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First I want to thank everyone who participated in this week’s Top Sites Tuesday and to all of you that have in the past. We do have a lot of fun around here each week and everyone’s posts are great. If you are blogger join us each week the check in post is up every Monday.

I haven’t written a Saturday Night Dump Post in a long time because Google thought it was all paid links and penalized the BlogDumps Blog and would not index BlogDumps blog for a short time. It has been a couple years so I am going to go for it… LOL

I know many have not blogged in some time and some just don’t blog as much but most all still support BlogDumps by posting our button and Trina and I appreciate this very much.

The web has turned into real time as in “what is happening right now”. I hope all that have been blogging and are new to blogging will remember that there is nothing more satisfying than to write a good blog post and it just comes alive with comments and interaction from the readers that happen by. Don’t get me wrong real time web is cool and I enjoy reading some of the funny stuff posted but as I lurk around many have just stopped all together and are missed by those who are still here blogging away.

If you haven’t posted in a while or have just been burnt out by it all make it fun don’t push so hard to post everyday. In fact for those who like statistics, sometimes when you do not post for a few days it brings more traffic than if you do.

There are thousands of blogs that have been created here on BlogDumps and we hope to continue to grow as a blogging community whether your blog is hosted by us or somewhere else.

I am sure I may have missed a couple thousand or so of the people that carry our button but here are some really cool blogs you should check out… You will be glad you did.


The Art of Being Conflicted
Art by Tomas
Older Eyes
Trina’s Blog
Liggyz Dreamz
Babble Break
Coffee Break?
Jeep Blog
Over Cups of Coffee
Randomize ME
Snowman Poop
The Rooster Crows
Your Caring Angels



I usually have been posting a Saturday funny for some time now so here is a short clip. I am not really sure if this is funny or cute… Maybe a WTF, you make the call.

See you tomorrow on Sunday Music, there is new music uploaded on BlogDumps Video Site B Tubed that I can’t wait to share 🙂

Have a great Saturday Night

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This Saturday, Hurricane Irene Is Coming Or Just watch The Blues Brothers!

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I wish it were a bit nicer outside, I am sure you all know by now we are having a hurricane here on the Eastern Shore of the US.
It is raining very hard and is a bit windy and the worst has not gone past us yet.

We have made all the necessary preparations around here to insure safety but one can only do so much and then hope for the best!

Here on the farm we are some of the lucky ones we are on some of the highest ground on the peninsula so we will be just fine.

I added a couple videos that you might want to watch about the storm.

I also added one of the classic Blues Brothers “Sweet Home Chicago” for those who just need a break from the weather report:) I understand!


400 AM EDT SAT AUG 27 2011



This is the latest as of Friday Night from our local weatherman

New York Has Mandatory Evacuation

This is a rebroadcast from the AP

The Blues Brothers… Sweet Home Chicago!

Upload your video here

Be safe and have a great weekend!

Saturday Night Dump

Wow it has been a while since I have done one of these… I guess I am over due.

I want you all to get to know our latest BlogDumps member and supporter Cheryl Over at The Art Of Being Conflicted. I know when you stop by you will be hooked and make it a regular stop. I love the way she writes and you will too.

Also I would like to thank all of you that have been there through the years and supported us in many ways.


Streams in the Desert
Category: Religious Blogs; Description: An Outreach Ministry of For His Glory Ministries, Inc. – Christian Music from Jane Maloney and testimonials from Jane & Rev. Michael Maloney


Ocean of Perspectives
Category: Religious Blogs; Description: Perspectives That Inspire me on my journey for self knowledge & Understanding


Your Caring Angles
Category: Religious Blogs; Description: , Your Caring Angels is all about angels. We have many true inspirational stories about Angles from many people of all walks of life.


Liggyz Dreamz
Category: Entertainment Blogs; Description: blog about the arts – literary, graphic, musical, cinematic, etc. I call it a place where Liggy dreams and her love of art and music live online


Category: Blogging Girls; Description: And it’s yummy… But I draw the line at yellow snow!


Alien Wolves
Category: Art Blogs; Description: My site is about my work I do in my free time- Making my movies. With my strange charactors


Babble Break
Category: Blogging Girls; Description: Welcome to my Wonderland and join me for a babble-licious Babble Break.


The Art of Being Conflicted
Category: General/Misc. Blogs; Description: .blog, Observations and musings of a very conflicted middle aged, middle income, mom that lives in very middle of the country.


Chasing a Noodle
Category: Humor Blogs; Description: A humorous look at life, people, culture, the internet and social trends.


Vikki’s Red Chair Gallery Blog
Category: Art Blogs; Description: Professional Artist Blog- combines story telling and her art.


