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Friday At The Dump!

TGIF! I am so glad it is Friday and it is beautiful out side… I love this time of year! It’s nice to just be outside and enjoy the weather, the leaves will be changing soon. I hope all of you had a great week, mine was a busy one – but that’s a good thing!

I had mentioned earlier in the week since I didn’t dump a bunch of you new members Saturday that I would make it up to you all during the week 🙂 So I am dumping you all on Friday… In fact I may start doing some things differently around here so stay tuned… LOL

Butterfly in the Plaster

hacking tips

The BroSource



guide to Slovakia


Pure Money Making

life stories of a blogwalker

I received this in my mail, as some of you did, from the discussion forum announcements.

I would like to say that Vikki North has some of the coolest art work I have seen! If you have a moment please stop by and check her out! Some of her work has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning! Don’t miss out on great art at amazing bargain prices!

I would love to have one of the Sunday Morning prints to give to Trina, it’s her favorite show and she loves the different suns!!!

I love the way Vikki wrote to us all she is so up front:

Well this is really shameless promotion. I’m having an End of the Summer Sale on all my own artwork 10% off everything in The Red Chair Gallery- and The Original Art Gift Site – .

BTW- I’ve placed some Originals on SALE FOR $100 and some prints as LOW AS $49. Shocked

Come check it out. Maybe you’ll get some of your Holiday shopping done early. If you want to say hello- or need info- this is my blog address. I’d love to hear from you.

(And yes- I’m also the owner of The Artist Challenge and Inferno. I’m a starving artist too! Wink 😉

Vikki, your art work is wonderful and inspiring 😀 I hope you sell out!

Have a great Friday!

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Flowers On Friday ?

I am so glad it is Friday, it has been such a long week! The best part is it’s the weekend 🙂

AngelBaby won Top Sites Tuesday this week, make sure to visit her wonderful blog 🙂
Thanks for all the support and playing each week! *Rolls out red carpet* Speech…. Speech !!!
Have a great weekend AngelBaby!

As I do every morning I clean off the front page in the top sites sending traffic of bots and spam I found one blog as I was “Lurking” I had to share it! It has the coolest rare flowers I have ever seen! I really like the parrot flower it’s awesome… I did notice that the blog has not been used since January I hope they continue. They are definitely a supporter – the blog had three BlogDumps Buttons! So here is the link if you want to check out the flowers

Not much in the way of news… I have started to remodel the front page of BlogDumps some so it will be a better home or start page for everyone… I added the weather so now you can get the weather in your area by adding your zip code, I thought this might be convenient, Should I add the latest World news?

I am off to get my chores done so I can finish early today… It is Friday so I want to be finished and start my weekend 😀


PS It is Trina’s Birthday on June 15th Please make sure to stop by and wish her Happy Birthday on Tuesday!

I Eat Snow Man Poop!

I have followed this blog for quite some time now… About three years or so.

In fact she has been blogging before BlogDumps was ever even thought of. I was mostly a lurker in the beginning, reading without leaving a comment, I guess it was before I really learning blogging etiquette.

The Poop’s blog is great! I guess the first thing that caught my eye was the title:

I Eat Snowman Poop Banner

From then on Trina and I have been hooked. One of the best posts, gosh July 12, 2006 I am going back-a-ways now : Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Go Find Their Own Bandaids I found this to be so funny I died laughing and had to send all my friends to look at the picture! OMG The post is so true of the little guys and for all of you that have little ones (especially little boys) you know what I am talking about… lol

I think what I like the most about “I Eat Snowman Poop” is just following her daily life as she blogs. The Poop is a true blogger not someone trying to make it rich – you won’t find any ebooks ( although she should write one!) but you will find a cool blog with a great layout and the blog title… I still chuckle each time I say it… lol

The poop was one of the first to join the BlogDumps community – she used my favorite button “I took a Dump on BlogDumps” For some reason it just fit perfectly… lol

The Poop is a wonderful person and has supported us for years and we appreciate her very much for that. She truly deserved this feature.. I can’t believe we haven’t featured her before!?!

Happy Blogging, Poop!

Well, Wolfbernz is right I thoroughly enjoy the I Eat Snowman Poop Blog – I am a regular reader, but I am guilty of being a lurker. Sometimes I laugh so much that I simply forget to comment!

Her last post – Goings On – she made the following statement:

“I just realized I am constantly surround by poo and not just the bullshit I have to put it out of people all the time but stinky poo. There’s baby poo, 3 cats worth of poo. and a stepson and a husband. why do men poo and fart so much. I’m tired of poo.”

Honey, I totally feel for ya’! I think that question for women is similar to the question “What do Women want?” for men!

Anyway, I follow “The Poop” on Twitter! Wanna talk about funny! When she tweeted “i wish it wasn’t so hot so that all the old fat men would put their shirts back on” I ’bout died Laughing! She’s “The Poop”! LMAO

Well, Happy Saturday!
Your Bloggy Beech,

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Another Beautiful Saturday!

Before I head out to fight the weekend traffic and have some fun here on the Delmarva Peninsula, I wanted to mention some awesome blogs here on BlogDumps.

