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Friday’s Fifteen Hot Blogs

Finally It’s Friday. YEA! it’s almost the weekend. I had a great week how about you?

I haven’t been posting the Top Blogs this week ’cause I wanted everyone to have a chance at the T-Shirt Contest. I have been leaving it as a sticky post a lot.

I picked up the T-Shirts yesterday, I know just in time!

The contest is over so I am off to the Post office to send the winners their T-Shirts. I passed out the Entrecard Ec’s last night to the winners and sent out emails.

That was fun maybe we should do another one soon, what do you think?

I had better get on my way I can just imagine how crowded the Post office is on Friday.

Hot Blog Sites on Today:















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Have a Great Friday Everyone

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Saturday Night Dump!

What a great holiday weekend… I hope all of you are having the same?

Well it’s time for the Saturday Night Dump so Tonight it will be… Make sure to check this blog. out! Bill’s blog on the river is a good read. And will be featured this week This blog is a cool site about wolf drawings! And will be featured this week.

marcioeugenio FAZENDO BONITO

billiondollarbaloney I jus d’no what to say…hehehe, But click and see!

This is the only time you will enjoy being Dumped

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Have a Great Weekend!


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