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So you want to be a blogger?

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Blogging can be very satisfying and a lot of fun but it is something that takes a few minutes or for some like me, a little longer to come up with topics you feel that people want to read about.
I can tell you once you become a blogger you will find yourself going through life mumbling to yourself.. Haha I could definitely blog this!

Blogging is not a hard thing to learn, just like everything else it has a learning curve but once you have it down for the most part it is easy and fun.

So how do you get comments and get people to come to your site? This can be very easy or very disappointing.

You have written what you think is the best article ever and nothing, nada, not even one comment.
Well my friend it’s all up to you and you have all the tools right at your fingertips.

Visit other bloggers. Not sure who? Look around the BlogDumps directory and you will find many bloggers that have the same interest. Leave a nice comment on their blog they will in turn visit you and do the same.

Join our Top Sites Tuesday and share your Two Thoughts with the rest of us here on BlogDumps, we will all come by for a visit! The check in post is up on BlogDumps Blog on Monday for those who want to be early 🙂 Let everyone know you are participating.

Brand yourself on Twitter and Facebook let your friends know what you are writing about.

Add your blog to the BlogDumps blog directory so others can find you.

The other thing to remember is to write a good article that is worth reading you have at the most 10 to 20 seconds and if the reader isn’t captivated, hooked in by your intro line, they will be gone.
So creativity, good writing, keywords for Google and other search engines to pick up on are important.

OK keywords? If you have a blog all about music and you are always talking about this mornings coffee at Starbucks, well you get the point. Key words – meaning relevant to your blog and the article you are writing about.

Happy Blogging
PS. Need help just ask I am always around here somewhere 🙂

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Blogging News on BlogDumps

All is well here on BlogDumps everything has been running very smooth… I know I shouldn’t say that but I did. Many new blogs have been submitted to the BlogDumps Directory and many more have been created here on BlogDumps.

BlogDumps has become real popular for creating a blog, BlogDumps Bloggers has been receiving a lot of traffic in the last few months like never before. It’s a good thing, I like to see that there are still a lot that want to blog and have fun or for profit or whatever they choose to do 🙂

I was doing some Lurking around the web and I read on CNN that Google is attempting one of the biggest changes to a site they have undertaken and guess which site. OK you don’t have to guess it’s Blogger! Sometime at the end of July it will become Google Blogs, yes you read that right It was reported on Mashable too.

Google is to retire Blogger & Picasa brands the Picasa change is news that is not any news that bloggers care about as much as Blogger. I wonder how this will effect the site and if the users will like the change. Google has rolled out many changes to the Blogger plate form lately and I haven’t read anything that bloggers like it or that users dislike the changes so we will have to wait and see.

BlogDumps Bloggers are here to stay and will not be re-branded any time soon for sure. We are just a small site but we are growing faster each year. In fact this month is our 5th year on the web. Yes BlogDumps will be Five this month. Time has gone so fast but we made it to the five year mark so as they say that’s when you know your here to stay! 🙂 So should we have another BlogDumps birthday party? I remember one year we had a birthday bash there were over a hundred comments and so many shenanigans the traffic was so high it shut down the server for a short period until we added more space on it. I think that was one of the best times we have had since we started the site.

Some of you have read the initial publication as June of 06 but the site was not really running for the first month it was under construction… Wait we are still under construction… Is there a website that is ever finished? I think we all like some change to our sites now and then.

BlogDumps is happy to grow slow and steady I don’t know what we would do if it exploded over night we are ready for that now but I think slow growth is much easier to deal with. It also leaves me some time to make the necessary changes and updates in an easy pace and not in a big hurry where mistakes can be made.

That’s it for this weeks news I hope you all had a great week the best part about today is tomorrow is Friday…TGIF!!!

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Sinigang For The Soul

So what is Sinigang all about? “Dmeemai” describes herself and her blog in the best About post I’ve read in a while. Most people just write something simple and quick, but her about post is well thought out and *ahem* 3 pages long. Here’s an excerpt from that page:

This is both a mixed bag and personal blog, not a food blog; although I may talk about food sometimes! 🙂 Sinigang is a metaphor to signify all my favorites in life; all that interests me (or not!); I love computer and the internet. Funny that I didn’t need it as much 15 years ago but since 1993, I have been a computer user! Explore some of my web finds! I like poetry and you could see me attempting to create a lot of it in my posts. I write short stories, most of them just on my head! I do have some on this blog to share!

Dmeemai has even started a new blog project saying:

When I seriously started blogging two years ago, I have this nagging idea of finding a way to interact with others but couldn’t figure out exactly how. Until recently when everything just sort of fell into place. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I had to just take action and put it into a whole new website (like I need another one, huh)!

On December 5th, onephotoproject.com is born.

I love the idea and can’t wait to see where that blog takes her. You can read more and learn more about Dmeemai (including how she got her name) by going to her blog Sinigang For The Soul.

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