Older Eyes
Category: General/Misc. Blogs; Description: Reflections from an Older Perspective on feeling older, love and marriage, family, spirituality, writing and music … with some good old curmudgeonly rants thrown in for spice.


The Artist Challenge
Category: Art Blogs; Description: The Artist Challenge is a theme based club for artists and writers.


The Inferno
Category: Literature Blogs; Description: We are a blog of writers and artist who have a unique vision. We believe that writers are artists, and artists are writers. We simply work in different mediums.


Pete’s ‘Today in History’ Quiz
Category: Art Blogs; Description: For all fans of quizzes, this blog is here for you to get your daily ‘fix’ of trivia questions. Each day there will be questions about happenings that occurred on that particular day in history.


The Constant Craftsman
Category: DIY & Home Improvement Blogs; Description: Come follow the ups and downs of renovating a 1926 Dutch Colonial and building a new Craftsman home from scratch. Along the way catch profiles and reviews of companies


iPhone Apps, iPhone 3G apps and iPod touch Applica
Category: Mobile Phones; Description: Providing Professional In-depth iPhone App Reviews For Consumers To Prevent Them From Wasting Money On Lame Apps.


They Will Say Anything
Category: Political Blogs; Description: and economic news and views, sometimes LOL, sometimes not, but always topical.


Sinigang For The Soul
Category: Blogging Girls; Description: a Filipina Expat’s personal blog. musings on love, life, food, entertainment, technology, rants, raves, and then some…


America For Purchase
Category: Political Blogs; Description: A liberal dose of news, politics, progressive commentary, opinions, and commonsense conversation, humor, religion and human rights because America Deserves a Government That Works.


My Daughter’s Wedding
Category: Family Blogs; Description:


Just Because You Don’t Need It
Category: Humor Blogs; Description: Consumer humor; shopping for fulfillment in a world of useless products.


Animal Fact Guide’s Wildlife Blog
Category: Outdoors & Hunting Blogs; Description: Animal Fact Guide’s Wildlife Blog features interesting animal videos, photos, and news. Also in the Outdoors category


A Disgruntled Republican
Category: Political Blogs; Description: blog, A right-leaning, pragmatic-centrist, disgruntled Republican comments on the news of the day and anything else he damn-well pleases.


Willie’s Place
Category: Pet Blogs; Description: Blog: Willie is a 5 month old black and silver tabby kitten. He is very entertaining and cute and likes to tell everybody about his daily adventures.


Fiercely Strategic Marketing
Category: Internet Marketing Blogs; Description: blog with tips and tools for everything from affiliate marketing to ebook creation. Offers free ebooks and viral reports created by its parent website,


Real Life
Category: Mom Blogs; Description: Life is not perfect, and neither am I. I want to get real and talk about all the issues we know we deal with! And add in some meaningless silliness while I’m at it.


Category: Blogging Guys; Description: Personal — Sitting at a table in the back of the bar, nursing a beer and watching the world go by.


Coffee Break?
Category: General/Misc. Blogs; Description: Life, society, politics, humour


Jottings From Jersey
Category: Photography Blogs; Description: A bit of my rants and raves and mix that up with a bit of memes and photos, and you got yourself a really bizarre but hopefully interesting blog.

I am sure I may have missed Somebody And if so We thank you all for your support over the years.

Some of you have this award, some don’t if you would like to add it to your blog please do without all of the Blogs here we wouldn’t have made it this long, You all make BlogDumps the best 🙂

Oh The Funnies I have that covered

Now that was funny right there 🙂


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Blogging Dead – Funny

I don’t remember what site I was on… Not that I surf to many…LOL But this topic caught my eye “Blogging Dead?”

Yes we are in the age of 140 characters or a quick Facebook snip-it that says what we are doing and even gives our location at the time of the micro post. Everyone tries to get as many friends as they can… can you imagine having all your Facebook friends over for dinner if you were popular…LOL I hope you have a big checkbook, but in reality are they really friends? Maybe some are, but all million of them?

Oh yea, back to blogging. I guess the consensus is that the younger generation is not capable of writing long or should I say in depth content, so they don’t blog. I find this to be far from the truth. Most of the people blogging are not of the “older generation”, although the older generation does make up a lot of the bloggers. Older Bloggers do seem to write a bit more in depth so I will give that hypothesis some credit – the younger generation of bloggers don’t write as in depth, but I think that is due to nothing more than the older generation of bloggers have had more complete life accomplishments, it’s not lack of knowledge on behalf of the young generation. I read that the younger generation are disappointed that they didn’t get the involvement and feedback in the comments that they can instantly have on social networks. Even if you post on Facebook you’re still blogging it’s just morphed to a different platform. One can say only so much there and many once they start to write about themselves become bloggers.

