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Pink Renegade!

Sandy Has a few blogs on BlogDumps blog hosting. She’s is a real nice Lady and writes all about how To Start A Home Party Plan Business. “Whether you want to start a business in Mary Kay Cosmetics, Arbonne, or Avon, here’s the place to look first” PinkRenegade.blogdumps.net

Sandy’s blog is well built, easy to read and and has a plethora of information.
Sandy writes on her about page,

“You can make money doing what you love to do.
Just like I do.

I am a full time teacher. To make some extra money I also help people start their own beauty and cosmetic home party plan business. I call myself the Pink Renegade because I don’t believe in doing things the way my uplines tell me to do it. They have been selling the same way for the last 50 years and have never figured out times have changed.
Once a teacher always a teacher.”

Thanks for joining the BlogDumps community of blogs you are a great asset.

Stop by and check out this great blog you’ll be glad you did, Oh, and leave a comment ’cause bloggers love comments. After all it is the nice thing to do.

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