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This weeks winner of Top Sites Tuesday is Cheryl from the blog The Art of Being Conflicted. As Bud would say “I like the way you write and I am glad you joined us on TST” I think that goes for all of us here 🙂 Make sure to visit Cheryl’s blog you will be glad you did it’s awesome!

So the news for the day… I guess I should have mentioned, not that I am forgetful LOL… that the back ups on all the sites throughout the Wolfbernz network -that includes BlogDumps Bloggers on – has been moved to a different time. We did this due to popular demand because the amount of traffic and the backups slow down the data bases for a short period of time (like 10 minutes). The back ups have been moved to 3am Eastern time and 12:00am PST so if you notice a little slow down on accessing the sites this is why. We will be putting up a BlogDumps is over capacity page for when this happens but if you see this don’t panic, all is well.

We really could use another dedicated server so if you are a BlogDumps Blogger and would like to help get us there there is a subscribe button for one dollar a month via PayPal hopefully on your BlogDumps Bloggers Dashboard we will get enough people to do this and we will add one soon. By the way there are now 1,310 active blogs on BlogDumps Bloggers and we are growing daily! Some of the older blogs from back in 2006 and 2007 that have not been updated or used have been archived to make way for new and active bloggers.

BlogDumps Bloggers site has been updated again. It seems as though WP has a new update each week lately, but that’s ok it keeps the site secure and we do appreciate all they do over there that gives us the ability to run BlogDumps Bloggers and the chance for people to join BlogDumps and get a free blog!

We have a new blog Submission, now when you add your blog you can chose a category and it places you in there as soon as you finish the form and add your link. I have wanted this for so long and it has been up and running a week with no issues… It even shows your Google page rank and I can update that too! So if you are new or a new blogger visiting, submit your blog to the newly remodeled BlogDumps directory!

Have a great Thursday


3 thoughts on “BlogDumps News”

  1. Wolfe, I really appreciate you and all the members of BlogDumps for making me feel welcome.

    Hey, Bud, thanks for the kind words. Even after 2 months of blogging, I learn something new everyday. It is great to be part of a site that is friendly and welcoming. You all are the best.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    You’re welcome.

    I am glad you like it here, we all love your blog 🙂


  3. I second that! I’ve been enjoying Cheryl’s blog since she joined in and started her sharing with us all on Top Sites Tuesday. Keep up the awesome job on your blog!

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