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Spring Madness… More Money for affiliates!!!

Yes, Wolfbernz, CEO of has decided that it is time to share some of the revenue with all of you that have joined the BlogDumps affiliate program.

Wolfbernz Says:

I have decided to increase the amount of shared revenue to 70 percent of what the paid BlogDumps service would be to all affiliates during Spring.

That’s right! We are going to give you 70 percent of every blog referred that gets Featured of uses any BlogDumps paid services until Summer! Now is the time to join the BlogDumps Affiliate Program and get in on the Spring Madness!

We really want to thank all of you the have become affiliates and for all your support!

We thought this would give you a good reason to blog about getting Featured on BlogDumps and about gaining readers get traffic and the ability to get paid!
BlogDumps is the Blog Directory built by bloggers for bloggers! Let’s get our community rolling!

BlogDumps is going to add an area in the forums for all of you that sell ebooks! This way you can list them for sale… Why not? I am sure you didn’t write an ebook not to list it for sale. If this gets popular I will set up a nice place for all of you that have one for sale to sell them!

Well that’s the news for the week, if you are an affiliate you will be getting a news letter about the changes and increase in money! If you are not an affiliate then now is the time to join during the spring madness Money 70 Revenue sharing.

I hope all of you are having a great weekend we finally have some summer like weather!

For all of you that have just joined the BlogDumps please use the discussion and help forum announce your blog, make friends or download the BlogDumps IM with all it’s cool features, PM other bloggers from your dashboard!

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Have a good Saturday Night!
The gang here at BlogDumps