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Blogging can be very satisfying and a lot of fun but it is something that takes a few minutes or for some like me, a little longer to come up with topics you feel that people want to read about.
I can tell you once you become a blogger you will find yourself going through life mumbling to yourself.. Haha I could definitely blog this!

Blogging is not a hard thing to learn, just like everything else it has a learning curve but once you have it down for the most part it is easy and fun.

So how do you get comments and get people to come to your site? This can be very easy or very disappointing.

You have written what you think is the best article ever and nothing, nada, not even one comment.
Well my friend it’s all up to you and you have all the tools right at your fingertips.

Visit other bloggers. Not sure who? Look around the BlogDumps directory and you will find many bloggers that have the same interest. Leave a nice comment on their blog they will in turn visit you and do the same.

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The other thing to remember is to write a good article that is worth reading you have at the most 10 to 20 seconds and if the reader isn’t captivated, hooked in by your intro line, they will be gone.
So creativity, good writing, keywords for Google and other search engines to pick up on are important.

OK keywords? If you have a blog all about music and you are always talking about this mornings coffee at Starbucks, well you get the point. Key words – meaning relevant to your blog and the article you are writing about.

Happy Blogging
PS. Need help just ask I am always around here somewhere 🙂

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BlogDump News

As most of you all know we have been traveling for a few months and during this time new blog registrations on BlogDumps Blogers have been closed. We will re open them in the coming week as we will have a bit more reliable internet and will be able to monitor the site to make sure it is clean of spam blogs and nasty stuff.

We have begun getting ready to start the process of “DELETING” blogs that have not been used or updated in the last three years to allow other bloggers that want the space to have it. If you have a blog on BlogDumps Please update your blog if you wish to keep it. We will notify BlogDumps Bloggers and It will be on everyone’s dashboard before this will happen.

If you have a blog somewhere and are not satisfied or want to start a new one, just for your info we do not care if you blog for fun or for profit from silly things to rants and raves, advertisements are allowed just no nasty or hateful stuff or links that lead to this sort of thing. We use the latest blogging plate form and update it regularly and have a 99.99999.1 up time ( I had to put the .1 in there)

I would like to thank all of you that participate in “Top Sites Tuesday” It’s a lot of fun and it will continue… It would be great to have a few more participants so if you have a blogging friend that might enjoy it please invite them 🙂

As for the rest of BlogDumps all is running smooth and we have had no real issues other than a burp a week ago and it was just a data server restart that did the trick.

Have a wonderful day

Sunday Music On A Great Weekend!

It was a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore this weekend so I pulled out the “Farm Use” vehicle today and took it out for the quarter mile out in front and around the farm lands that surround us. It was a great day to put on some jazzy blues or a little rock’n’roll and just blow the dust off.

There was one cloud that stopped by and tried to scare us with a few rain drops but soon faded away into the sunshine! Thank God! Did you see the look on that clouds face?

Cloud Face

So anyway, What’s that? Oh, The “Farm Use” vehicle… A picture is worth a thousand words! Yes it’s a 1969 Porsche 911 S — all original.

Farm Use
Farm Use...LOL The looks we get!!!

So I put on some music and took it for a spin around the farm and around the block!

I know I am supposed to do Sunday music and I am working up to that This is the first song, I like this band they are one of my favorites. I would ask you to guess but the title shows on the player!

I think Trina likes to sing along with Guns and Roses to this song as we fly home to the farm, see I don’t drive fast I just fly low!!! I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful weekend and have a better week then ever.


Punkin Chunkin Saturday

Where else but Sussex County, Delaware, would there be a festival called Punkin Chunkin?

If you’ve never heard of this before, let me enlighten you a bit. A bunch of crazy rednecks get together and launch 8 pound pumpkins through the air, as far as they can. And no, they aren’t throwing them by hand, these guys make all kinds of contraptions from catapults to gigantic air cannons! It’s awesome! Some contestants are all about the show and others are all about the chunk!

We’re going tomorrow, so look for pictures and more on Wrongblog this week.

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out these blogs, they were the top blogs sending traffic to BlogDumps Today!


Happy Saturday!

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