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Fun On Wednesday

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So I finally have a working computer… OMG I never thought how bad it could get not having a working computer. So now I can start my day with some fun and get some work done.

Now days everything is online let alone our work on the web. First it started with the number keys and then random keys were lost and the the power button and it was over. Thank goodness we decided to check out the surrounding areas attractions were we ran into “Big D” he is a computer fix it guy and he lives up to his reputation as “Big D” he had the computer fixed in no time at all. Trina and I were so glad we have so much to catch up on. Not being at home and being on the water on the sailboat can make it difficult we can’t just move to another computer in the office. I tried my cell phone while the computer was down and that didn’t work out so well.

So here it is Wednesday, Half way through the week and then it’s the weekend. I hope you all are having a great week 🙂

Make sure to enjoy your breakfast like in this funny video.

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Saturday Funnies

It has been a much nicer day here on the Eastern Shore, some clouds and cool wind sure helped. I hope we get some more of the much needed rain 🙂

Some times it can be hard to be a reporter…
If you slip at the wrong time there is no taking back what you said! For this weeks funnies it’s just that, be careful what you say!

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Have a great Weekend


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Fourth of July Sunday Music

What a great weekend 🙂 Cool weather, no rain – does it get any better!?!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend with family and friends, we are having a small party here on the farm and a cookout as most do on the Fourth. For those who have followed us in our travels today is a mark in time when my son, his wife and his son will be visiting “Together” this is the first time in probably eight months! We are so happy we can’t stand it 😀 Hopefully this will be the turning stone and the nightmare will be over.

For those who don’t know, they are not fighting. They are a very loving couple and their son was taken from when a misdiagnosis was made by social services. After a long, expensive fight “Today” three generations will spend this holiday together. Life is good!

I found this song, it seemed to fit well Stars and Stripes Forever!

And for you that like to rock how about Nirvana Lake of Fire a great Fourth of July rock song!

If you want to use these they are on B Tubed in the Audio section with an embed code.

Have a great day and a safe happy Fourth of July!


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Happy Father’s Day 2010

Happy Father’s day to all of you Dads out there!

I hope you all enjoy your special day with your family and friends.

Don’t forget about all the dads in the armed forces that are not home this weekend! It must be really difficult for a dad not to be home with his family on Father’s day.

So to all of you Dads out there I made this video for you and your family I hope you enjoy it 😀
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Saturday Funnies

I know it’s a holiday weekend and all the dads would be watching sports so I thought I would post this video commercial and see how many remember this one… LOL

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BlogDumps Saturday Night Dump

Well, the first thing I’d like to say is that instead of doing Saturday Funnies, Wolfbernz spent the morning and afternoon cleaning up on BlogDumps and BlogDumps B Tubed and he thinks he sent a B Tubed newsletter. So, if you got more than one newsletter, all I can say is Sorry!! If you didn’t get one, please don’t tell Wolfbernz, or he’ll keep trying! LOL He did give it his best 🙂

B Tubed is all cleaned up and the Web Cam Video uploader is working better than ever. So for those that want to send a private video to a friend or family member it is awesome!

If you haven’t joined BlogDumps B Tubed it is a nice place to network with friends and family, it’s spam free and you don’t have to worry about privacy issues we do not give out anyone’s information to a third party! You can customize your page send messages comment on everyone’s page and there is so much more. Try one of the games that you will find on the site they are simple and fun or just enjoy some cool videos or music. Upload and share your media and photos you can also create albums and make them public or private it’s a great place to host all your media

It’s been a busy day around here today. We’ve spent a good deal of time approving new bloggers and sorting through spammers on BlogDumps Bloggers. We’ve tested all the upload features on BlogDumps including most features found here on the site. Everything is working wonderfully!!! Oops I know shouldn’t have said that 😀 !

We would really like to thank all of you that dump your blogs and wear the BlogDumps button on your site it has helped us grow as one of the better human edited blog directories on the web.

If you would like to help support BlogDumps Get your Blog Featured and reviewed! As a featured blog you will be added to the front page of BlogDumps in the featured blog rotation and also on the directory page then on Saturday your blog will be featured and reviewed. The money we raise helps us keep the site up and running on our dedicated servers and keeps the features for all the bloggers on the site free.

If you have already been featured and would like to continue to help support the site visit the BlogDumps store… Yes Wolfbernz has created a new logo for all the T-Shirts and other item found in the store I won’t tell you what it says but he said due to popular demand this is what they should have on them… LOL

This just seemed to fit the day so enjoy this classic… Where were you!!! I just love Saturdays!

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Have a great Saturday night


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Sunday Music

I hope you all are having a great weekend 🙂 it has been great here!

Remember this weeks Top Sites Tuesday Theme is : Orphaned Blogs! Bud of Older Eyes suggested this theme – “I’ve found my way to a number of blogs with really good posts and when I went to comment, I noticed they hadn’t posted for months … orphaned blogs. Do you think it would be fun to do an Orphaned Blog Top Sites Tuesday where each of us posts on one orphaned blog we’ve found? Then, in addition to commenting on each others posts, we could comment on the orphans … maybe they’d start again. Just a thought …” The check in post will be up Monday Morning for those participating. Bring your blogging friends the more the better. It a lot of fun and you gain readers and comments to your blog!

This week I thought a classic song would be cool…

If you would like to get in on the Sunday Music post with links to your blog upload and share your music on BlogDumps B Tubed

I hope you enjoy it, Have a great Sunday!

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The Saturday Dump!

Well I don’t know about you all, but we are under snow here on the Eastern Shore.
All the stores are closed early even Wal*Mart… LOL
I had to drive to town earlier, what a mess…

I had previously mentioned that I was working on a blogroll for the Top Sites Tuesday bloggers… Well, it is finished and you can see it in the sidebar- it looks like a little widget. If everyone that participates and is on the blogroll embed it in their sidebar, you will find your users visiting your blogs more often… It will increase everyone’s traffic and possible new readers. This is in no way a mandatory thing but to get on the blogroll you will have to fill out a put me on the blogroll form and show that you have been participating for at least two times and are going to continue or it would not be fair to those that do.

This is what it looks like… I hope you like it? It should automatically adjust to your sidebar size.

Speaking of Top Sites Tuesday, one of our favorites around here, Bud, won this week we will be sending out a BlogDumps T-Shirt to him. Thanks Bud for being a part of the community. You all should read this post it’s great!

I don’t know if you all have checked out the FAQ page but we had some questions and we were also informed that a couple of users couldn’t find our contact button so we added a footer with the necessities.

We have had quite a few new blogs this last week, I am going to have to make the rounds an check them out. So far the new form on BlogDumps Bloggers has slowed up the robots. Some robots still have found a way around the sign up form but I am able to catch them because they have no TOS Acceptance form attached to their sign up. Whew that was a mouthful.

We are getting closer to having all the new blogs listed – we have about 400 or so to go! I want to automate but if we do, we loose touch with the people who join BlogDumps. I still want to check the blogs out, I just think it’s a wise Idea and keeps a nice clean community.

I hope you all have a great weekend enjoy BlogDumps Make sure to sign up to BlogDumps B Tubed and bring your friends it’s easy and a fun place to host all your videos, music, photos and more and get a url or embed code for each to put them on your blog. Message friends make a web cam video and send it to your friends… You all have the fun and we will host it for you free in a spam free and uncrowded environment.