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A Word On Wednesday

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I normally don’t post on Wednesday but I wanted to announce a couple of the newest blogs and members of the BlogDumps community.

The first one, Windshield Replacement Phoenix – provides auto glass repair in Arizona. They offer cash back with any insurance approved auto glass claim.

I don’t know about you but I have had many a stone come flying through the air and break the windshield.
The time it takes to have to take the car into the shop and have it repaired and then either drop it off or have to wait is unbearable. But this company has mobile windshield technicians that come to you to replace or repair your windshield! How cool is that!!! I think this is an awesome idea.
Thanks for joining the BlogDumps community guys and for doing a good service to the people in Arizona 🙂

The second is Pubs: Then & Now A very nice blog with a lot of cool photos, some new and some old of pubs in the England. The author writes:

The Pub is one of the few great cultural icons of Britain. We are currently in a phase where the future of the pub is in doubt. This blog is to show how pubs have changed (or not) over the past 10+ years. I first started taking pictures of pubs in 1987 and have amassed quite a collection. Most of these pubs are within easy walking distance of the English Canals and most are based in the Midlands. Apart from a (very) few I have drunk in every pub pictured (and sometimes been drunk in them!)

I can appreciate that 🙂 The blog is great I love the layout and the cool descriptions of the pubs in each post. He even has a blog he follows that I am sure Bud would like The Pub Curmudgeon …LOL

Welcome to the BlogDumps community and thanks for dumping your blog!


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Saturday Dump

I though I would do a Saturday Dump This week I haven’t done this for some time so I thought I would dump a bunch of bloggers…

I know you think I am going to get rid of them but No, I am going to tell you about some cool new blogs and some that have been around a bit.

The first ones are new to the BlogDumps community So make them welcome and stop by and see what you think 🙂

Happy Single Life
Life of a single woman and her stories in finding true love.

War, Lies And Delusions
After nine years of warring, with a $60 billion war funding bill on the table, a pledge of $500 million to help Pakistan, America is the reason this war will never be won

Healthy With Herbal
herb blog

royal enfield motorcycles
This is a dedicated blog/website on Royal Enfield motorcycles containing interesting articles, useful maintenance tips, expert tips on cleaning, washing, upkeep of your Royal Enfield

These are a few of the regulars around here that support BlogDumps and have great blogs and are very good reads and I highly recommend you stop by and visit them… You will be glad you did, make sure to leave a comment bloggers love comments 😀


Older Eyes
General/Misc. Blogs – Reflections from an Older Perspective on feeling older, love and marriage, family, spirituality, writing and music … with some good old curmudgeonly rants thrown in for spice.


The Artist Challenge
The Artist Challenge is a theme based club for artists and writers.


The Inferno
We are a blog of writers and artist who have a unique vision. We believe that writers are artists, and artists are writers. We simply work in different mediums.


Pete’s ‘Today in History’ Quiz
For all fans of quizzes, this blog is here for you to get your daily ‘fix’ of trivia questions. Each day there will be questions about happenings that occurred on that particular day in history.


Babble Break
Welcome to my Wonderland and join me for a babble-licious Babble Break.


Your Caring Angles
Blogging girls, Your Caring Angels is all about angels. We have many true inspirational stories about Angles from many people of all walks of life.

I hope you all enjoyed being dumped it’s probably the only time you will ever enjoy it… LOL

Have a great Saturday

Saturday’s Featured Blog!


I stopped by this blog before it became a featured blog – just poking around as we all do.

I found myself falling right into the page, it has a great appeal and, well, being an animal lover there were baby cheetahs in a post titled The Whoosh of Rain Forests, the Rustle of Savannas – well you know the rest…lol – I had a good time and found the Arkist Blog informative and a good read… I will be back! It’s great!

I found this on the ARKist about page and it just sums up what the Arkist Blog is about in a nut shell for you – but really you should take a look for yourself.

ARKist publishes eco-news and opinion about practical approaches and solutions to what’s ailing the global environment. Yes, we said global. We have lived in or traveled through many countries, some on the brink of environmental disaster. The people who live in such trouble spots understand more than most how crucial it is we clean up our thoughtless leavings and develop the technology, practices, laws and behavior that will return us to a healthy world. So we’ve been there, and now we have a deep appreciation for workable ideas and impressive advances, plus all the ups and downs that go with those. Our beat is international ecology—the interconnectedness of living things on this small blue sphere.

Join us navigating these waters in search of a world that can survive.

Welcome to the BlogDumps community ARKist!


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Saturday Night! How Cool Is That!

You may have noticed some changes going on around here…

I have been having so much fun re-designing BlogDumps and adding cool new features like the New soon to be launched BlogDumps toolbar. The new tool bar has all the rock’n cool features you could want including Email, a pop-up blocker, BlogDumps Google search, There isn’t any spyware or virus stuff – just some really simple, convenient tools that are nice to have on your computer. Best of all you can keep in touch at the BlogDumps community with our RSS feed right on the toolbar.

I’m not finished yet… hehehe! There is more to come so stay tuned I am just getting started! I want BlogDumps not only to be the best blog directory and blog community, but a great resource site for all of the bloggers on the web. So come join me here on BlogDumps. Add your blog – get featured – gain readers and make money too. Yes, I said make money! After you submit your blog, join the BlogDumps Affiliate program! Yep you read it right! Get your blog listed, Gain Readers, and Make money right here on blogdumps!

Saturday’s Hot Blog Sites Dumped on BlogDumps.com:


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Have a Great Saturday!


Well, at least this is better than Watching The stockmarket fall or trying to Win a TV on a survey… Hmmmm… Can we add the win a TV to the toolbar? Not!
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