The Contest Winners are…

We got a great response to our contest for our next BlogDumps T-Shirt Design!

First Place with the BEST Unique Graphic Design! Winning * A BlogDumps T-shirt * 200 EC’s and * A feature and review on BlogDumps! It looks to us that Paul really went “all-out” and spent a ton of time on this AWESOME LOGO


Paul Baines from in the UK

Second Place – Winning * A BlogDumps T-shirt and * 150 EC’s

Cleveland Real Estate from Cleveland OHIO!
*Image of a toilet* or *Image of a guy on a toilet* with text below or above…

“Not Your Average Dump” This is the one we liked the best!

“Not that kind of dump”

“Not your average dump…”

“Flush This…” Wolfbernz Liked this one too!
“We make toilets jealous…”

“We dump so you don’t have to”

“Once A Day Is Recommended…”

These are all great Thanks for participating

Third Place – Winning * A BlogDumps T-shirt and * 75 EC’s

Rodafilp from Ontario, CANADA!
There’s Gold in the Dump, Let’s Blog it!!


Nancy Cleveland
Do I LOOK like a Dumpster???!

Hah! Check out!

I dumped today …….. did you?
Go to the best,

Thanks everyone for joining in on the contest!
Like I have always said… If it were not for all of you and your great blogs listed in BlogDumps blog directory, It wouldn’t be what it is today. The best Dump you will ever go to!
Gosh, Hmmmm, I wonder if I can get Cordy to add some Seagulls to the header. LOL

All the best,

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