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Change is a Comming

What a great week but TGIF!!! 😀

Congrats goes out to ieatsnowmanpoop for being the Top Site on this weeks Top Sites Tuesday… don’t you just love her name???

It sure has been a good week, I was going to post yesterday but I got caught up in working on upgrades for BlogDumps. It’s ok! I haven’t done anything live yet…lol 😉 I have been looking for a kick ass stats program and I haven’t found one that I really want to use yet that works well with the version of WordPress we are using on BlogDumps Bloggers.

So, my solution is – I am going to upgrade BlogDumps Bloggers to the latest version. I’m testing all the functions and features and making sure that the upgrade will not harm anyone’s blog. Now your new back office is going to change, but we are going to give everyone fair warning before the upgrade goes live. This process is going to take some time, so the upgrade will probably be next week. I will post an admin message on your dashboard. Change is Good! No Worries!

I have been working on the discussion forum also and will make some cool changes there. I am hoping the live chat option will work… that would be fun for everyone to be able to live chat with each other along with posting in the discussions. If you haven’t announced your blog to the community stop by and join us!

We really have a great community going here you all have made it a wonderful place… be sure to invite all your blogging friends to join us next Tuesday for Top Sites Tuesday the more the merrier!

Hey Wolfbernz, I have a great idea planned this weekend for you here on the farm, just watch the video… LMAO Continue reading Change is a Comming

Saturday Night Dump

Welcome to the Saturday Night Dump!

Wolfbernz talked about a surprise… I’m here to tell you about it!

We are all about the Linky Love… obviously… and what a better way to get out some linky love than to add a few newbies to the directory?!? Check out the new listings in Money Blogs, Literature Blogs, and – of course – The DUMP. In case you weren’t aware, the dump is for bloggers who Submitted their blog to BlogDumps, but didn’t tell us where they wanted to be listed! Anyone and Everything can be found there!

We’ve also added a new category to Blog Dumps… Real Estate Resources. We are hoping to see real growth in that area in the coming months. Everything from Real Estate Brokers that blog about houses they offer – to mortgage brokers, loan information, and foreclosures will be listed there!

Oh Yeah, the surprise! Well… We want to help our affiliates to make money while promoting BlogDumps, so EVERY BLOGDUMPS AFFILIATE has been Featured on the BlogDumps Home Page and the Blog Directory Home Page. These features, while their blog screenshots are smaller than those of Paid to Be Featured Bloggers, the effect is the same, a screenshot (provided by Thumbshots.org) will be randomly displayed to visitors of BlogDumps. We are hoping to help our affiliates by driving traffic to their sites! After-all, how do you promote something you don’t know about? We are hoping that by promoting our affiliates, this will give them a little… shall we say “nudge” ?

Check out this Awesome Affiliate!

Happy Saturday Night!

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I have a great suprise!

I am not going to spill the beans yet, but it’s cool… Hint refresh the front page of BlogDumps and check out who is featured!!!

I hope you all are having a great weekend I am! We are working on the farm and it’s a great day! The Sunrunner Classic boat I had has moved to someone Else’s house today… YEA!!!

I know some of you are like WHAT! But boats are just a hole in the water you throw money in! The best day two days while you have a boat are the day you get it and the day it sells and leaves… LOL

See you all later at the Saturday Night Dump!

Ocean Of Perspectives

A new addition to the religious blog category in BlogDumps Blog Directory is Ocean Of Perspectives.

This blog’s sub-title states, “Perspectives involving personal growth, awareness, higher consciousness, balancing mind, body, soul, meditation, prayer, Yoga relationships”

Lea, the author of this blog, writes in her About Page:

“For me, the name Ocean Of Perspectives is symbolic of the collective energy flowing from all the worlds’ inhabitants into an ocean of energy. This ocean holds all the energy we created though our minds such as our thoughts, perceptions, perspectives and actions. Ocean Of Perspectives is about having a place to share ideas, concepts, experiences, knowledge and beliefs that we are developing, have developed or obtained during our life journey in our search for truth.”

After reading some of her posts, I find this blog inspirational and relaxing. One of my favorite posts is Self Love. The video in this post is so very cool you’ve got to check it out!

Welcome to BlogDumps

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Friday Fifteen!

I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought it was time!

BlogDumps traffic has never been better and I would like to say thanks to all of you who have joined the BlogDumps Community.

Since you all have become part of the community I would like to invite you to share what you know about blogging and get in on the BlogDumps Discussion forum.

If you have joined the BlogDumps forum you can download the new BlogDumps IM you will love this IM – keep in touch with your friends and fellow bloggers without all the spam and pop up websites and ads!

Friday’s Fifteen Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com:

watch movies on net

make money online money

gabriel rutledge

The Original linkylove

lady by the water m

lingerie lingerie

billion dollar baloney

celebrity sexy

your caring angels

electric egg cream

Newman films

I eat snow man poop



From in the bubble

crazed mama


free pc gamez

why be normal

daddy come get me

Ok, I know there are more than Fifteen but these were in the top sites most of the week and I didn’t want to leave anyone out!
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Saturday At the Dump!

