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BlogDumps News

This weeks winner of Top Sites Tuesday is Cheryl from the blog The Art of Being Conflicted. As Bud would say “I like the way you write and I am glad you joined us on TST” I think that goes for all of us here 🙂 Make sure to visit Cheryl’s blog you will be glad you did it’s awesome!

So the news for the day… I guess I should have mentioned, not that I am forgetful LOL… that the back ups on all the sites throughout the Wolfbernz network -that includes BlogDumps Bloggers on BlogDumps.net – has been moved to a different time. We did this due to popular demand because the amount of traffic and the backups slow down the data bases for a short period of time (like 10 minutes). The back ups have been moved to 3am Eastern time and 12:00am PST so if you notice a little slow down on accessing the sites this is why. We will be putting up a BlogDumps is over capacity page for when this happens but if you see this don’t panic, all is well.

We really could use another dedicated server so if you are a BlogDumps Blogger and would like to help get us there there is a subscribe button for one dollar a month via PayPal hopefully on your BlogDumps Bloggers Dashboard we will get enough people to do this and we will add one soon. By the way there are now 1,310 active blogs on BlogDumps Bloggers and we are growing daily! Some of the older blogs from back in 2006 and 2007 that have not been updated or used have been archived to make way for new and active bloggers.

BlogDumps Bloggers site has been updated again. It seems as though WP has a new update each week lately, but that’s ok it keeps the site secure and we do appreciate all they do over there that gives us the ability to run BlogDumps Bloggers and the chance for people to join BlogDumps and get a free blog!

We have a new blog Submission, now when you add your blog you can chose a category and it places you in there as soon as you finish the form and add your link. I have wanted this for so long and it has been up and running a week with no issues… It even shows your Google page rank and I can update that too! So if you are new or a new blogger visiting, submit your blog to the newly remodeled BlogDumps directory!

Have a great Thursday


BlogDumps News

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It’s been a week now since we have been home and lucky me I came down with the flu!

So I have been hanging around in the easy chair, not allowed to go out, so I have been working with some of the programmers to fix some of the small issues on BlogDumps. One of the issues wasn’t so small though, the spammers as you may remember had taken over and learned how to manipulate the Top Sites Sending traffic script on the front page. Well, we gave it our best shot here and finally had to call in the programmers that wrote the original script, well I can’t say enough good things about them. I explained that they had somehow learned to manipulate the script that runs Top Sites and that this is really important to us on Tuesdays and sure enough this is what had happened. But they are better then the hackers! The Top Sites Tuesday script is fixed and even better then ever, only one click from one IP address can be used so no more manipulation. I can say they were about to drive me crazy because the spammers’ links led to nasty porn sites and you know how much I despise them.

You can find the programmers that have different scrips you can use on your site that made the top referrers script that we use here We used their help in this years ago and they didn’t have a problem just jumping in there and helping fix the problem. Nice people to say the least and true programmers they will not let someone ruin their work.

The rest of the news to report is we have been working on the features of BlogDumps making them faster and easier to use so enjoy the BlogDumps features after all they are free.

Since we are back on the farm and at the office now, we have re-opened blog registrations and the fast track blog submission. You can get your blog featured and added to the directory also, so if you are ready to get your blog featured and get a review of your blog to fast track it to gaining readers and traffic just hit this link and you will be on your way.

Don’t forget Trina and I are always just an email away so if you need any help just drop us an email the help button is on the bottom of the front page of BlogDumps.

I hope you all have had a great week and let’s hope for some warm weather this weekend… I am ready 🙂

See you tomorrow when we announce our newest featured member make sure to stop by and check out her cool blog.

We hope that this year BlogDumps will become the premier blog directory to join and thousands of you join us and have fun right here on BlogDumps one of the last human edited and family owned blog directories.


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Saturday Funny Video!

I hope you all are having a great weekend 8) It’s been great here!

We are working this Saturday on activating more new blogs… So many, so fast, it’s almost hard to keep up 😀
I really appreciate everyone being patient with us in getting your new blog going.

If you are adding your blog to the directory and don’t want to wait in line for your turn you can always get ahead by using our guaranteed directory inclusion. There are two ways to do this you can do a one time fee of three dollars and get a screen shot next to you blog link not just a text link or you can use the Featured blog way… This is where your blog is featured on the front page rotation and on the Blog Directory featured rotation and you also get a screen shot next to your blog link not just a text link plus you get a mini review on Saturday night following your blog submission all for only $9.99 this is the best way to go if you want full exposure and to get noticed by the visitors to BlogDumps.

Also, on another note, if you are looking to gain more readers become active in the BlogDumps Discussion forums the discussion forum gets over 80,000.00 visits a month so why not join if you haven’t already and announce your blog to the community. You can of course submit your blog here and choose a user profile in the BlogDumps discussion forum and it is free. It only costs money if you want to be in the front of the line or featured.

Another way to gain more attention to your blog is to create a BlogDumps Video page on BlogDumps B Tubed here. This is free hosting for all your videos,music and photos.There is a quick capture feature where you can use your webcam to upload a video you don’t even have to use a video from your camera, for all you video bloggers you will love the new high quality recording we have added just for you! Just like in the discussion forum you can change the look of you page and make it your own look.

Check out this funny News Bloopers they are great 🙂 Continue reading Saturday Funny Video!

