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Get A Blog On BlogDumps This Week!

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So you want to be a blogger? Already a blogger and feel like you’re stuck somewhere with no freedom to do what you want on your own blog? Come get a blog on BlogDumps!

That’s right! This week only Blog registrations are open again 🙂 The crew here at BlogDumps are looking for serious bloggers that want to have a blog where they are not limited or charged if you want adds on your blog.

BlogDumps is on dedicated servers with server techs 24-7. Need help? We are always here to help so don’t worry, you can get a hold of us (Trina and Wolfbernz) directly – not someone who says “Let me check on that.” We own the site and if you need us we will put our people to work to help you if you have an issue.

Get a free Blog set up on a WordPress blog platform.
If you blog for fun, great! Blog about whatever. If you are blogging for dollars and want to have adds on your blog, it’s ok too! The only thing we don’t allow is any type of nasty or porn stuf, nor do we allow links to another site that links to porn. There are many places on the web for that and this is a family site.

So don’t delay, as you all know Trina and I are traveling in Mexico and we have had sporadic internet connections but we are staying here in La Cruz for the next week so I can monitor what is going on with the new blogs.

So that’s it, just click on the link on the link bar above that says create a blog and get started today 🙂

Have a great day

PS. Top Sites Tuesday will be on posted February 4th and we’ll see who wins this next week on the 8th! I say it’s an easy topic but Trina says “I don’t think so.” So we will see what comes next week. After this Top Sites Tuesday we set sail again so the post will be up a while 🙂

Looking For A Few Thousand Good Bloggers

Actually, we are looking for all bloggers that would like to have a blog on BlogDumps!

We hope thousands of you would like to hangout and blog here. We would like to invite all REAL bloggers
(not someone who just want links on a page but those that want to write!) and newbie bloggers to join us – for those that are new to blogging we are here to help.

We have done some extensive work on the site and we are now ready for the masses! BlogDumps can handle thousands of bloggers — We are becoming an incredible blogging community with over 1000 blogs on BlogDumps already! We hope this continues to grow and we wish everyone the greatest success! Read more about getting a blog here!

For a short time we are are opening registrations — you can create your own blog right here on the BlogDumps for FREE. If you think you want a blog, jump in and get one today.

BlogDumps is still a brand new, a social network for bloggers built by bloggers. We have only been on the web for three years now, but by combining online advertising and blogging, BlogDumps has created a completely new way to blog and earn money. You can advertise and add whatever you want to your posts including videos and more!

Create your free blog today! BlogDumps will help you build followers by helping promote your Blog and helping you earn money. Join Google Adsence and get your publisher ID to begin making money online! You can place advertisements in each of your posts, whether you are a work at home mom or a plumber who wants to advertise his work, everyone is welcome!

Click Here to Get Started Now!
You are just a few clicks away from being on the web — it’s just a few easy steps and that’s it!

BlogDumps offers these following for your blog:

* – An easy to use WordPress blog
* – 64mb of upload space
* – Already a member of BlogDumps Video? Add videos, music, and photos and embed them on your blog
* – Easily embed Youtube and Google videos with just a click
* – Fully widgetized themes for ease of moving your content and updating the look of your blog
* – Lots of cool ready to go themes and the ability to change backgrounds also
* – Excellent support from a team that understands blogging and WordPress
* – Blogs on BlogDumps are on dedicated servers with 24 hour techs on duty
* – Freedom to do what you want to do with out the cost of hosting a web site or weblog

Happy Blogging!
The BlogDumps Crew
. . . . . .

New Features on BlogDumps Bloggers

I spent the better part of this weekend reviewing and installing new features on BlogDumps Bloggers.
These improvements will be great and I hope all of you enjoy them and it helps you with your blog.

Admin Messaging – I can leave a message on everyones dashboard keeping you up to date on all the changes that take place. I was hoping I had this done before the last upgrade but we did the upgrade without issues, so oh well.

Support System – A coulpe of testers would be great… The support link is on the top right of your blog dashboard on the second line. Here you can submit a ticket for blog tech support or report a blog that should be removed…Spam blogs, porn etc… I will be adding the FAQ as soon as I can for all the newbies.

One of the best parts is that we now have a video libraray. I thought this was so important.
An introduction to blogging (Approximate runtime: 5:39)
Writing a post (Approximate runtime: 4:48)
Changing your design/theme (Approximate runtime: 4:30)
Changing your settings (Approximate runtime: 4:58)
Managing your blog (Approximate runtime: 4:21)

Isn’t this cool!

Add Media Buttons – You now can add Photo files and images. Add video, audio, and use embed codes using the “Add Media” buttons. These are located at the top right hand side of where you write your posts.

Page link Display – When writing a new Page or Editing a New Page, you now have the option to not display it in the page links or, depending on your theme, page tabs without making it private – simply put a check in the box next to “Include this page in user menus” in the right column.

Signup Password – when signing up, new bloggers have the ability to choose their password instead of having one sent to them.

New themes – we have uploaded a ton of new themes that will be available to BlogDumps Bloggers soon. We are still processing and editing the themes – as we complete this process we will activate them so users have more themes to chooses from.

New to blogging Follow me here

BlogDumps Instant Messenger and Chat Get it! Send Text, Audio and Video around the world Free!
Yes, That’s right. I said Free The new Instant Messenger allows you to send file and photos or just make a call to your friends Have a video chat too!

So that’s it in a nut shell for this weekend, Oh, it’s Monday, already?
Gosh, time just flys doesn’t it.

Have a great week
. . . . . . . . . . . . .