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Sunday Music With Lc Johnson’s “Problems With The World Today”

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Before I get started I would like to announce to everyone that it is Bud’s Birthday so make sure to stop by and visit him here. To leave a comment use the Facebook connect or Twitter app it’s easy 🙂 Happy Birthday Bud!

I was cruising BlogDumps Video Site “B Tubed” hoping for something new in the music area and I got just that!

One of our latest members Biglc22 uploaded this song.
I am impressed with the quality of the video and how it plays on the new BlogDumps HD player nicely.

As the song says there are so many problems in the world today, many issues just swept under the rug as they say. I don’t know how you all feel but this economy has got to change for the better. With a bad economy comes a host of all new problems we do not need in our country. Not just our economy, the drug problems have become out of control – not just marijuana, the prescription drugs – have you read the latest statistics OMG… We have issues and they need to be worked on.

Thanks for the video BigLc hope to see more in the future 🙂

Have a great Sunday

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Sunday Music With Madonna!

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I was poking around BlogDumps Video “B Tubed” and found this song by Madonna. I am sure Liggy will Like this one 🙂

I think Madonna did a great job at the super bowl and it was a very cool stage set up.

Enjoy this weeks Music. If you would like to get in on the Sunday music post, upload and share yours here on BlogDumps and I will link it back to your blog.

Have a great Sunday

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Sunday Jazz Music With Mario Tomic

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It is really great to see people blogging again, I have missed reading and lurking around some of the blogs.
I hope more come back to blogging you just can’t get all you want to say put out there in 140 characters…lol Blogging is on the come back from the lull that happened when the whole micro blogging started. I have read on some that they missed blogging and are glad to be back at it too.

So it’s Sunday Music with Music artist: Mario Tomic.
Music album: Guitar Alchemy.
Music genre: smooth jazz,jazz fusion.

I hope you enjoy jazz it is the one type of music that has influenced so many others.

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See you all tomorrow, If you haven’t joined the blogging fun of “Top Sites Tuesday” Check back here tomorrow and and read the post then join us… Gain readers and comments to your blog post.

Have a great Sunday

Merry Christmas on Sunday Music

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I hope all of you are having a great Christmas with your family and friends. Trina and I have flown home to the farm on the Eastern Shore for Christmas and we are having fun with the family. I know I have eaten enough food for a week.

I think the best part of this Christmas was when we asked Jacob, he is just over two going on thirty lol
“Would you like to take all the toys you do not use or want to other kids so they can play with them?”
Jacob was all smiles and said “Yeah grandad, lets go daddy and give toys to other kids!” Out of the mouth of babies comes some of the most enjoyable times ever – it was all he could do to contain himself as we gathered them up and took them, he was so happy to do this it gave us all the most enjoyable and memorable time we have had for years.

This is really what it is about, it is our witness in life to help and give to others in need and in today’s times so many are in a bad situation it’s just awful.

It would be great to see everyone take on this attitude of helping those in need in the coming year.
As I watch the TV I still see the commercials for the kids in other countries and that’s all good and well but what about all the families that have been hit with hard time in this country and their kids are in desperate need?
Something has to be done to correct this situation and soon.

Trina and I have seen this first hand as we have traveled the East Coast this winter headed to Florida. Almost everywhere we have been there are too many homeless, I know you are thinking losers and you’re wrong it’s families and children and it’s heartbreaking to say the least.

I realize it is supposed to be a happy day and it is but this was on my mind so I had to put it out there.

Enjoy these cool Christmas videos the first one is awesome it would be really cool to be there and see something like this.

This next one is a house with lights that go on with the music… Very cool indeed!

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Have a wonderful Christmas day and have a great New Year.

PS Thanks to all of you for a great year here on BlogDumps 🙂

Sunday Christmas Music

It’s getting closer to that time, are you all ready for the big Christmas day?
I was looking through some of the Christmas music and found this one.

The instrumental music seems so much more Christmas-like to me for some reason, maybe it’s because it sounds more like church music.

Everyone seems to be scurrying around and getting ready for the big day along with so many parades and parties. As we have traveled down the East Coast this season we have seen this in almost every town.
Some of the small towns have been the best all dolled up with lights, the little shops full of Christmas cheer and decorations. Have a great Sunday and enjoy the season after all it’s only once a year.


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Sunday Music… Love Me When I’m Gone!

Well it is getting to be that time of year… There was snow tooooo close to home and the rain and sleet on Friday is enough to run this sun chaser outta here. We are not leaving the country as of yet… We are going to sail down the Atlantic Inter-coastal Waterway to Florida and then maybe off to the US Virgin Islands. After that we have a few options this winter for work so we will just have to wait and see.

The best part is we will have internet all the way so we will continue BlogDumps schedule for the Tuesday Meme. Since I have brought up the Meme, It would be really cool if more of the bloggers in the BlogDumps community and others that are not would participate. I will be sending out a news letter to everyone as a reminder.

I know I have been slacking on posting but everything has been running so smooth here – the new robot for adding the new bloggers to the directory has been such a great help and improvement, now I just have to figure out how to get the robot to do the featured listings… LOL

I would like to thank all of you that donated to help get the new database situation under control we are running full blast and haven’t had but a small glitch after the upgrade and clean-up which is just awesome so Thanks again for supporting BlogDumps. Trina and I have just been plugging away at building the community for years without taking on any big partners. I can’t say we never will but I do like that the site has been built by just us and some help from other bloggers.

I know it’s Sunday music but I can’t help but add a bit of what’s going on around here…So if all goes well we should be on the water by next weekend and headed south, YEA!

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Sunday Music Video

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Fishawk has been busy making some more cool videos.

This one is Montana Sky by White Heart.

If you have ever been to Montana you know this is how the sky looks there, the biggest looking I have ever see for sure. Some great music and cool photos, have fun and enjoy!

Check out this weeks video it is very cool, thanks for uploading it to B Tubed Fishhawk 🙂

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Sunday Music – Howard Hewitt – Heaven Sent You – Stanley Clarke Jazz

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When I was in high school we liked to listen to Steely Dan. That was some great music with a jazz background to it. We all loved Zepplin and all the rock bands but for whatever reason we seemed to like the jazz musicians at the time. Stanly Clarke, Chick Corea jazz band who is having their 70th birthday and some others of course.

I remember going to the Roxy in Hollywood one night just to watch Stanly Clarke play the bass guitar. It didn’t seat more than one hundred people.
It had tables, drinks, food… it was a nice place. We sat no more then fifteen feet from him.
Stanly Clarke was awesome, I have yet to see a bass player as good in any form at any concert I have been to.

This was uploaded by me of course…LOL to BlogDumps and I though it would be nice for today.

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Sunday Music On BlogDumps Get your Blog Added To The Post!

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Normally I would post using just the B Tubed MP3 Music player but this week I am going to post a video too.

FishHawk has been making music videos and uploading them to BlogDumps and then using them on his blog.

He has been a long time supporter of the BlogDumps community and we appreciate him very much 🙂

Make sure to stop by and check out his cool blog here, you will be glad you did!

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The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

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Have a great Sunday

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