Merry Christmas To All.

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Trina and I want to thank all of you that have joined the BlogDumps community in the past years and to all of you that have just joined us a big thanks to you all too.

This year has brought some good changes to BlogDumps and it has been through the support of all of you bloggers that have supported us and those that have dumped your blog here.

BlogDumps is all about bringing other bloggers together to help each other so please use the forum, it has been updated and you can complete a really cool profile page there too.

We are also here to promote your blog and see that you gain new readers and comments so make sure to take advantage of all the amenities here on the site including Top Sites Tuesday.

We also have perfected the Webcam up loader on BlogDumps video site “B Tubed.” With just an inexpensive webcam you can now upload a video and send it to friends and family privately *they must join “B Tubed” to receive the video mail and watch it* or you can do video blogging and embed the video on your blog post. The instructions on how to send a private video are in the FAQ on the bottom of the video page on the site.

I had my volume up a little bit high, I am practicing and hope to get better at video blogging… lol

We have been working on the blog Directory and have had some great success. BlogDumps now has a new spider and a new submission you will love.

Now when you submit your blog it will be added into the category of your choice as soon as you finish your submission.

The main thing to remember is to put your BlogDumps link on your front page, do not hide it in a links page or an “rel nofollow” or our spider will not find it.

The featured blog submission has been upgraded and changed. For a one time fee you can get your blog featured.

Also we have the new sponsor a category, your blog at the top of the page with your logo and screenshot for only $9.95 a month. If you would like to gain some extra exposure for your blog try the sponsor a blog directory banner at the top of each directory page, no long term commitments try it for a month or how long you wish. It is inexpensive and helps with bringing more features and updates to the site.

That’s the new for the week. check out this weeks Sunday Music, if you have a favorite upload it to
BlogDumps here
and I will use it and give you credit and a link to your blog. Please make sure to add your blog URL to your profile page on BlogDumps video site “B Tubed”

We wish all of you the best holiday season ever and a great new year in 2012.

Trina and Wolfbernz