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BlogDumps News

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Hi All,

First I want to let you all know that AngelBaby who has been with us here in the community for years took a little turn for the worse and is in the hospital. Please keep her in your prayers and if you would stop by her blog, Your Caring Angels, that would be nice, she asked me to take care of it while she was unable to post and I found a draft you will like that she had not published yet. You will find the post here

The next is I would like to welcome the latest featured blogger to the BlogDumps community.
Check out their blog… We have all been there for sure. With their services they make life a bit easier!

Now for the BlogDumps News…

This Saturday starting at 5pm Eastern Standard Time USA we will be performing Necessary Data base server maintenance. This will start with a database dump (in real word we are going to back up and save your stuff) this will lock the database server for about 15 to 30 minutes so don’t panic you may go to your blog and see nothing there. It’s ok it will come back online shortly.

After this backup we will start the optimization to the database to clean it up and get rid of the unnecessary tables (all the junk not needed to run the site.) This will take some time but we are going to do it one site at a time so it doesn’t affect everyone site wide at one time, also we will only be doing the data tables that need this maintenance. During this time across the BlogDumps site you may experience a little lag in loading but rest-assured it will only be for a little while and then we will be able to serve you better and faster.

BlogDumps has seemed to be growing at a very fast rate so this is a very important and necessary maintenance.

I would also like to thank all of the BlogDumps Bloggers who have built a blog here on BlogDumps that have hit the subscribe button to help with all the costs that it takes to run the site. We will continue to grow and registrations will stay open if more continue to subscribe. You will find the Subscribe button on your BlogDumps dashboard.

And to all of you that have generously donated to the BlogDumps cause to help us continue it is much appreciated 🙂

That’s it for the news this week as always I am around to help! You can find the help and contact button in the footer of the front page of BlogDumps.

The best thing about today….. Tomorrow is Friday 🙂


BlogDumps News

Wow there are so many new Blogs on BlogDumps this week it’s incredible!
I sure hope we can handle all the traffic, it has been huge! I have actually done some server clean up and removed any sites we decided were of no real value (super old), this will clean out the databases also and help make room for everyone.

I am hoping we can continue to allow new registrations but some of the new bloggers have created more than one blog – some as many as five or six. If you find that some of your blogs are missing you didn’t read the terms of service or your welcome email….. Please Only Create One Blog!

I will be weeding through all the blogs this weekend and all the ones created that are from the same IP address and have more than one and nothing on them I am going to delete them. This makes room for others to have a blog here on BlogDumps I feel this is only fair to everyone, unless BlogDumps starts bringing in enough money that it doesn’t matter then that is the way it will be.

On a lighter note, the best thing about BlogDumps data center is it is not going to be hit by the Hurricane Irene 🙂

We are going to get hit here at the office so we will be hunkered down and hopefully have some internet during the storm. It is supposed to last through Saturday and Sunday so I may or may not be able to post during the weekend.

Well, I am off to get ready for the storm, I hope all of you in the area are in a safe place and ready it’s going to be a big one!

Have a great Friday!

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BlogDumps News

It’s just another day in Paradise…LOL 🙂

In the news this week we have had a few issues with the video part of the site “B Tubed” The uploader went haywire and wouldn’t allow any WMV files to be uploaded. Thanks to Fishhawk he wrote me and let me know about it. The programmers are working hard on it and should have the issue resolved soon. All other forms of videos to be uploaded work just fine and all the rest music photos and games are working great.
Since we have been working on it Fishhawk has uploaded some videos he is making himself so check it out.

Have some cool videos or music? Upload them to BlogDumps on “B Tubed”

We want to thank all the BlogDumps community members that have created a blog and subscribed for a dollar each month it is much appreciated the traffic and server band width has been incredible BlogDumps Bloggers has been as low as 15,000 on Alexa so every dollar counts so again thanks from Trina and I.

We are still working on the new BlogDumps business directory it’s a lot of work but we are making some headway, I still hope to be finished sometime toward the end of summer. It will be a separate part of the site so blogs and businesses don’t get confused.