BlogDumps News – TGIF

It’s been fun around here! Your Caring Angels won “Top Sites Tuesday” AngelBaby has been a great member of BlogDumps and we really appreciate her support 🙂 Angelbaby, you have helped bring a positive and wonderful atmosphere to the BlogDumps community… *rolls out red carpet* Make sure to visit AngelBaby she has a wonderful blog

Make sure to participate next week and win a Sponsored spot in the directory category of your choice!!!

The news around here is pretty good, we have a new Featured member – Vikki’s blog, The Red Chair Gallery She is a great artist doing what she loves to do. If you would like to know more you can see the thread she created in the Discussion forum here about The Red Chair Gallery. If you have questions about her art for sale I am sure she will be glad to answer them. Make sure to Stop buy the Saturday Night Dump and catch her blog review 😀

On the other news I have started my decorating, I hope you all like it? I am not sure about the bow…

I have cleaned up the front page of BlogDumps, so for you that use it as your home page and Google search – it loads much faster now. Thanks for using the Google Search, by the way, when you do you support BlogDumps when you click on sponsored results.

BlogDumps Bloggers is now open again, create a blog today. We had to add all kinds of spam filters because when we open it we had robots creating blogs, at least one every minute, and it shut down the admin a couple of times – that was a beach. Now when you want to create a blog you have to fill out a form and tell us you are a human, then we will approve your new blog. It creates more work and more time for us, but we want to create the cleanest and nicest place to blog and a good community so it’s worth it. So BlogDumps Bloggers is running smooth. Just so you know we really don’t mind what you do with your blog as long as it’s not hateful or porn so have fun and enjoy!

It’s Christmas so take advantage of the specials! Getting featured and sponsoring a category are on sale through the end of the month so advertising in the blog directory categories is really inexpensive.

Due to popular demand I have uploaded new images to the BlogDumps Gear store and I have lowered the prices for the Christmas specials. If you are a blogger, know a blogger, or have a blogging friend we have all kinds of Christmas gifts.

Ok I know this has nothing to do with BlogDumps, so it’s my shameless promotion. I have been working on Wolfbernz Web Design Store, if any of you need help or help with WordPress drop me a note or if you want someone to install WP on your domain my store is now open.

Have a great and safe Friday


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It’s Thursday Already!

This week has flown by! I guess it’s because it’s a holiday week…

It has been a good week though, there are a lot of new blogs being built on BlogDumps Bloggers so I would like to say Welcome and if any of you need any help just let us know, we are always here to help.

If you have created a BlogDumps profile and downloaded the BlogDumps Instant Messenger and you can find me with my screen name – Wolfbernz – or just use the contact button on BlogDumps.net front page and send me an email. There is also a support ticket system on your BlogDumps Blogger Dashboard when you login to your blog.

Make sure when you finish building your new blog to add it to the BlogDumps Blog Directory for maximum exposure.

If you are new to blogging and you don’t have a BlogDumps blog you are welcome here too! Come add your blog to the blog directory and join in some of the fun around here like Top Sites Tuesday! What a better way to gain readers and make new friends. Don’t be shy either, around here at BlogDumps we are all about Linky Love! So stop in on the BlogDumps discussion forum and announce your blog or start a new discussion – if it has to do with one of your posts, make sure to leave us a link so we can all go read it… we don’t mind that around here. After all, what good is blog promotion if you can’t drop your link?

There is a lot to do here on BlogDumps, you can even create a BlogDumps Video Profile and Pimp it with a Myspace layout! You can upload and share videos, music and more… You can connect with friends and family by using the quick cam feature. Simply use your webcam and make your own video and send the link to all your family and friends!

Have fun and enjoy the site! The best part about Thursday is tomorrow is TGIF!




What a beautiful Saturday!

It was so nice to wake up to the sun beating in the window and the birds chirping outside in the trees here on the farm today! We had close to fifteen inches of snow here this week and it’s all gone, it will be seventy degrees tomorrow on Sunday… I guess that’s why I like it here on the Eastern Shore we get weather extremes but they don’t last long and it’s over. I should have mounted a camera on the front of
the Jeep it was so much fun trying to get to town on all the back roads!

Could it be Spring is almost here?

So what type of flowers should I plant in front of the farm house this year… Any Ideas?

We have a lot of new members this week, Thanks for Dumping your blog!

I have added almost everyone that has Dumped their blog to the directory categories. I still have about fifty to go so don’t be alarmed if you are not listed yet, this is all done by humans and we check each for content first so you can just imagine the time it takes… The only thing is, there are almost ten new links a day sometimes – I think I’m getting ahead and I’m really getting further bhind LOL. But, I like it this way it keeps it fresh and new and the spam blogs out.

I was over at one of the other blog directories I belong to and they have a sticky post on their discussion area that says no link dropping… That is not the case here so do not feel that you can’t tell people about your blog or that you can’t leave a link to it. If the thread on the discussion involves a post or is relative to what everyone is talking about drop the link or if you have posted about the same thing on your blog give an excerpt and drop a link to your post. BlogDumps is about getting maximum exposure for your blog.

The best way to achieve readers and gain traffic is through social networking and you can do the right here on BlogDumps in many ways. I invite you to surf BlogDumps and check out all the places you can drop your link to your blog. You can even create your own page here and add videos, photos, and more with all the links you want on it! Or join the discussion forum and add your Two cents! There is another spot to drop your link each day when you get bumped off but I will let you find it… LOL

Our newest members

Skeet Shooting Tips Outdoors & Hunting Blogs

The Signpost
celebrating some of life’s highlights
by blogging about people, events, places, trends, issues
and other topics to engage your senses

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Have a great Saturday
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