BlogDump News

As most of you all know we have been traveling for a few months and during this time new blog registrations on BlogDumps Blogers have been closed. We will re open them in the coming week as we will have a bit more reliable internet and will be able to monitor the site to make sure it is clean of spam blogs and nasty stuff.

We have begun getting ready to start the process of “DELETING” blogs that have not been used or updated in the last three years to allow other bloggers that want the space to have it. If you have a blog on BlogDumps Please update your blog if you wish to keep it. We will notify BlogDumps Bloggers and It will be on everyone’s dashboard before this will happen.

If you have a blog somewhere and are not satisfied or want to start a new one, just for your info we do not care if you blog for fun or for profit from silly things to rants and raves, advertisements are allowed just no nasty or hateful stuff or links that lead to this sort of thing. We use the latest blogging plate form and update it regularly and have a 99.99999.1 up time ( I had to put the .1 in there)

I would like to thank all of you that participate in “Top Sites Tuesday” It’s a lot of fun and it will continue… It would be great to have a few more participants so if you have a blogging friend that might enjoy it please invite them ๐Ÿ™‚

As for the rest of BlogDumps all is running smooth and we have had no real issues other than a burp a week ago and it was just a data server restart that did the trick.

Have a wonderful day