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BlogDumps Thursday News

Tomas from Art by Tomas won this week’s Top Sites Tuesday congrats to him 🙂 Please visit him and check out his cool blog. Tomas will be featured on this weeks Saturday Night Dump!

Not much to report here, we have closed registrations for getting a blog and have changed it to where one must fill out a form and then we will contact the new user. I really don’t like to have to do this but the robots and spammers have become out of control!

I would like to find a few people that are willing to download the BlogDumps Instant Messenger and use it with their family and friends so I can get some feedback. Please try the video and the file transfer, add you photo etc.. Also if you can get one or more people in the video conference room by clicking on the chat link on the messenger that would be awesome. If any of you are in business environment this could prove to be very helpful to your business also. The download is safe and has no spyware or malware it uses an ordinary webcam no need for special equipment but the better the webcam the better the messenger video works. I really appreciate the ones that will do this for me. you can leave a comment here and I will get back to you if you are having trouble or if you find it fun and it is working out please leave a comment so I know and I will get back with you. the link to the download is here. If you are already a member of the BlogDumps Discussion forum just download the Instant Messenger and you can use the same login user name and password they are linked together.

Have a great rest of the week 😀


Pink Renegade!

Sandy Has a few blogs on BlogDumps blog hosting. She’s is a real nice Lady and writes all about how To Start A Home Party Plan Business. “Whether you want to start a business in Mary Kay Cosmetics, Arbonne, or Avon, here’s the place to look first” PinkRenegade.blogdumps.net

Sandy’s blog is well built, easy to read and and has a plethora of information.
Sandy writes on her about page,

“You can make money doing what you love to do.
Just like I do.

I am a full time teacher. To make some extra money I also help people start their own beauty and cosmetic home party plan business. I call myself the Pink Renegade because I don’t believe in doing things the way my uplines tell me to do it. They have been selling the same way for the last 50 years and have never figured out times have changed.
Once a teacher always a teacher.”

Thanks for joining the BlogDumps community of blogs you are a great asset.

Stop by and check out this great blog you’ll be glad you did, Oh, and leave a comment ’cause bloggers love comments. After all it is the nice thing to do.

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All the best

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Monday, OMG Not Again!

This weekend went by way to fast but it was a fun one.
I was off to the beach to catch some of the big waves from the storm that hit the East coast!
We had a blast but I am paying for it today… Sore, Oh Yeah!
So I guess i will go to work so I can get some rest, LOL
I hope you all had a great weekend too.
A big thanks and welcome to all who have joined the BlogDumps community and Dumped their blog this weekend.

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Have a great week

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