Flowers On Friday ?

I am so glad it is Friday, it has been such a long week! The best part is it’s the weekend 🙂

AngelBaby won Top Sites Tuesday this week, make sure to visit her wonderful blog 🙂
Thanks for all the support and playing each week! *Rolls out red carpet* Speech…. Speech !!!
Have a great weekend AngelBaby!

As I do every morning I clean off the front page in the top sites sending traffic of bots and spam I found one blog as I was “Lurking” I had to share it! It has the coolest rare flowers I have ever seen! I really like the parrot flower it’s awesome… I did notice that the blog has not been used since January I hope they continue. They are definitely a supporter – the blog had three BlogDumps Buttons! So here is the link if you want to check out the flowers

Not much in the way of news… I have started to remodel the front page of BlogDumps some so it will be a better home or start page for everyone… I added the weather so now you can get the weather in your area by adding your zip code, I thought this might be convenient, Should I add the latest World news?

I am off to get my chores done so I can finish early today… It is Friday so I want to be finished and start my weekend 😀


PS It is Trina’s Birthday on June 15th Please make sure to stop by and wish her Happy Birthday on Tuesday!