Back to “Blogging is dead.” I don’t agree. There are so many bloggers on the web. I have been around for years and sure some started just to post about their life and what their kids are up to with a few photos thrown in (I like those the best, real bloggers I call them). Others found out the use of a blog and how good they are for a business to use either on their website or as their website and that’s cool, they need to tell the world about themselves our lovely economy is not helping! The others that think they are going to get rich on blogging… I have bad news, if you do get rich (or even popular) blogging make sure you get a spam filter that works really well ’cause they are coming for you!

The flip side to the coin about blogging is anonymity, the ability to create a blog that is about whatever you want it to be about… Rant away, talk about whatever and there aren’t all your friends and family all over you asking why you posted that and who are you talking about etc… The ability to upload photos related to your article and add a video or two, some real meat and potatoes, an in depth article you can’t get anywhere else – and who cares what everyone thinks? Your blog isn’t for your friends and family, it’s for you and writing is good for the soul. You just can’t do that anywhere else. For example I can just stick this right in the middle of this post, why because I can ( plus it’s funny)

As long as the internet is around we will have blogs created. How do I know? Right here on BlogDumps last month over 300 new blogs, that’s 10 a day minimum, were started. How many Dumped their blog to the BlogDumps blog directory… I haven’t counted, but since we have become a bit more automated and your blog is placed in a category instantly it has increased dramatically. The last count I saw was 80 million blogs on the web and growing.

I do think that all the social sites are here to stay. But I also believe that most bloggers have a Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace page not to give up their blog but to gain more readers, another avenue so to speak. The serious blogger is looking for more avenues to gain traffic and get more readers. In no way am I bashing social networking I am all for it. It gives the blogger a better ability to be found out there. And sometimes our Facebook page is just the diversion – we post what everyone we know can read there without anyone taking offense and we post our unedited thoughts on our blogs 😉 Why, because we can.

So if you like my blog hang around, Sometimes I am funny and crazy other times I get serious but most of the time I am here to help all of you bloggers gain readers and exposure to your awesome blogs!


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Sunday Edition of the Saturday Dump

We had a wonderful weekend at the National Sailboat Show in Annapolis Maryland. I could not believe some of the amazing and beautiful ships that we got to tour.

But amidst all the craziness, we didn’t Dump anyone last night. So here is the Sunday Morning edition of the Saturday Night Dump!

Check out these new bloggers to the directory! We got a few travel blogs this week (and for some reason all I can think is can we get ‘there’ by boat? LOL)

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Rajasthan
Travel – Built around four lakes in Udaipur – charms are obvious, earning it the moniker as “the Venice of the East by Hot air balloon rides.

Kiwis Can Fly
This blog is dedicated to me spending my life savings on travel.

Twisted Humor

Budget Hotels in Delhi
Budget Hotel in Delhi Offering Hotel Reservations in Ajanta Hotel in Delhi, Hotel Near Delhi Railway Stations, Accommodation in Delhi, Economy Hotels Delhi.

Sabrina’s London Diaries
I write about my Expat adventures, including my dating experience. I also write about English culture and History and give travel tips.

Have a great Sunday Morning everyone!

Saturday Night Dump

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The week seemed to fly by! I can’t believe it’s Saturday Night and time for the Saturday Night Dump!! Check out these new blogs, they all submitted their links to BlogDumps Blog Directory this week!


Obama Cartoon
Political Blogs–Conservative cartoons with strong commentary and many great original articles!

Ideas and Reviews
Shopping – My blog is my venue for expression of anything I encounter from day to day shopping, may it be personal or not, online or land-based.

Yettezkie’s Doodles
Blogging Girls – provides access to the author’s random interests, thoughts and day-to-day life and the web and graphic resources that she offers for free that she posts in her deviantart account.

General/Misc. Blogs – Adventures of a 30-something Aussie chick, slightly obsessed with food, wine, photography, fashion and all sorts of random thoughts….

Welcome to BlogDumps everyone,

Submit your blog you never know when you will get Dumped!

Welcome New Bloggers You Got Dumped on Saturday Night!

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I would like to take a moment and welcome all of you that are new to BlogDumps this week.

There is a lot to do here on BlogDumps so jump in there and have some fun 🙂 Make sure to announce your blog to the discussion forum, ask questions and hold conversations.

You will find that I have fixed the discussion forums so you can customize your profiles also!

Make sure to upload you avatar or photo and your blogs address to your BlogDumps discussion forum too.