That’s the news for this week.

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BlogDumps News – It’s BlogDumps Birthday And Adding New Features!

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BlogDumps is a small business and the owners of BlogDumps have a couple of other small businesses.

In the situation of our economy we have thought long and hard about adding a business directory to the existing BlogDumps directory. The reason we have thought so much about whether or not to do this is because BlogDumps has always been just for bloggers. We do not want to change the site but just add a business directory portion to it. Looking at how popular the site has become, businesses would get indexed quickly and for a regular listing it would still be free just like for bloggers. The other thing is with the ability to create a free blog on BlogDumps, Businesses could do this and not have to hire a webmaster to build them a web page – they can just create a free blog here for their business.

Everyone has been asking “Where are you going to get the money to afford all this?” I believe that if I am helping the small business man or woman this would be a great contribution. I am willing to gamble that this will work and by helping out small businesses the money will follow.

This will not be an easy task… We will need to have listings for all the different types of businesses. Then create a site search for people looking for a business in their area “IE Plumber in Tucson Arizona”.

We have begun this project and it will be a work in progress but hope to have it finished by the end of Summer 2011. So if you have a small business please check back and add yours to the new business directory!

In other site news BlogDumps is Five Years old this week!

Yes, we have been on the web promoting bloggers for five years now and have had a great time doing it. We have made a ton of friends along the way and we appreciate all of you. Thanks for all your support for the last five years, we will be here for many more to come to help promote all of you and your awesome blogs 🙂
There are thousands of blogs on BlogDumps and it is all of you that make BlogDumps the community it is!

The best part about today is tomorrow is Friday!


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Blogging News on BlogDumps

All is well here on BlogDumps everything has been running very smooth… I know I shouldn’t say that but I did. Many new blogs have been submitted to the BlogDumps Directory and many more have been created here on BlogDumps.

BlogDumps has become real popular for creating a blog, BlogDumps Bloggers has been receiving a lot of traffic in the last few months like never before. It’s a good thing, I like to see that there are still a lot that want to blog and have fun or for profit or whatever they choose to do 🙂

I was doing some Lurking around the web and I read on CNN that Google is attempting one of the biggest changes to a site they have undertaken and guess which site. OK you don’t have to guess it’s Blogger! Sometime at the end of July it will become Google Blogs, yes you read that right It was reported on Mashable too.

Google is to retire Blogger & Picasa brands the Picasa change is news that is not any news that bloggers care about as much as Blogger. I wonder how this will effect the site and if the users will like the change. Google has rolled out many changes to the Blogger plate form lately and I haven’t read anything that bloggers like it or that users dislike the changes so we will have to wait and see.

BlogDumps Bloggers are here to stay and will not be re-branded any time soon for sure. We are just a small site but we are growing faster each year. In fact this month is our 5th year on the web. Yes BlogDumps will be Five this month. Time has gone so fast but we made it to the five year mark so as they say that’s when you know your here to stay! 🙂 So should we have another BlogDumps birthday party? I remember one year we had a birthday bash there were over a hundred comments and so many shenanigans the traffic was so high it shut down the server for a short period until we added more space on it. I think that was one of the best times we have had since we started the site.

Some of you have read the initial publication as June of 06 but the site was not really running for the first month it was under construction… Wait we are still under construction… Is there a website that is ever finished? I think we all like some change to our sites now and then.

BlogDumps is happy to grow slow and steady I don’t know what we would do if it exploded over night we are ready for that now but I think slow growth is much easier to deal with. It also leaves me some time to make the necessary changes and updates in an easy pace and not in a big hurry where mistakes can be made.

That’s it for this weeks news I hope you all had a great week the best part about today is tomorrow is Friday…TGIF!!!

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B Tubed” it’s a great place to host all you videos, Music and Photos.


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This Week On BlogDumps

I don’t know about all of you but it has been a long week!

The weather here has been super, warm sun and cool wind and a few evening showers have made it very pleasant.

