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Top Sites Tuesday #111 – Two Thoughts On Tuesday

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“Two Thoughts On Tuesday”

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Top Sites This Tuesday, August 8, 2011


Older Eyes
Art by Tomas

The Art of Being Conflicted
Trina’s Blog


Have a great day 🙂

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It’s been another great week here on BlogDumps, I hope all of you have had a good one! Once the rain stopped here on the Delmarva Peninsula we have been able to actually enjoy these beautiful Spring days!!

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I am so glad it’s Friday I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you at The Dump Saturday Night!
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Well, it’s time to go out, it’s finally warming up around here on the Easter shore I am going to leave you with a Hard Rockin’ Friday night song to enjoy!!!

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Happy Friday!
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Sinigang For The Soul

So what is Sinigang all about? “Dmeemai” describes herself and her blog in the best About post I’ve read in a while. Most people just write something simple and quick, but her about post is well thought out and *ahem* 3 pages long. Here’s an excerpt from that page:

This is both a mixed bag and personal blog, not a food blog; although I may talk about food sometimes! 🙂 Sinigang is a metaphor to signify all my favorites in life; all that interests me (or not!); I love computer and the internet. Funny that I didn’t need it as much 15 years ago but since 1993, I have been a computer user! Explore some of my web finds! I like poetry and you could see me attempting to create a lot of it in my posts. I write short stories, most of them just on my head! I do have some on this blog to share!

Dmeemai has even started a new blog project saying:

When I seriously started blogging two years ago, I have this nagging idea of finding a way to interact with others but couldn’t figure out exactly how. Until recently when everything just sort of fell into place. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I had to just take action and put it into a whole new website (like I need another one, huh)!

On December 5th, is born.

I love the idea and can’t wait to see where that blog takes her. You can read more and learn more about Dmeemai (including how she got her name) by going to her blog Sinigang For The Soul.

Also in Blogging Girls

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America For Purchase

New to our Political Blogs, America For Purchase, is a really interesting read. Written by a retired American, a Viet Nam veteran, and God believing citizen with a son in the US military. He posts articles, that I would have otherwise not have seen.

I was totally entertained by his disclaimer:

This is a personal weblog, the opinions expressed by the author and contributors on America For Purchase are their own and are provided AS IS with no warranties, and confers no rights. The commentaries, articles and political information are enjoyed by our rights to free speech and are not intended to offend. Feel free to challenge me, disagree, or tell me I’m completely nuts in the comments section of each blog entry, but I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (abusive, profane, rude, or anonymous comments) so keep it polite, please.

LOL Then I read his first article about Preemptive Pardons. I had never heard of such a thing – you must read it!

The best part of this blog is the cumulative effect of all the posts. One post alone could lead you to think that this is just another political blog, but in reading through many of the posts you develop a feel for what this blog author believes in and where he stands on what issues. I wish I could say that about more blogs.

Happy Holidays!

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Punkin Chunkin Saturday

Where else but Sussex County, Delaware, would there be a festival called Punkin Chunkin?

If you’ve never heard of this before, let me enlighten you a bit. A bunch of crazy rednecks get together and launch 8 pound pumpkins through the air, as far as they can. And no, they aren’t throwing them by hand, these guys make all kinds of contraptions from catapults to gigantic air cannons! It’s awesome! Some contestants are all about the show and others are all about the chunk!

We’re going tomorrow, so look for pictures and more on Wrongblog this week.

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out these blogs, they were the top blogs sending traffic to BlogDumps Today!

Happy Saturday!

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Top Sites Tuesday

Looks like it’s going to be a busy day on the blog today!

I added a few new project wonderful boxes to the site – 1 on the BlogDumps Home Page and 1 on the right top sidebar of the blog. I will be adding more boxes to the site… I’m thinking one box on each category page so I can have category sponsors… but we’ll see how everything plays out.

Now, Without further procrastination, I give you:

Hot Blog Sites on Today:

Have a great Tuesday!
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Another Big Saturday Dump!

Why dump one blog when you can dump all these?

Welcome to the Saturday Night Dump on BlogDumps, tonight’s blogs are all awesome! While it’ll take some time to visit them all, I promise it will be worth it! These are all great blogs that are even better reads!