These are the most recently updated blogs here, they always deserve to be mentioned 🙂

And these are the newest Blogs on BlogDumps! We wanted to welcome you to our community!

As always we are here to help if anyone needs it!

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Ocean Of Perspectives

A new addition to the religious blog category in BlogDumps Blog Directory is Ocean Of Perspectives.

This blog’s sub-title states, “Perspectives involving personal growth, awareness, higher consciousness, balancing mind, body, soul, meditation, prayer, Yoga relationships”

Lea, the author of this blog, writes in her About Page:

“For me, the name Ocean Of Perspectives is symbolic of the collective energy flowing from all the worlds’ inhabitants into an ocean of energy. This ocean holds all the energy we created though our minds such as our thoughts, perceptions, perspectives and actions. Ocean Of Perspectives is about having a place to share ideas, concepts, experiences, knowledge and beliefs that we are developing, have developed or obtained during our life journey in our search for truth.”

After reading some of her posts, I find this blog inspirational and relaxing. One of my favorite posts is Self Love. The video in this post is so very cool you’ve got to check it out!

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Monday It’s all good…

What a beautiful day here on the Eastern shore this morning. It might have been a bit cold but it was just one of those walk out the front door of the farm and off to the office and feeling good type of day!

I made it to the office early today and I thought since I didn’t do a Sunday (OK, so I napped and ate pumpkin pie watched the little one and then it was nap time) music I would start of your Monday with some.

I know what a great Idea… Oh stop the applause….. hehehehe

I bet you’re awake now!

Guns And Roses… Knocking on Heaven’s Door

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We have a new member to the BlogDumps community Mike over at what he calls “They Will Say ANYTHING! Politics and Economics Unwound”

I found this on his sidebar…

“I worked almost 25 years directly across the street from the U.S. Capitol at the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress. I juggled a whole tool box full of political nuts and bolts as a legislative researcher and analyst. How could this not result in a very healthy love/hate relationship with Congress and politics? After all these years we’re still together, but we each know the other one needs to make some changes . . .”

What a nice blog please stop by and visit Mike, this is a blog worth reading! Make sure to leave a comment after all it is the nice thing to do!

Enjoy your week
. . . . .

Sinigang For The Soul

So what is Sinigang all about? “Dmeemai” describes herself and her blog in the best About post I’ve read in a while. Most people just write something simple and quick, but her about post is well thought out and *ahem* 3 pages long. Here’s an excerpt from that page:

This is both a mixed bag and personal blog, not a food blog; although I may talk about food sometimes! 🙂 Sinigang is a metaphor to signify all my favorites in life; all that interests me (or not!); I love computer and the internet. Funny that I didn’t need it as much 15 years ago but since 1993, I have been a computer user! Explore some of my web finds! I like poetry and you could see me attempting to create a lot of it in my posts. I write short stories, most of them just on my head! I do have some on this blog to share!

Dmeemai has even started a new blog project saying:

When I seriously started blogging two years ago, I have this nagging idea of finding a way to interact with others but couldn’t figure out exactly how. Until recently when everything just sort of fell into place. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I had to just take action and put it into a whole new website (like I need another one, huh)!

On December 5th, is born.

I love the idea and can’t wait to see where that blog takes her. You can read more and learn more about Dmeemai (including how she got her name) by going to her blog Sinigang For The Soul.

Also in Blogging Girls

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Top SitesTuesday

Ah, Another Tuesday… I have been working on the BlogDumps new toolbar, I started out using another company but I read a review over at ( He has a great Blog By the way… So stop on by!) and it looks as though we were both headed in the same direction but he had done his toolbar first and then posted about all the trouble he had with it. So I scrapped the project and decided to build my own from scrach. It entails a lot to get this accomplished so it might take some time.

I know it is Top Sites Tuesday so Here is the Tuesday Linky Love.

Hot Blog Sites on Today:





tweeker chick






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Have a great week

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Saturday Night! How Cool Is That!

You may have noticed some changes going on around here…

I have been having so much fun re-designing BlogDumps and adding cool new features like the New soon to be launched BlogDumps toolbar. The new tool bar has all the rock’n cool features you could want including Email, a pop-up blocker, BlogDumps Google search, There isn’t any spyware or virus stuff – just some really simple, convenient tools that are nice to have on your computer. Best of all you can keep in touch at the BlogDumps community with our RSS feed right on the toolbar.

I’m not finished yet… hehehe! There is more to come so stay tuned I am just getting started! I want BlogDumps not only to be the best blog directory and blog community, but a great resource site for all of the bloggers on the web. So come join me here on BlogDumps. Add your blog – get featured – gain readers and make money too. Yes, I said make money! After you submit your blog, join the BlogDumps Affiliate program! Yep you read it right! Get your blog listed, Gain Readers, and Make money right here on blogdumps!

Saturday’s Hot Blog Sites Dumped on

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Have a Great Saturday!


Well, at least this is better than Watching The stockmarket fall or trying to Win a TV on a survey… Hmmmm… Can we add the win a TV to the toolbar? Not!
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