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Saturday’s Featured Blog

Art blogs are few and far between, but when we find them, online art appreciation takes place.

John Wright Art displays a collection of watercolors by John Wright. I could write how beautiful each picture is, but I think, as is the nature with art, you must see some to appreciate it:

I have always admired watercolors, and I find these wonderful. If you like what you see, stop by and visit either the John Wright Art blog or Etsy shop where you can find a neat selection of Abstract watercolors.

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Top Sites Thursday

WHEW! It’s hot and muggy here on the Eastern Shore of Delaware! How is your day going?
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I thought it would be nice to throw some Linky Love out there…

So here are the Hot Blogs on BlogDumps today


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Happy Birthday BlogDumps

Yes, Today is BlogDumps Second birthday! We have come a long way, please don’t use the Wayback Machine to see us in our early days though, we’d be embarrassed LOL

I thought it would be fun to have a birthday celebration and give away a few T-Shirts…

So let the party begin! Is there anything to drink at this party?

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The newest member to the BlogDumps community is What a great blog! She just moved into her new blog about two weeks ago. She wrote,

One woman taking on the internet world! This is a tough business but the strong will survive. You can make it in this business just believe in yourself.

So stop by and show some love make sure to leave a comment, it is the nice thing to do.

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Happy Blogging

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The Contest Winners are…

We got a great response to our contest for our next BlogDumps T-Shirt Design!

First Place with the BEST Unique Graphic Design! Winning * A BlogDumps T-shirt * 200 EC’s and * A feature and review on BlogDumps! It looks to us that Paul really went “all-out” and spent a ton of time on this AWESOME LOGO


Paul Baines from in the UK

Second Place – Winning * A BlogDumps T-shirt and * 150 EC’s

Cleveland Real Estate from Cleveland OHIO!
*Image of a toilet* or *Image of a guy on a toilet* with text below or above…

“Not Your Average Dump” This is the one we liked the best!

“Not that kind of dump”

“Not your average dump…”

“Flush This…” Wolfbernz Liked this one too!
“We make toilets jealous…”

“We dump so you don’t have to”

“Once A Day Is Recommended…”

These are all great Thanks for participating

Third Place – Winning * A BlogDumps T-shirt and * 75 EC’s

Rodafilp from Ontario, CANADA!
There’s Gold in the Dump, Let’s Blog it!!


Nancy Cleveland
Do I LOOK like a Dumpster???!

Hah! Check out!

I dumped today …….. did you?
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Gosh, Hmmmm, I wonder if I can get Cordy to add some Seagulls to the header. LOL

All the best,

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Saturday Night Dump!

What a great holiday weekend… I hope all of you are having the same?

Well it’s time for the Saturday Night Dump so Tonight it will be… Make sure to check this blog. out! Bill’s blog on the river is a good read. And will be featured this week This blog is a cool site about wolf drawings! And will be featured this week.

marcioeugenio FAZENDO BONITO

billiondollarbaloney I jus d’no what to say…hehehe, But click and see!

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Happy Fourth Of July

I didn’t know what else to do for the fourth so here is a video with a great song to go with it.

Oh, thanks cordy for the cool Fourth of July header!

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Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July


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I am just feeling the linky love

It has been quite interesting to watch the top Blog sites sending traffic today. This is a list of the top blogs sending people to BlogDumps towards the end of the day –Tuesday night– Some disapeared and some went to the top and then to the bottom.
I really like this little script that does the tracking it works well.

Also we are in the final days of the Entrecard Ec’s, T-Shirt Giveaway and Blog Review, so add your cool slogan here in a comment for the next batch of BlogDumps T-Shirts – it’s that easy. I really want to give away some shirts.

Hot Blog Sites on Today: The best plugboard around! When I grow up… well you know the rest Another great blog to surf OK! I give up I am running out of room blocking google! How many are there??? A must stop on your blog surfing She’s a sweetheart! If you don’t stop by I am disapointed in you. The Gamer blog… If your into game this is it! X-Posed – Secrets of the Sexes! A beautiful site all about Angels

Have a great day

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Hot Blogs Tuesday

What a beautiful day… Hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go…

I know that sounds so corny but it’s the truth – will it ever end? I have to go to a customers house today and paint. I am painting all the eaves and fascia boards, it wouldn’t be so bad but it’s a tall two story home and it’s hot. Funny thing is I don’t advertise as a painter, I am a cabinet and furniture guy by trade but someone spilled the beans and said I could paint. I only paint for my regular customers not for anyone else.

I don’t know if any of you are interested but I could post some pictures of my work.

Hot Blog Sites on Today:

I see a lot of familiar blogs in the top blogs today, They are all great so make sure to visit them!

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Have a great Tuesday Everyone

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OMG… It’s Monday

So should I get up or just call it a day and stay home with Woofy?

I am not very particular about Mondays, It almost feels like I need a day off to get over the weekend. But, as always, I have to eat and put expensive gas in the car so I guess I will drag myself out of here and off to work. I did have a great weekend though I hope all of you did too.

I was looking at how many blogs have been built on BlogDumps and there are about 750 so far. So if you are a reader and would like to join in the fun of blogging hop on over and create your own or just click the tab at the top of the page that says create a blog.

Also we are in the final days of the Entrecard Ec’s, T-Shirt Giveaway and Blog Review, so add your cool slogan here in a comment for the next batch of BlogDumps T-Shirts – it’s that easy. I really want to give away some shirts.

Hot Blog Sites on Today:

Make sure to get around and visit all these great blogs, and leave a comment, after all bloggers love comments.

Have a great week all


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Top Blogs And A Little SEO Tip!

It’s finally the weekend….. I slept in this morning, Ah sooooo good!

It’s going to be really hot today so I guess I will do some power washing around here. Power washing is always a fun chore to do when it’s hot outside. Then I am going to hangout and just relax it has been one heck of a week.

I was asked the other day how I increase page rank and Technorati rank so fast…

To give you an example, my big sister wanted to start a blog – All About Angels – so we built it for her and started showing her some of the things we do to gain readers.

The first thing is to write and write and, well, you get the picture but every post has to be full of good content that is relevant to your site title and keywords.

Now, Go to Google create an IGoogle page add your blog feed to your IGoogle feeds – Guess what, your blog was just crawled by Google.

The next thing is to join all the linky love chain posts. This will bring links to your site fast.

Then join a Meme or two – play the blogging game – leave comments – visit popular blog often and READ THEM and leave a relevant comment with your link(this helps with Technorati rank.)

Branding this is the most important thing – join all the bigger sites like or, etc… get your name out there so people associate your name (or seudo-name) and image with your blog.

Syndicate your blog – join and give your readers a chance to subscribe. They may want to return regularly to visit your blog or they may want to save time and just subscribe to your feed so they don’t miss-out on something exciting or interesting you wrote.

Last and most important visit other bloggers be nice and try to be helpful, be passionate about what you do and the page rank and money will follow.

Stats for:

Creation date was around the end of December 2007
In April or May of 2008 the blog has a Google page rank of 4
Total Page hits to date of this post 57,769
Technorati stats Authority: 703 , Rank: 4,626 has an Alexa traffic rank of: 1,276,612

I hope this helps, I know when I started blogging I had no clue and I knew nothing about blogging either…lol

I am in no way an expert on blogging or anything else about SEO, these are just some of the things we have learned along the way.

Oh, And by the way AngelBaby has done a wonderful job. She has poured her heart and soul into her blog, You Must Visit

Hot Blog Sites on Today:

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Have a great Saturday


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