Family Blogs

NOTES FROM THE FLOOR Cait is a Homeless Mum, Living in the UK, with a Toddler and a teenager, She’s on the up! SEE WHERE THIS BLOG GOES!
  • SnickerdoodlesKimmy, a single mom raising THE best son ever… while on disability with two rare brain diseases and constant, severe to debilitating pain every single second. She shares her life and her sense of humor. :p
  • The Mom Bomb The Mom Bomb features writings, cartoons and artwork on modern parenting
Chaos Ensues Jae – Blogging from Texas. Her Blog is her place to brag, vent and chat, about life w/three kids, one hubby and one cat.
I am a wife, mother and step-mother. And I have lots to say and my husband is sick of hearing it.
  • My Mommy’s PlaceThis Blog is a web resource for My Mommy’s detailing the Mommy adventures of the site founder.

Misc. General Blogs

Coffee Break?

Life, society, politics, humour

BecKaDoodles Blogging the thoughts, ponderings and musings of a crazy, wiener dog obsessed, artist and writer.

Nevins is willing to trade his skills with anything good.. give him a try! He made some great link buttons for BlogDumps too! Check them out here!

The Blog of high quality articles in IT System Administration and high quality Graphic Design portfolio!

Djitz made some great link buttons for BlogDumps too!
Check them out here!

  • Critique My Blog Have your Blog Critiqued! Find out what Billy Mac thinks of yours!
When Your Only Tool is a Hammer Random comments about news, culture, and people.When Your Only Tool is a Hammer Random comments about news, culture, and people.

Awesomely Amazing

This guy writes about anything he feels the need to… so the subject is completely random.

Mom Blogs

A full-time mom pursuing life, liberty and happiness amidst the chaos of a home buried in diapers and dog hair.

Motherwise Cracks

Humor from the parenthood.

  • Cracks in the Foundation 30-ish wife and mother struggling with anxiety and depression while dealing with the challenges of raising a preschooler and the challenges of surviving in a loveless marriage.

Real Life

Life is not perfect, and neither am I. I want to get real and talk about all the issues we know we deal with! And add in some meaningless silliness while I’m at it.

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Coffee Break?

Maat45 is the author of Coffee Break?

Coffee Break? is a new blog on BlogDumps Bloggers, Maat45 started this blog because the “New Year seems to be a good time to make a start on my own blog site” And we’re glad she has.

I find her blog posts very enjoyable! One of her latest post about quitting smoking was great. While I’m not a smoker myself, I applaud anyone who is trying to break the habit. Her latest solution… Truck Power vs. Willpower It’s truely something every smoker should read!

Finally, I totally agree with her view of the Writers Strike in California in her post “Will Ye No’ Come Back Again? “. While I do watch a few of the reality TV shows, I must admit, I find them boring and predictable. Sometimes while watching them I wonder if I might as well be watching lame Soap Operas… Sorry, kinda got carried away there. She’s right. PLEASE BRING BACK THE WRITERS AND REGULAR TV SHOWS!! I’m looking forward to the New season of Dexter and she’s looking forward to the new season of LOST…

As always, Welcome to BlogDumps!

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ROTUS and Clarks Picks

I love it when people have more than one blog! I guess the main reason is that you get to see more that one side of their personality – and trust me, personality is all over these two Blogs!

I started to review them separately, but they screamed to be on the same review. ROTUS is the Personal Blog and ClarksPicks is the music vlog/store.

I totally understand that starting a new blog can be time consuming and after you’ve got it started, everyone loves to watch their stats to see if they’re getting traffic and where that traffic is coming from. In ROTUS, Clark writes about this in his post So many Blogs, So Little Time.

Although he claims to be behind on posting on ROTUS, there’s plenty to read. I think the post Irish Bookies Nominate O’bama was something I’d never heard about and found funny and interesting. And the Irish Computer Virus is a definant must read.

Clark’s Picks is about music. He browses YouTube for “videos of various guitarists” and compiles the videos on this blog. He offers a CD store that’s full of Jazz, Folk and everything else. Pay a visit, there’s plenty of great albums to choose from. It’s neat to watch some of the old videos he’s found, I know I would never have seen this one if it weren’t for his Vlog!

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