This weeks Top Sites Tuesday was a lot of fun thanks to all of you that joined in. If you haven’t tried a meme – it’s not only fun but will bring you new readers and comments on your blog. Not only does it break the ice for others to comment but it also gives you links from other sites that will also help you gain more readers. I hope that more of you will participate it can be very interesting when many of you join in the fun 🙂

I am still working on the BlogDumps Bloggers site. For those that don’t know what that is, you can get a blog right here on BlogDumps. I work on updating the blogging platform and bringing you new features to make it better for you or for your business weather you blog for fun or for your business. The shopping cart plugin is still in the works, but will be nice to have if I can get it to work without issues!

Not much else is happening behind the scenes around here. I do have a couple thing on the back burner that I want to work on after the shopping cart – one being a place on your BlogDumps Profile Dashboard where you can change your blog link and category. I hope to get to that later this summer.

If you want to use a simple spam free Instant Messenger give BlogDumps IM a try you will like it 🙂 Chat and transfer files and more.

TGIF!!! Have a great weekend.


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BlogDumps News, Check it out!

It’s good to be home for sure but it has been very hot outside we even had a harvest fire here on the farm in the back fields… So much for that straw!

It’s a great Friday though, the heat has let up and we finally got a burst of badly needed rain this afternoon. It cooled it off outside nicely 🙂

I am working on a plugin for the BlogDumps Bloggers that would give the bloggers who would like to have a shopping cart the ability to do so. It is a bit of a task and there’s not much support so I hope we can figure it out. This would be a nice feature for those that are in business and sell a product on their blog. We do not mind why you blog – for fun or profit – just no nasty stuff!

Other than that, all is working great around here we just updated BlogDumps Bloggers to the latest WordPress blog plat form, it’s really nice. Also it’s a great time to start a blog with the traffic and readership so high. The Alexa Global rank has dipped below 50,000 has been below 100,000 constantly. You can create your new blog by clicking here.

Also for those that would like to have some fun and upload your videos or maybe you have a business video you would like to add to the site. Whatever you need to do you have the ability to do it here on BlogDumps Free!

For those that want a bit more exposure you can have your blog featured on the front page rotation and on the directory page for a one time small fee. Help you blog get noticed, Gain readers you can do that by following me here.

If you are looking to make some blogging friends and gain new readers and comments including links that network your blog around the BlogDumps community of blogs join us on Top Sites Tuesday. The check in post with the instructions on how to play along goes up on Monday mornings. It’s fun too 🙂

Have a great Friday night and good weekend!


BlogDumps News

What a ride the last four weeks have been… In fact, I am not sure if it has been three or four weeks but then again who’s counting!?!

Finally things are getting back to normal, well as normal as it gets…LOL

Trina and I have had a lot of fun even though we had been stuck waiting for weather many times and had a few rough moments during the ride to bring the sailboat up the coast to San Diego. I guess they are right though, it’s the bumps along the way that make this an adventure.

We met some really cool people along the way up that were on other boats and we’ve buddy boated up the coast with them from about half way up the Baja. It was a pleasure to finally meet them after just radio contact, have dinner and a couple drinks. It is nice how in the boating community that even though you haven’t met face to face there is a camaraderie amongst each boat and the crews. It also makes it nice when you are in the middle of nowhere that someone is looking to see how you are doing and if you made it to the next anchorage or marina safely.

We just checked out of Mexico and are going to make our last crossing to San Diego late Friday night and will be there on Saturday morning. Then we jump on a plane and off to the farm on the East coast.

I haven’t had a chance to welcome all of you that have created your new blogs here since we have been on this trip, so welcome to the BlogDumps community 🙂 I am normally always around so if you need help you can find a contact and help link on the main page of BlogDumps in the footer of the page. Since I am back on the job I will be going over the blogs and checking around to make sure the community is clean of porn or links to porn or hate type blogs. If you are surfing the site and find on of these, please report it and help me keep the site clean.

