Saturday At the Dump!

As is sit down with my cup of coffee in hand and gaze out the window thinking of what to write, I see it looks cold and windy outside! I am so glad my friend bought me a really nice down jacket for Christmas! It has been a very cold this week on the Eastern Shore.

There is so much to tell about what’s going on around here!

My son has bought his own house and he and his wife have moved in they will be having their baby soon. It’s going to be a baby boy! Woo-hoo! Oh stop it, I am not that old!!! Ok, Don’t you even use the “G” word…LOL I am proud of them though they are on their way to their new life. They are on their own and they are making out well, in this economy I had my concerns.

As you could see from the last post, I know it was last Tuesday but we have been working so hard on the site improvements I haven’t had a moment to blog away.

I was reading in some of the emails I get from various web news about social media and where it is headed in 2009. One of the articles I was reading had some of the do’s and don’ts, so I decided with a mutual vote around here to follow some of their advice and start this year off with a new look for BlogDumps as a whole.

The improvements started this week. We made some awesome improvements to BlogDumps Bloggers, allowing bloggers to add their adsence and javascript codes to their posts, and in the process we had to re-build a couple of blog templates to be able to be seen in FireFox… I am so glad Nancy Likes her new blog layout!

The biggest news of the week is the new look of BlogDumps Video I hope you all take a moment and go look at the new look and layout. Please take a few minutes and join the social media part of BlogDumps, you will not be disappointed with all the cool new features. The webcam upload allows for you to even do a webcam upload and embed your video blog post on your blog!

The next biggest news is the *all new* BlogDumps Instant Messenger that now has all the features the big boys have! Yes, I want our instant messenger to be just as good or better. Now you can send not only text, make audio calls and do video chat with your friends you can also transfer files! I hope you all enjoy the new look throughout BlogDumps as we grow along side all of you in the blogging world. Trina says it sounds corny, but I have to say it – with out all of you, BlogDumps would be just another empty site hoping for some visitors – so with that said thanks everyone for becoming a part of the BlogDumps community!

These were the top blogs sending traffic to BlogDumps this morning when I started blogging, thanks everyone!

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Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Saturday At the Dump!”

  1. Congratulations ?randpa, ?randdad… Notice I didn’t use the “G”. No greater pleasure than to see our kids grow and make it on their own, especially when they move out. HAHA.
    Great updates on the site. Wishing you continued success.

  2. Thanks for the congrats and not using the “G” word…LOL
    You are right, but it will be so quiet when their gone…Wait their having kids what am I thinking..DOH!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Woo-hoo is right, Wolfbernz…Big doings at your place this week! Congratulations to all of you…this really is the grandaddy of all blog sites! (LOL…haha, got it in, anyway 😉 ). And yes, loving my new look..thanks.


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