IntelliLinks? Works For Me!

Hey all!!! I hope you are having a good Monday!

I just signed up for a text link program called IntelliLinks They are some what like Text Link Ads.
So they are reviewing my blog – I guess to see if I am worthy…!!!

So anyway, We will see how it goes. I will keep you posted on the whole thing… I got it, we will add a chart in the side bar and track them and see how much we get! Oh yea, we are being looked at first… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if we’re approved before I start adding charts to the side bar huh?

Show me the Money! LOL


I have been watching this since Feb 16 2009 and I can say both programs are great 🙂
I am very pleased so if you are a blogger I would sign up for both.

Now IntelliLinks gets you a bit more money thenText Link Ads.
But they have both been good money makers. They can both work side by side on your blog I have tested it and they both work fine.
Why wait you write and they sell links and you make money it’s that easy!

5 thoughts on “IntelliLinks? Works For Me!”

  1. I just got an invite myself but already use TLA on my site. TLA has dwindled in recent months so I wonder if this service will be more successful at generating revenue. I’ll check back to see your results (or try it on another site)

  2. Well, I received a nice welcome email.
    I will let you know more as I look into this further.
    I have to agree, I hope it is like text links but maybe a bit more money would be nice!


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