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Text Link Ads?

What a great day!

I got an email from Text Link Ads It was a notice that three of my inline text links were not found by their spider. So off I went to invesegate and they were right the links were not on the page. So I followed the instruction in the email to make sure I have everything correct (I just knew it was from the disaster we had two weeks ago) But everthing was in place and still the spider had not found the keywords in the post. There was a phone number on the email so I thought I’d just call them followed by “OMG this is going to be painful!” But to my suprise it was pleasant and I am making more residual income from my blog each month just because of the phone call.

Let me back up a bit I called the phone number for Text Link Ads and a nice guy answered the phone in two rings! A live person! He had a look at my account and said the computer had made a mistake and sold ads on my blog and he could either remove the error or I could just add the two words to the blog post anywhere and that they would be found by the spider so I would have the money for the links… Yea!

I know some of you are like, “Oh he’s just trying to make a referral… you bet! These guys are for real – they pay me every month and all I do is write and tell people that this is a legit company with super support.

I think the worst thing a blogger can do is think about the money in the beginning when they’re creating their blog – just be passionate about what you like to write about -don’t get discouraged, we all want to make something from our blogs while sharing our lives and making friends along the way. I made eight dollars the first month with TLA. I thought “Wow! It actually made a buck!” Well I can tell you I now make more then ten times that now and it comes in like clock work every month.

Text link ads has been the best for my blog!

Just to throw some Linky Love around and since I missed Tuesday, My Bad! Here are the

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Happy Thursday Thirteen

I think that’s a few extra in there!


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Top Sites Tuesday- Edition?

Oh, who cares what edition it is… It’s just The top Hot Blogs on Tuesday!
Thanks for bearing with us this last week — phweeew, I am Glad that’s over.
Sooooo Anyway Here they are!

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Have a great Tuesday!

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Friday Fifteen

TGIF! It has been another long week here, How about yours?

Every summer the Sharptown Firemans Carnival opens in Sharpstown Maryland so we went last night. The carnival is stationary, the firemen actually have their own rides (a favorite here is te tractor engine powered ferris wheel) and a few years back a huge building was built so the rides like the tilt-a-whirl and kiddie coasters would not be affected by the weather. They open up probibally 10 food stands where you can get a fried oyster fritter sandwich, clam strips, crab cakes, funnel cakes, burgers, hot dog, french fries, and even frozen mountian dew LOL! They have games like bingo, abseball throwing to knock down the milk bottles, the quarter roulette wheel and the dime toss(I told you it’s a small town carnival right?). An lots of people have small booths where you can buy raffle tickets to win something exciting like a Wii. All the proceeds go to the firemen – so it’s great, you get to play, eat and support your local firemen.

We had fun last night even though it tried to rain and thunderstorm. Thanks to the thunderstorm the ferris wheel was turned off so we just got dinner there. We split a seafood platter – I love clam strips – it was literally served on a frisbee instead of a plate LOL but it was very good.

So anyway it has been a real busy week I am looking forward to this weekend and getting some rest… Yea right- no rest for the weary here!

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Have a Great Friday Everyone

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Top Blogs Tuesday

I don’t know if you all noticed but I changed the front page up a bit. I think it looks cleaner, What do you think?

I added a link to the Olympics at NBC ’cause everyone is so into it.
I had fun watching it last night… We didn’t win the gold in gymnastics, UGH, but bronze is better than nothing and Team USA did try hard.

I watched the parallel bars portion and China was competing – It looks as though the arms slamming into the polls after flipping in the air hurts, don’t you think?

Well I am at work got to go, yada yada… will it ever end? Gosh, where is that sack of money falling from the sky? LOL

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Have a great Tuesday!

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Sunday Gospel Rock

I am having a fantastic weekend I hope you are too. The best part is I had time to machine the heads on the boat, put it back together, and to everyone’s amazment it works, Yea! So, there will be more trips down the river, I can’t wait.

I couldn’t decide which song to use so you decide – let me know which one you like the best.
Oh, and to give some credit the songs were uploaded by: FishHawk

If you like the music then you should check out FishHawk’s great blog

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Have a wonderful Sunday.

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The Saturday Night Dump!

Have you been Dumped? (opens in a new window)

Oh Yeah, It’s Saturday! Time to relax and have some fun!

I said I would post some pictures of our trip to the State Fair. I didn’t bring the video camera but here is a video I uploaded to BlogDumps Video with my cell phone – LOL – I forgot to turn on the sound… Duh! I did fix our Video Site to accept .3gp files from cell phones so now if you have the internet on your phone you can upload videos straight to BlogDumps Video.

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Have a great Saturday!

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Hot Rods!

I saw this on BlogDumps Video and had to share it!
Check out the cool cars!

This is a picture of my hot rod The back end anyway… lol
As you all know I live on a farm, most of the farmers here are confused by the license plate… hehehe

Porsche 911

I hope you all are having a good week


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Happy Birthday BlogDumps

Yes, Today is BlogDumps Second birthday! We have come a long way, please don’t use the Wayback Machine to see us in our early days though, we’d be embarrassed LOL

I thought it would be fun to have a birthday celebration and give away a few T-Shirts…

So let the party begin! Is there anything to drink at this party?

  • The first Person to leave a comment on this post will get a T-Shirt
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  • Keep the comments rolling you never know what I could give away!

If you are not a Blogger, that’s ok you can join the fun too! Simply leave a good email address in your comment so we can contact you if you win.

To say thanks to all of you who have dumped your blog I have added everyone that recently added their blog to the Dump in this post.

The newest member to the BlogDumps community is What a great blog! She just moved into her new blog about two weeks ago. She wrote,

One woman taking on the internet world! This is a tough business but the strong will survive. You can make it in this business just believe in yourself.

So stop by and show some love make sure to leave a comment, it is the nice thing to do.

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Happy Blogging

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Monday’s Hot Blogs

It’s the start of another week… I am glad to be back to work, maybe I can get some rest. LOL
I worked on the farm until late Sunday night, I even power washed the garage!
The place is starting to look much better, It’s always nice when everything is mowed and clean.

To all of you that Dumped you blog over the weekend, Welcome.

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Have a great week

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Saturday’s Top Blogs

Don’t you just love Saturday’s?

We went to IHOP for breakfast this morning it was good, I wouldn’t say great but it was good.
Then we took a trip to the river just to check it out. I never knew there were cactus in Delaware- we walked through a field and they were everywhere!
So anyway I am going to work on the farm today and see if I can get a little more caught up around here.

Oh yea, the Saturday Seven Hot blogs… I guess nobody ever count’s how many I post ’cause there is really nine, I just don’t want to leave anyone out.









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