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Another Beautiful Saturday!

Before I head out to fight the weekend traffic and have some fun here on the Delmarva Peninsula, I wanted to mention some awesome blogs here on BlogDumps.

These are the most recently updated blogs here, they always deserve to be mentioned 🙂

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As always we are here to help if anyone needs it!

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IntelliLinks? The Answer!

I had posted previously that I would keep you updated on how it goes with IntelliLinks!

Remember the mass emails we all got about their new program? I must be on a list somewhere… LOL

Well, as is turns out, we will not be putting a graph on the side bar of BlogDumps Blog comparing how well IntelliLinks does to how well Text-Link-Ads does and furthermore I am not going to give up my partnership with Text-Link-Ads anytime soon because they pay like clock-work and I can count on it just as the sun rises everyday!

I submitted BlogDumps to IntelliLinks and they wrote me back saying that BlogDumps does not – that’s right BlogDumps does not – meet their guidelines to be added to their inventory!!!

So I wrote them and asked why would you accept one of my other, much less popular blogs but not the one that everyone wants to be on and gets the most traffic? Text links do very well on BlogDumps?

Their reply was “We’re not exactly the same as Text Link Ads in that we have different groups of advertisers” and they said… “Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot accept your site into our marketplace”.

That’s ok, I didn’t ask to join their site, they mass emailed me and asked me to join.

Update BlogDumps and a couple other of my blogs has been accepted and we haven’t made a lot of money but from the date of this post to today, 10/10/09 has been $41.61.


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Sunday Music On A Great Weekend!

It was a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore this weekend so I pulled out the “Farm Use” vehicle today and took it out for the quarter mile out in front and around the farm lands that surround us. It was a great day to put on some jazzy blues or a little rock’n’roll and just blow the dust off.

There was one cloud that stopped by and tried to scare us with a few rain drops but soon faded away into the sunshine! Thank God! Did you see the look on that clouds face?

Cloud Face

So anyway, What’s that? Oh, The “Farm Use” vehicle… A picture is worth a thousand words! Yes it’s a 1969 Porsche 911 S — all original.

Farm Use
Farm Use...LOL The looks we get!!!

So I put on some music and took it for a spin around the farm and around the block!

I know I am supposed to do Sunday music and I am working up to that This is the first song, I like this band they are one of my favorites. I would ask you to guess but the title shows on the player!

I think Trina likes to sing along with Guns and Roses to this song as we fly home to the farm, see I don’t drive fast I just fly low!!! I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful weekend and have a better week then ever.


Yes, I Am Still Here

I am working on improving BlogDumps in all areas it has been a lot of work, Gosh I hope you all will like the new look!
I know I haven’t been posting but somtimes we need to sit back, take a look and then decide what we need to do. So that’s what I have been doing here this last week.
After I get a few more kinks worked out the normal top sites posts will be back…
You all like the top sites posts right?
Also what would you like to see most on the BlogDumps.com home page? Any link suggestions?
What would make BlogDumps start page better for you as a blogger and want you to make it your daily start page? BlogDumps.com was created to be a blogging resource so any and all suggestions are welcome.

On another note, Cordy has uploaded a nice new button for all of you that are affiliates.
He does a great job, thanks Cordy!

I like it, he is working on some cool new ones and we will be cleaning out some of the old ones.
If you have one that is older and gets removed that’s ok it will still work for you and you will still receive credit for your refural.
I am also going to add some more products to the affiliate program Blog Hosting, BlogDumps T-Shirts etc…

Have a wonderful day