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Happy Father’s Day 2012

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From all of us here at BlogDumps we want to wish all of you Fathers a very Happy Father’s day.

A Father plays a big role in molding the character and morals of our children and with out that role most have a hard time adjusting and have so many unanswered questions.

It is a very cool thing to be a Father and show our young how we should act and how we should treat people as we want to be treated. To teach them to be fair and honest and give them the guidance they need as they grow into adult hood. So many today take this role so lightly. I wish more could be done to prevent the many that do take this role of a Father so lightly but I guess that is just part of life.

To all of you that have done your part and are raising or have raised your children Kudos to you and have the best day ever.

I know I play this every year for the last couple of years but I can’t seem to make a video that I like better than this one… Each time it just doesn’t come out right!

All the best
The Crew here at BlogDumps

Sunday Music With Lc Johnson’s “Problems With The World Today”

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Before I get started I would like to announce to everyone that it is Bud’s Birthday so make sure to stop by and visit him here. To leave a comment use the Facebook connect or Twitter app it’s easy 🙂 Happy Birthday Bud!

I was cruising BlogDumps Video Site “B Tubed” hoping for something new in the music area and I got just that!

One of our latest members Biglc22 uploaded this song.
I am impressed with the quality of the video and how it plays on the new BlogDumps HD player nicely.

As the song says there are so many problems in the world today, many issues just swept under the rug as they say. I don’t know how you all feel but this economy has got to change for the better. With a bad economy comes a host of all new problems we do not need in our country. Not just our economy, the drug problems have become out of control – not just marijuana, the prescription drugs – have you read the latest statistics OMG… We have issues and they need to be worked on.

Thanks for the video BigLc hope to see more in the future 🙂

Have a great Sunday

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Sunday Music

As we sit in the marina waiting for another storm to pass, I can’t help but to think about getting back to our adventure traveling North on the Atlantic ICW. Despite the troubles we’ve encountered along the way, the adventure beckons.

I found this song, Stone Temple Pilots’ Interstate Love Song, on BlogDumps Video. The pictures and the music are beautifully put together, it’s worth watching all the way through.

Have a great day everyone, see everyone Monday when the Top Sites Tuesday check-in post goes up!

Sunday Music

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Sundays are a good day for reflection sometimes. Remembering to be thankful with having to eat the giant Thanksgiving Turkey LOL So today’ s song, Amen by Kid Rock, is just something fun… Enjoy!

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See you all tomorrow!

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Superbowl Sunday

This year the Patriots face the Giants in the Superbowl. While I’m sure that the game will be awesome, I’m more interested in the halftime show with Madonna being the headliner. She announced that she will be singing 3 of her “classic hits” and one of her new songs. Which leaves me wondering which “classic hits” she will be performing?

I suppose we’ll all have to tune into the Superbowl to find out!

Have a Great Sunday Everyone and may the best team win!

September 11 2011

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Normally I do a Sunday Music… Who knows maybe by the time I finish what’s on my mind I will have a song for the day.

As you can see by the title you must have realized that this is the Tenth Anniversary of the horrible attack on the world trade center.

I went to the Homeland security site to see what the level of threat and found that they offer a blog widget that was pretty neat.

I sit here today pondering why… what could make someone or a group of people hate another group of people so much that they would do such a thing.

This attack didn’t just effect Americans – there were people from around the world in those buildings even from there own country… But if you have no value on life I guess it just doesn’t matter does it.

Now don’t get me wrong on my last statement it did affect America and now we know we are vulnerable and we are “Mad as hell” and are “not going to take any more!”

There is all this speculation that it was a conspiracy or that Bush just needed a reason to go after the oil in Iraq, frankly I don’t really know what to believe about it other than the bastards blew up my country men and we just aren’t going to sit around and take that $#!+

Now here we are ten years later we finally got the mastermind of the attack and killed him. We have our soldiers – some of my family even – over there trying to put back together what was destroyed in our attempt to get revenge and in their ongoing battles – something I think is almost (I sad Almost) impossible.

The countries in this region have been at war for centuries, they are never going to agree on anything other than they do not like Americans or Israel. It is a sad day today for all of the world.

