Welcome to Florida

Trina and I have made it to Florida on the sailboat.

I appreciate some of you being patient while we have been underway. Those that had linking assistance I haven’t heard back so I am guessing you have it all worked out after we talked.

It was a fun ride down, we encountered a few minor issues but were fixed easily.
We will be here in Jax Beach Florida until after New Years.

During this time we will be working on the site and making some changes, if you have any requests please feel free to notify us.

If you have been to BlogDumps video “B Tubed” you will notice we now have a timeline that you can update in your profile, add a link to it etc.

If you haven’t updated your profile, photo and added your blog URL please do.
This service is all free. You can host all your video, photos and music here… Ready for future use. Public or private this is up to you 🙂

All the best
Trina and Wolfbernz