For those of you who are new to the community, make sure to stop by the discussion forum and announce your blog, there is a thread there just for that so don’t be shy – jump in there and let us all know what you are blogging about and leave a link so we can all visit 🙂

The other news is there will be a Top Sites Tuesday this week, it will be “Two Thoughts On Tuesday” for those that want to have your post done ahead of time.

Also, we will be back on schedule for the Saturday Funnies and Sunday Music starting next weekend so if you would like to have a link back from BlogDumps Blog on those posts make sure to upload a funny video or a favorite song and I will use them and give you credit for it. You can upload and host your Videos, Music, and photos here, keep them in public or private albums.

I am working on an idea for a contest for the best video and best photo I am not sure on all the details yet but I thought that might be something fun and if it is something that goes over well we will do it maybe once a month.

So that’s it, everything has been working just fine, the server techs are awesome as always we have had no problems or issues… I will just keep plugging along working on improvements to help promote all of you so you gain readers and get some comments on your posts.

Have a great weekend!

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Saturday Funnies On BlogDumps

We finally have internet again 🙂 We have made it all the way up the coast of Baja Mexico to a place called Turtle Bay.

What a ride to get here – rough seas, high winds and strong currents. At one point we had the motor full blast, sails up and the boat was at a stand still due to the current and swells!

It is really beautiful here. We saw whales all morning some were bigger than the sailboat! The dolphins played all around the boat as we pulled into the anchorage.

We had one seal that was just beside himself as we tried to anchor, he was sun bathing on his back and we would come around to drop anchor then he would give us a dirty look like we had invaded his spot and dive under and then come back to sunbathe.

This afternoon we are all going take it easy and go ashore and have some dinner and a get good night sleep.
We probably will walk funny ’cause we have been on the sailboat for two weeks now. We should be back home next week if all goes as planned.

I thought this would be a good one for today’s funnies!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wolfbernz and Trina

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BlogDumps News

First, I want to thank all of you that joined in the last Top Sites Tuesday!

I know we missed this week’s and some are wondering, “Where the heck are Wolfbernz and Trina!?!”

Well, we made it to Mexico and got to the sailboat safely. It was a nice sail from the Los Cabos to Cabo San Lucas.

When we arrived we hit the fuel dock and filled all the tanks and extra fuel barrels. Extras – yes we are headed North and you never know what can happen… We stayed in Cabo San Lucas for the night and took off first thing the following morning. We hit some rough weather and sailed into a place called Bahia Magdalena, aka Mag Bay, but it was full of tiny lobsters, the bay and the shoreline were red there were so many. I have photos but the internet here is so bad I am going to be lucky if this post gets published. We stayed in Mag bay for one day and then left – it was a bit rough but worth it when we arrived here in Bahia Santa Maria.

It’s a better anchorage, a bit more protected and the few locals that live here are very friendly they even dropped off some lobsters for us to have for dinner for just a few pesos 🙂 They were so kind we had an extra GPS and they had nothing to find their way from the ocean to the bay in bad weather, we also had a weather proof case for it, so we were nice back to them. This is something they can’t get here so they were so happy. I hope they never have a problem but if they do I will feel better for the father and son, Marcos and Peter, trying to live here on the water.

We have been here for three days and it looks like the weather will not let up until Thursday but not much though. It’s a small window of medium to heavy seas and medium to heavy winds and we are going for it, the next hop is two and a half days – good or bad there is no getting off or anywhere to stop so we are banking on experience and forecasts to make it to Turtle Bay where there is food, fuel and internet. We knew this was going to be a hard delivery when we took it on so we were prepared for it.

It hasn’t been all rough though… I have had a pole in the water a couple times but just small fish, I won at Gin Rummy, caught a few sun rays when the wind stops for a bit and had a few naps – no easy chair but that’s ok… LOL Ok Trina won at Gin Rummy too! We both lost on the crossword puzzle though.

Today we got real bored so we jogged around the boat… Sorry no video on that one, hehehe But you could imagine a nautical version of a Chinese fire drill! 😉

So we will check in later this week and let you all know what’s up and how we are doing we hope to be home sometime next week.

Have a great week everyone,
Wolf and Trina

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