Here are a few of the new ones this week:

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: How To Start An

Hot Air Balloon

Funny SMS Jokes



How Women Got Beautiful Skin

How To Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days The Low Carb Way


ChweetGuyz Thoughts

Butterfly in the Plaster

If you didn’t find your blog listed it’s because when I visited your blog I couldn’t find a link to BlogDumps, make sure to have the link in plain view so I can find it!

If you would like to get Dumped submit your blog today!

I would like to invite everyone to participate in BlogDumps Top Sites Tuesday!
The check in post goes up on Monday Morning East coast time, you can see what the theme is going to be and RSVP if you plan to join us, when you finish your post make sure to come back and comment on the check in post with your blog link so everyone can visit 🙂

Have a great weekend

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BlogDumps Blog Dumping Time!

Welcome to the Saturday Dump everyone! This week we’ve had some really interesting new blogs join the BlogDumps Blog Directory. Check them out and don’t forget to leave a comment – Bloggers Love Comments!!

I can’t add them all so I just pick a few each week 🙂 If you would like to get your blog Featured and a mini review follow me here and I will show you how.

We are a human edited directory and add people as we can if you would like to get ahead of the line go here.

This Monday is the check in post for “Top Sites Tuesday” so make sure to stop by and join the fun!

Mobile Phones Review & news
Specializing in offering everything in the area of mobile Phones, and also showing the newest types of mobiles, latest mobiles news, reviews, features and Prices.

world amazing facts, world amazing pictures
world amazing news, world amazing facts, world amazing places, world interesting fact, worlds amazing bridges, world amazing hotels, world amazing house, world amazing cars, world fastest car

sbxlive – free hacking tutorials
computer hacking – sbxlive – free hacking tutorials

beaded crafts
DIY & Home Improvement Blogs

Footprints In Time

Wake Up Woman
A modern day woman teaches woman how to be a good wife in true 1950s style

Here are a few that have supported BlogDumps for a long time and we appreciate it much 😀

Babble Break

Art by Tomas

As The Rooster Crows

Over Cups of Coffee

Have a great Saturday


The Saturday Blog Dump

I hope everyone is having a great weekend? It’s been hot and muggy here on the Eastern Shore!
I was looking through the new members list on the front page I was glad to see so many new Blogs and community members.

I had mentioned I would start dumping blogs again on Saturday Night 🙂 I used to do this all the time an I thought it might be fun to try it for a while and see if it helps drive new readers to your blogs.

Here are a few of them, this is probably the only time you will enjoy being dumped 😀

Footprints In Time

Wake Up Woman

From Awesome, with Love

Chronors Blog

My Net Blog

little pink splotches

Make sure to check out all the new members and leave a comment it’s nice to get comments 🙂

I would like to introduce you to some really Awesome blogs that have been around some time now and have supported BlogDumps for awhile now… Thanks all. These blogs are definitely on the must read list!

Liggy of Liggyz Dreamz Very cool with mostly a music niche blog

The Poop of I Eat Snowman Poop – A great blog I lurk around time to time just to keep up 🙂

So now you all have been Dumped on a Saturday Night… LOL Hey this could be an excuse to have a wild and crazy Saturday night you’ve been dumped

If you use Twitter Please Re Tweet this post – Thanks

Have a great Saturday Night


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Saturday Night Dump

It’s that time again 🙂 Welcome to The Saturday Night Dump!

It has been a great day here on the Eastern Shore! Not too hot and no rain! Trina and I are going to try something different this Saturday Night “Ballroom Dancing” LOL Watch out toes! 😀

I hope you all are having a good weekend, there are many new blogs that have joined this week and a few that have joined the community with the fast track submission we appreciate your support.

Here are a few new blogs:


Whitney Segura’s Internet Marketing Blog
Internet Marketing Blogs – Find and read internet marketing articles and tutorials, as well as tons of resources and tools.


Technology Blogs – RobotBlogg brings news and information related to the Microsoft� Robotic Studio, LEGO� MINDSTORMS� NXT system, and others micro sized robots for hobby robot enthusiasts.


My personal blog site contains articles about technology, blogging, banking etc. All the articles are written by myself.


Free sms jokes / text messages in English, Hindi /
latest sms / text messages & jokes [love / funny / good night / good morning / romantic / birthday & adult]


Moonangelnay Handmade And Decor Art Blog
A handmade, art, photography, crafts, jewelry, fashion and Etsy focused blog, with weekly features, personal musings, articles and interviews of the new artists of Etsy

These are some that have been around for a while and have supported BlogDumps and for that we thank you!


Your Caring Angles
Blogging girls, Your Caring Angels is all about angels. We have many true inspirational stories about Angles from many people of all walks of life.


Coffee Break?
General/Misc – Life, society, politics, humour

Have a great weekend