Saturday Funny Video!

I hope you all are having a great weekend 8) It’s been great here!

We are working this Saturday on activating more new blogs… So many, so fast, it’s almost hard to keep up 😀
I really appreciate everyone being patient with us in getting your new blog going.

If you are adding your blog to the directory and don’t want to wait in line for your turn you can always get ahead by using our guaranteed directory inclusion. There are two ways to do this you can do a one time fee of three dollars and get a screen shot next to you blog link not just a text link or you can use the Featured blog way… This is where your blog is featured on the front page rotation and on the Blog Directory featured rotation and you also get a screen shot next to your blog link not just a text link plus you get a mini review on Saturday night following your blog submission all for only $9.99 this is the best way to go if you want full exposure and to get noticed by the visitors to BlogDumps.

Also, on another note, if you are looking to gain more readers become active in the BlogDumps Discussion forums the discussion forum gets over 80,000.00 visits a month so why not join if you haven’t already and announce your blog to the community. You can of course submit your blog here and choose a user profile in the BlogDumps discussion forum and it is free. It only costs money if you want to be in the front of the line or featured.

Another way to gain more attention to your blog is to create a BlogDumps Video page on BlogDumps B Tubed here. This is free hosting for all your videos,music and photos.There is a quick capture feature where you can use your webcam to upload a video you don’t even have to use a video from your camera, for all you video bloggers you will love the new high quality recording we have added just for you! Just like in the discussion forum you can change the look of you page and make it your own look.

Check out this funny News Bloopers they are great 🙂

Have a wonderful Saturday