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It’s been a week now since we have been home and lucky me I came down with the flu!

So I have been hanging around in the easy chair, not allowed to go out, so I have been working with some of the programmers to fix some of the small issues on BlogDumps. One of the issues wasn’t so small though, the spammers as you may remember had taken over and learned how to manipulate the Top Sites Sending traffic script on the front page. Well, we gave it our best shot here and finally had to call in the programmers that wrote the original script, well I can’t say enough good things about them. I explained that they had somehow learned to manipulate the script that runs Top Sites and that this is really important to us on Tuesdays and sure enough this is what had happened. But they are better then the hackers! The Top Sites Tuesday script is fixed and even better then ever, only one click from one IP address can be used so no more manipulation. I can say they were about to drive me crazy because the spammers’ links led to nasty porn sites and you know how much I despise them.

You can find the programmers that have different scrips you can use on your site that made the top referrers script that we use here We used their help in this years ago and they didn’t have a problem just jumping in there and helping fix the problem. Nice people to say the least and true programmers they will not let someone ruin their work.

The rest of the news to report is we have been working on the features of BlogDumps making them faster and easier to use so enjoy the BlogDumps features after all they are free.

Since we are back on the farm and at the office now, we have re-opened blog registrations and the fast track blog submission. You can get your blog featured and added to the directory also, so if you are ready to get your blog featured and get a review of your blog to fast track it to gaining readers and traffic just hit this link and you will be on your way.

Don’t forget Trina and I are always just an email away so if you need any help just drop us an email the help button is on the bottom of the front page of BlogDumps.

I hope you all have had a great week and let’s hope for some warm weather this weekend… I am ready 🙂

See you tomorrow when we announce our newest featured member make sure to stop by and check out her cool blog.

We hope that this year BlogDumps will become the premier blog directory to join and thousands of you join us and have fun right here on BlogDumps one of the last human edited and family owned blog directories.


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