The Artist Challenge – Saturday’s Feature

I don’t know if you all have been to The Artist Challenge, but you MUST stop by while you are blog surfing! Talk about tons of cool art!

I found myself gazing at pictures and just having a good time enjoying fine artwork. The only way it could be better is if I was standing in a live gallery surrounded by all the pieces!

Most of you know that I am a BIG FAN of CBS Sunday Morning. I am amazed and awestruck that CBS has aired 3 of their 2010 Sun Art Submissions in just two months. If you aren’t familiar with the sun art concept, Sunday Morning ends every story segment with a picture of a sun. Every sun is unique to every story – it’s really pretty neat! And to have 3 suns aired in 2 months, that is simply amazing! Curious to see one? Check out The Artist Challenge #26 – 2010 CBS SUNDAY MORNING SUN ART You’re sure to be amazed by all the suns!

Are you an artist? “The challenge can be done in any style or medium the artist chooses. (Painters, Sculptures and craftsmen are all welcome.) Each member is given 30 days to render their concept and post their masterpiece on The Artist Challenge site by the specified drop dead date.”

The current challenge is Under the Sea. Stop by and take a look at all the submissions and interpretations of the challenge. You will be amazed – If you’re like me, you’ll be there a while 😉


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4 thoughts on “The Artist Challenge – Saturday’s Feature”

  1. Hi Trina-
    Thanks! We were also totally floored! CBS Sunday Morning gets thousands of submissions of ‘sun art’ from artists all over the world every week. We actually didn’t expect to see our work aired because of the odds. It’s just cool to even have your art filed away into the vast CBS Sun Art Library.

    Two weeks after we sent our package to New York- they aired our first sun! Total hysteria hit our site! Then a couple week later another and then another a week later. We NOW think of the show as ‘The Sunday Morning Artist Challenge Show’. (Just kidding)

    I received a really nice letter from the producer. It thanked all the artists and said they absolutely loved the Challenge work and hope to see more from us.

    We really do have an extraordinary group of artists and the artwork speaks for itself.

    Vikki North
    The Artist Challenge.

  2. Trina,
    Thanks for the great recommendation! I am one of the newer artists on The Artists Challenge and I have found this group of artists so inspirational, supportive and creative.

  3. Hi Trina,
    I’m absolutely delighted that you chose one of my paintings as a sample of the Art Challenge work, especially when there is SO much other talent on the site. The painting is titled “Kiss”, the challenge was “Illusion”.
    As well as promoting the work of artists from around the world to a wider audience, The Artist’s Challenge site also introduces us artists to each other, giving us a fantastic opportunity to chat and discuss each others work. I have to say that in all the years I’ve been painting, being a regular contributor to Vikki Norths site has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.
    Thanks again.
    Ray Shuell

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