We live in a world of no peace and that my friend is awful. At home in the USA there are attacks in an IHOP by our own and abroad they are attacking us as we try to put these countries back together. I just don’t get it?! But I guess I wouldn’t I am not that kind of person.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for one week everyone decided to lay down their arms and just have some peace maybe then each person could realize what a stress relief it would be for the whole world. I have an Idea lets stop all the oppression in this world of ours too. If we all worked together imagine what we could do for everyone on our little planet called Earth.

There are so many without jobs, food, a place to live and call home, how about just a clean glass of water. Yet we spend Billions Fighting wars that seem to never end. We will go into debt for a missile but not a chance for the guy on the street with his family who lost it all due to our economy. WTF? Yeah, I said it!

So a song for Sunday?

September 11 2011
We Will Never Forget! Our Thoughts And Prayers go out To The All The People Effected.

Viewer Discretion Advised.


Sunday Music – Smash Mouth – Walking On The Sun Video

Well, Spring is here and it’s going to be summer soon 🙂 Finally some warm weather! It won’t be long and it will be to the beach and off to the lake for family fun.

Trina and I are off to another adventure. We will be blogging from off the Mexican West Coast on Monday… I hope we don’t take off right away on the sailing trip.

It’s another sailing trip, but this time it’s a short one to bring a sailboat back to the USA and then we fly home.

It has been nuts around here, so much to do to get ready and then I get a virus on my main laptop.You know, the one that I use to be able to run things if needed while traveling. (All is well now though, thanks to Trina fixing and reinstalling and then downloading all the website stuff and all the back-ups.) Then there was the day job and then throw the farm into the picture – WHEW, I am surprised about how much we were able to do. We got the call to get on the boat and were told eight days is when we had to be there, not much notice but I can’t think of something more fun to do!

So all is well I have my laptop back in working order (and even better now that it’s been cleaned up completely) everything is backed up and ready to go, BlogDumps is running better than it has in some time. Traffic has been up considerably so make sure to leave a comment – we allow links for bloggers here after all that’s what BlogDumps is all about, gaining you all readers and giving you all a place to be noticed. Have you ever worked on something and finally you feel like you just might be getting somewhere?

I know I ramble and it’s Sunday music. This just seems to set the mood for me today, this is a fun video to watch so enjoy!

Have a great Saturday,

PS I hope we have internet so we can have this weeks Top Sites Tuesday 🙂 I will be checking it out as soon as I arrive!

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Sunday Music from California

Hey Everyone!

As most of you know We are finally traveling! We’ve landed on the West Coast and spent some time in Southern California then headed to Central California to visit family.

It’s colder here than I expected but that’s ok – at least we’re here 🙂

In light of our traveling (and only having random access to the internet while traveling) we’ll be posting about our travels when we can. Make sure to stop by and follow us as we sail South to the warm blue waters of the Pacific.

I hate to break this news, but Top Sites Tuesday will be on hold until we return. Make sure to stop by and leave a link to your posts so when we do pull into port we can visit everyone and stay up-to-date and know what’s going on with everyone!

Oh yeah, isn’t this a Sunday Music post? How about a nice Summer jam?

Have a wonderful day Everyone!

Sunday Music

This Sunday I thought I’d do the music around here. We’re on our way to church and then we’re off to spend Sunday with Wolfbernz Favorite (and only LOL) Grandson and Daughter-in-Law. It’s going to be a beautiful day and I can’t wait to enjoy it!

Here’s the latest song uploaded to BlogDumps Video by Liggy! It’s called Diggy Liggy Lo

and here’s my Favorite Sunday Song:

OMG What a great Sunday!!!

Sunday Music- Things not to say to your wife in music!

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While I was looking around B Tubed for some Sunday Music I didn’t see any new stuff uploaded for this week so I was roaming around looking for something good to play for everyone 🙂

I listened to a lot of different songs and just couldn’t find anything that struck me for a post. I am sure you all have had finding what to post about an issue from time to time, OK well I do…LOL

So anyway I ran across this video and since it is game time I thought what a better thing to play than this video for all you guys out there. It’s almost something I should do on a Saturday but it has music so there 🙂

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Have a great Sunday


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