BlogDumps New Update

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Everything is going well the data dump (saving all your stuff) went well. The sites were only down for a short time.
We had a couple glitches during the day as the servers crashed a few times before we even got started so that was kind of scary to say the least but a few data base fixes and back ups and the server techs had us back up and on schedule for the optimization that was to start at 5:00 pm Eastern Standard time.

With all that going on we didn’t have the chance to delete all the blogs that had never been used or were outdated but we did get a lot of them removed before the process began.

So it was a hectic day in cyber land today but all is well and even though this optimization is still in progress it is hardly noticeable.

The only thing you may find is just one of the blogs on BlogDumps Bloggers at a time may shut down, be optimized and then back up. So if you were planning on doing some posts as I mentioned this is necessary so if you try your blog and you can not get to it give it a few and try again it will be back up shortly.

Until this is completed all new blog registrations will be closed. It’s a lot of data so it will take some time.

I crafted this stupid looking page lol, to put up across the site when it would crash but with all the crashes it never got done! Oh well It’s all good now 🙂

Have a great Saturday Night!


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