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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why isn't my link on the Permanent link dump?

A. If you link no longer appears in the permanent link dump there are a few possible reasons for this:

1. The automated reciprocal link spider did not find our link on your page.

2. Upon manually checking your site (which we do for all sites) we found pornagraphic or severly inappropriate content and we removed you.

3. You placed our link in a post or a hidden page. We request that our link is on the front page of your site in either the sidebar or footer, all site are checked for links manually and if we can't find our link on your site, you get removed from the Link Dump and BlogDumps.com


Q. Your link is on my site, why won't the Blog submission find it?

A. If you placed the link in a Blog-roll obtained from another site, sometimes the automated reciprocal search spider won't find it because the link is actually on another site. Try placing the link on your actual page (in the side bar or footer)


Q. I would like an image or different image used for my link.

A. Please use the Contact button Below to send us the URL of the image you want us to use. We ask that images are no more than 75px tall x 300px wide. We prefer graphics that include your Blog name and Description, but all pictures are accepted (We reserve the right to reject any pictures based on content and our Taste. We also reserve the right to crop and/or resize pictures to fit category listings.)


If you have any questions, not covered here, and you need help:

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