As is sit down with my cup of coffee in hand and gaze out the window thinking of what to write, I see it looks cold and windy outside! I am so glad my friend bought me a really nice down jacket for Christmas! It has been a very cold this week on the Eastern Shore.

There is so much to tell about what’s going on around here!

My son has bought his own house and he and his wife have moved in they will be having their baby soon. It’s going to be a baby boy! Woo-hoo! Oh stop it, I am not that old!!! Ok, Don’t you even use the “G” word…LOL I am proud of them though they are on their way to their new life. They are on their own and they are making out well, in this economy I had my concerns.

As you could see from the last post, I know it was last Tuesday but we have been working so hard on the site improvements I haven’t had a moment to blog away.

I was reading in some of the emails I get from various web news about social media and where it is headed in 2009. One of the articles I was reading had some of the do’s and don’ts, so I decided with a mutual vote around here to follow some of their advice and start this year off with a new look for BlogDumps as a whole.

The improvements started this week. We made some awesome improvements to BlogDumps Bloggers, allowing bloggers to add their adsence and javascript codes to their posts, and in the process we had to re-build a couple of blog templates to be able to be seen in FireFox… I am so glad Nancy Likes her new blog layout!

The biggest news of the week is the new look of BlogDumps Video I hope you all take a moment and go look at the new look and layout. Please take a few minutes and join the social media part of BlogDumps, you will not be disappointed with all the cool new features. The webcam upload allows for you to even do a webcam upload and embed your video blog post on your blog!

The next biggest news is the *all new* BlogDumps Instant Messenger that now has all the features the big boys have! Yes, I want our instant messenger to be just as good or better. Now you can send not only text, make audio calls and do video chat with your friends you can also transfer files! I hope you all enjoy the new look throughout BlogDumps as we grow along side all of you in the blogging world. Trina says it sounds corny, but I have to say it – with out all of you, BlogDumps would be just another empty site hoping for some visitors – so with that said thanks everyone for becoming a part of the BlogDumps community!

These were the top blogs sending traffic to BlogDumps this morning when I started blogging, thanks everyone!

Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com Today:


If you would like to get in on the top sites posts just submit your blog here.

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Have a great weekend!

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America For Purchase

New to our Political Blogs, America For Purchase, is a really interesting read. Written by a retired American, a Viet Nam veteran, and God believing citizen with a son in the US military. He posts articles, that I would have otherwise not have seen.

I was totally entertained by his disclaimer:

This is a personal weblog, the opinions expressed by the author and contributors on America For Purchase are their own and are provided AS IS with no warranties, and confers no rights. The commentaries, articles and political information are enjoyed by our rights to free speech and are not intended to offend. Feel free to challenge me, disagree, or tell me I’m completely nuts in the comments section of each blog entry, but I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (abusive, profane, rude, or anonymous comments) so keep it polite, please.

LOL Then I read his first article about Preemptive Pardons. I had never heard of such a thing – you must read it!

The best part of this blog is the cumulative effect of all the posts. One post alone could lead you to think that this is just another political blog, but in reading through many of the posts you develop a feel for what this blog author believes in and where he stands on what issues. I wish I could say that about more blogs.

Happy Holidays!

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New Features on BlogDumps Bloggers

I spent the better part of this weekend reviewing and installing new features on BlogDumps Bloggers.
These improvements will be great and I hope all of you enjoy them and it helps you with your blog.

Admin Messaging – I can leave a message on everyones dashboard keeping you up to date on all the changes that take place. I was hoping I had this done before the last upgrade but we did the upgrade without issues, so oh well.

Support System – A coulpe of testers would be great… The support link is on the top right of your blog dashboard on the second line. Here you can submit a ticket for blog tech support or report a blog that should be removed…Spam blogs, porn etc… I will be adding the FAQ as soon as I can for all the newbies.

One of the best parts is that we now have a video libraray. I thought this was so important.
An introduction to blogging (Approximate runtime: 5:39)
Writing a post (Approximate runtime: 4:48)
Changing your design/theme (Approximate runtime: 4:30)
Changing your settings (Approximate runtime: 4:58)
Managing your blog (Approximate runtime: 4:21)

Isn’t this cool!

Add Media Buttons – You now can add Photo files and images. Add video, audio, and use embed codes using the “Add Media” buttons. These are located at the top right hand side of where you write your posts.

Page link Display – When writing a new Page or Editing a New Page, you now have the option to not display it in the page links or, depending on your theme, page tabs without making it private – simply put a check in the box next to “Include this page in user menus” in the right column.

Signup Password – when signing up, new bloggers have the ability to choose their password instead of having one sent to them.

New themes – we have uploaded a ton of new themes that will be available to BlogDumps Bloggers soon. We are still processing and editing the themes – as we complete this process we will activate them so users have more themes to chooses from.

New to blogging Follow me here

BlogDumps Instant Messenger and Chat Get it! Send Text, Audio and Video around the world Free!
Yes, That’s right. I said Free The new Instant Messenger allows you to send file and photos or just make a call to your friends Have a video chat too!

So that’s it in a nut shell for this weekend, Oh, it’s Monday, already?
Gosh, time just flys doesn’t it.

Have a great week
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