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So much to tell this Saturday.

It’s so nice when things seem to begin to go the way you want them to go isn’t it?

Gas is down to $2.03 today, we took a trip to get toys and cool stuff for the little ones in the family… I was a happier guy at the pump!

Here at BlogDumps we have a lot to tell we have just released the BlogDumps Instant Messenger Build 2.0 Gosh it has so many new features including file transfer (not gigantic files yet, but we are working on increasing the file upload size). I like the video conference room where I can see everyone at once…Tooo funny!

We have upgraded the BlogDumps Bloggers Blogs (wow that was a mouthful!) to the latest version available, I know some of you will be confused at first but you will love all the new features in the dashboard area – and if you need help let us know in the BlogDumps Discussion Forums. This upgrade is going to make BlogDumps Bloggers that much more secure from the hackers and bad people out there.

I have added threads in the forum for both of these topics so if you have any questions or find something cool you can do on the new BlogDumps Instant Messenger please post it there. This will help everyone who has a question.

There are a ton of new blogs this week and I am going to Feature (this one)

Insane Baltimore
Insane Baltimore
Insane Baltimore

I really like this blog it’s a great read and I just had a blast stopping by. I especially enjoyed one of the latest posts called “There’s so much I want to say!

Make sure to visit this one on your blog surfing this weekend.
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Have a great Saturday All

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