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Saturday Funnies

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With all we have been through trying to get the sailboat back home I haven’t done a Saturday Funnies for some time.

I came across this one it is new to the site so I thought I would post it.

TV Bloopers are always funny, some are hilarious 🙂 If you have a funny video you would like to share Upload it here on BlogDumps and I will use it in my Saturday Funny post.

Enjoy the video and have a great weekend.


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Saturday Funnies

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I am so glad I didn’t have any of the funny adventures during the summer like Bernard in this weeks video.

Bernard is so funny, the animation company did such a good job with this cartoon. For all you golfers out there I am sure you can relate to that part of the clip.

Have fun and enjoy the adventures of Bernard


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Have a great Saturday


BlogDumps News and Saturday Funnies

Hi all, it has been a few days since we have posted but it has been real busy around here – we are trying to finally get everyone added to the directory but some blogs may have to wait until we get to the next port when we land. If you want to be added right away to a category please go here to get in front of the line. OK, so it costs a couple dollars, but every dollar helps keep the servers humming and the programmers happy.

Everything else is on time and on track except the .css changes we are making in IE for the B Tubed part of BlogDumps that seems to be taking toooo long for me. I almost think we need some real change in this department but they keep asking me what and I haven’t figured it out yet, any ideas????? Leave them in the comments, I’m game let’s do it!

There are new sponsors on the front page of BlogDumps so make sure to click around and check them out we want them to be happy and get some readers and stay awhile 🙂

Not much else to report, Oh yeah we changed the back up time to 3am Eastern Time US for all BlogDumps Bloggers you all seem to get on the site at the same time in the mornings and when we do the data back ups it slows down the site so we are doing them when you all “Should be sleeping” 🙂

BlogDumps funnies – check this one out it was uploaded to B Tubed

Have a great Saturday!

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Saturday Funnies Video!

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I hope you all had a great Friday Night! We did, we just hung out here on the farm and chilled… A nice quiet evening 🙂

I hope you enjoy this week’s video it is entitled “Why Kids Move Out” LOL I saw this and had to post it when I stopped laughing!

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I am off to work on the site have a great Saturday Make sure to add your blog if you want to be in the Saturday Night Dump Post! Since we are a human edited directory make sure you put the BlogDumps link where I can find it easy or I will just skip it there are to many blogs and it takes so much time to hunt down each link to make sure it’s there.

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Have a great day

Saturday Funnies

I know it’s a holiday weekend and all the dads would be watching sports so I thought I would post this video commercial and see how many remember this one… LOL

If you do leave it in the comments and make sure to Tweet it if you use Twitter. It would be nice to have some more of the BlogDumps community join in the fun here on the Saturday Funnies, so if you have a funny video please join BlogDumps B Tubed and upload it. Some videos that have been sent to you by a friend may have a copyright codec and it may not upload so if you have trouble uploading that is probably why. It would be great if you have some funny home videos to share 😀 Continue reading Saturday Funnies

Friday Funnys

TGIF!!! I am so glad it is Friday. It has been a long but productive week around here.

Thanks to all who participated in the “Top Sites Tuesday!” It was a lot of fun. If you want to check out all the cool blogs that participate the blogroll is on the right side of this page.

Everything has been working fine around here the only news is that I have added another gig of RAM to the server so things will work faster than before. Other than that, people are building new blogs here on BlogDumps daily!

I think these are funny videos — I hope you enjoy.
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Saturday At the BlogDump

Ok, So we went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant… Instead of our normal pitcher of Margaritas I thought a carafe of Cabernet Sauvignon with dinner would be a nice change! Yikes!!! They brought it out and it was cold! I wanted to send it back, after all Cabernet Sauvignon is supposed to be server room temperature, but Trina being the nice person she is said no. I guess if it had been a bad wine it would have been worse! After a few glasses some chips and then the fajitas I didn’t care anymore.

After dinner we went to Wal*mart to buy some Beniful dog food for the new addition to the farm… Yes we have done it again – we have a little tiny Chihuahua, she is so cute!!!

While we were there I thought I would pick up my prescriptions… The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver’s license and then proceeded to ask me “Is this for you?” I said my name is on the prescription and you see it’s me on my drivers license so there you have it. Then she asked again! “Is this for you?” I said I didn’t think that would doctors write prescriptions for someone else with my name on it if it were not for me! Then she asked again! I thought I was in the Dude where’s my car movie (and then!!!) I said again, “My name is on the prescription, you have my drivers license and I don’t know what else to tell you to convince you it’s for me.”

Then she asked me again… you are not picking this up for someone else? (and Then!) OMG, I wanted to ask her where’s your sign? I politely asked can I have my prescriptions now? And then, yes she did… I just stood there and said nothing as she rung up the sale, waited and she gave me the look like she was going to ask me again so I asked can I just have my prescriptions now please!!! of course everyone was laughing by now, I swear she just saw the movie and I was her first to try the and then out on!

I am very happy with all the new blogs being built here on BlogDumps. I would like to announce the latest members of the community. It’s nice to see that I was able to open up registrations again and all the spam bloggers have left us alone. If you are a serious blogger I would like to invite you to join our blogging community. You can blog about whatever you want and monetize it so you can make some extra money also.

This is the latest additions some of them have just started. Please give them a warm welcome and leave a comment after all it is the nice thing to do!

Have a great Saturday Night!
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