want?”

He replied No.

My son had forgot that last year we had left over fireworks and we had put them in an old ammo box. That same ammo box was sitting on the floor right next to his foot. I know you are thinking well that couldn’t be much – it is a large ammo box.

So after he said no for the fourth time ( I just had to use the fourth word…LOL) I reminded him what was in the box with a chuckle. He started to say something and the Trina the referee stepped in and said, “Your father asked you so I guess you will have to be here to see them.” I chuckled under my breath again. It’s always fun here on the Forth. We have great time with the family, we all get to share and have a good time. It’s also a good time to reflect on who we are as Americans and what we stand for.

Have a great Fourth be safe but have a blast too!

This week, Lake of Fire by Nirvana!

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Happy Independence Day!
Wolf and Trina

Saturday Funnies

I hope this weather continues it is a wonderful day here! We even had a bit of much needed rain last night 🙂
Trina and I are off to relax, it has been one long week. The best part is we finished a lot of things that needed to be done.

I saw this video and it is perfect for the funnies.
Check out this little guy sliding he has it down to a science even the way he turns the wheel…LOL
He makes it look easy too.

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Have a great Saturday


Saturday Funnies

It has been a much nicer day here on the Eastern Shore, some clouds and cool wind sure helped. I hope we get some more of the much needed rain 🙂

Some times it can be hard to be a reporter…
If you slip at the wrong time there is no taking back what you said! For this weeks funnies it’s just that, be careful what you say!

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Have a great Weekend


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Memorial Day On BlogDumps

Since we haven’t done a Top Sites Tuesday for a couple weeks I thought since we have internet for today this would be a great time for everyone to join in and add a link to their Memorial day post- if you have done one.

Please leave a link in the comments to your blog post.

As I mentioned in my last post we hope to be home next week 🙂

This is the time of year that we thank all of our military for their service and for everything they give up for their country.

My father and many members of my family have been in and are in the military.

I know everyone is glad to have a day off and are ready to have the big BBQ and a ton of fun to start off this summer but let’s not forget one of the most important things to do first.

First, I think we should all take a moment and pray for those that are in harms way in our armed services and then for those that have done their service and for those that have passed away in the line of duty for their country.

I usually stop by the services at home and watch the speech and honor guard do the ceremony, it’s seems as though I watch it every year I still get that little lump in the throat as they play the national anthem.

I am sure many who have been with the BlogDumps community have heard this before but this song is so appropriate for this holiday. Since I am out of the country I am kind of bummed I can’t raise my BlogDumps flag on the site.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend!

Wolfbernz and Trina

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Saturday Funnies

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After a cold, wet week on the East Coast – we’re all left wondering what happened to Spring? We had a great few sneak-peek days of 70 degree weather and then it’s been in the 50s or lower ever since. It does look like we’re going to get a brief brake, the next 3 days is supposed to be sunny and warming (not warm)

Wolf and I are off today to a birthday party with his grandson and daughter-in-law. The party is for a little girl that’s turning two and those baby parties are always so cute! I think it’s just the thing to wipe away the crappy weather blues – smiling babies and family members, brightly colored wrapping paper, and Cake!

For those of you who are not going to be attending a cute baby party, how about a little comic relief? I’m thinking The Three Stooges might get a chuckle out of you – if you’ve seen these clips before it’s ok, the Stooges are always a classic!

Or maybe a little Jim Carrey – he’s always funny!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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