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TST #183 – Two Thoughts on Tuesday

This year TST is landing on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Top Sites This Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Have a great day 🙂

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Happy Easter

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It is a beautiful day here in North Carolina, a bit quiet though we had hoped to be home by now but with our miss-hap with our sailboat’s engine we have been delayed. We have found an engine and are waiting to have it installed so we can make the final three hundred mile trip home. Oh how sweet it will be to get home 🙂

The luck of us getting stuck in such a nice place could not be by happenstance we are definitely blessed to be here. It is almost like going back to the fifties where everyone is so pleasant and happy. You don’t have to prove you can be trusted, you are until you mess up, so nice! So we are blogging from Whittiker Point Marina today and will be for at least another week or so.

I found this cute old Easter cartoon… I know Bunnies aren’t what it is all about but I have to share it!

We noticed that there are a lot of new members to the community and would like to welcome all of you and encourage you all to use all the free services here including the BlogDumps Instant Messenger and the video portion of the site, BlogDumps Video.

Trina and I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Easter!


Merry Christmas on Sunday Music

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I hope all of you are having a great Christmas with your family and friends. Trina and I have flown home to the farm on the Eastern Shore for Christmas and we are having fun with the family. I know I have eaten enough food for a week.

I think the best part of this Christmas was when we asked Jacob, he is just over two going on thirty lol
“Would you like to take all the toys you do not use or want to other kids so they can play with them?”
Jacob was all smiles and said “Yeah grandad, lets go daddy and give toys to other kids!” Out of the mouth of babies comes some of the most enjoyable times ever – it was all he could do to contain himself as we gathered them up and took them, he was so happy to do this it gave us all the most enjoyable and memorable time we have had for years.

This is really what it is about, it is our witness in life to help and give to others in need and in today’s times so many are in a bad situation it’s just awful.

It would be great to see everyone take on this attitude of helping those in need in the coming year.
As I watch the TV I still see the commercials for the kids in other countries and that’s all good and well but what about all the families that have been hit with hard time in this country and their kids are in desperate need?
Something has to be done to correct this situation and soon.

Trina and I have seen this first hand as we have traveled the East Coast this winter headed to Florida. Almost everywhere we have been there are too many homeless, I know you are thinking losers and you’re wrong it’s families and children and it’s heartbreaking to say the least.

I realize it is supposed to be a happy day and it is but this was on my mind so I had to put it out there.

Enjoy these cool Christmas videos the first one is awesome it would be really cool to be there and see something like this.

This next one is a house with lights that go on with the music… Very cool indeed!

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Have a wonderful Christmas day and have a great New Year.

PS Thanks to all of you for a great year here on BlogDumps 🙂

Sunday Christmas Music

It’s getting closer to that time, are you all ready for the big Christmas day?
I was looking through some of the Christmas music and found this one.

The instrumental music seems so much more Christmas-like to me for some reason, maybe it’s because it sounds more like church music.

Everyone seems to be scurrying around and getting ready for the big day along with so many parades and parties. As we have traveled down the East Coast this season we have seen this in almost every town.
Some of the small towns have been the best all dolled up with lights, the little shops full of Christmas cheer and decorations. Have a great Sunday and enjoy the season after all it’s only once a year.


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Sunday Christmas Music

It’s that time of year again, all the parades and lights going up.
We have enjoyed many parades on our trip so far as we travel the Intercoastal Waterway, it seems we get to see one almost at each port this last week or so. We have even had the opportunity to enjoy a few Christmas boat parades too. 🙂

Tomorrow we will be heading out early and will cross over into the state of Georgia and headed south.

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I don’t know how many of you feel about the funny songs they play on the radio and some are just this side of racy but the funny ones are enjoyable to me.

This one was uploaded on BlogDumps, it is definitely a classic funny one for sure!

Then you have Bert and Ernie singing a Christmas tune together

I hope you had fun listening to these few songs, after all it is the fun time of the season.

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‘Tiss the season and Happy Holidays


Memorial Day On BlogDumps

Since we haven’t done a Top Sites Tuesday for a couple weeks I thought since we have internet for today this would be a great time for everyone to join in and add a link to their Memorial day post- if you have done one.

Please leave a link in the comments to your blog post.

As I mentioned in my last post we hope to be home next week 🙂

This is the time of year that we thank all of our military for their service and for everything they give up for their country.

My father and many members of my family have been in and are in the military.

I know everyone is glad to have a day off and are ready to have the big BBQ and a ton of fun to start off this summer but let’s not forget one of the most important things to do first.

First, I think we should all take a moment and pray for those that are in harms way in our armed services and then for those that have done their service and for those that have passed away in the line of duty for their country.

I usually stop by the services at home and watch the speech and honor guard do the ceremony, it’s seems as though I watch it every year I still get that little lump in the throat as they play the national anthem.

I am sure many who have been with the BlogDumps community have heard this before but this song is so appropriate for this holiday. Since I am out of the country I am kind of bummed I can’t raise my BlogDumps flag on the site.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend!

Wolfbernz and Trina

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Hoppy Easter

So I get a call this morning from the my son… Happy Easter at 7 am! Yes I said 7am he puts his son who is almost 2 now on the phone and he says Hoppy Easter 🙂 Then it’s – church was changed this week it’s at 9am instead!!! OMG I felt as though I had just fell asleep, It’s Easter I have to get up!

I was up late I am working on new stuff for B Mobile with all the new phones I am trying to keep up with the times. I had to scratch the old site fully and create a new one… Yikes, Sometimes I wish I could program as well as I can cut a piece of wood and make furniture – maybe someday 🙂

So here it is, Easter already, Sunday music, I am late, hurrying around, I haven’t had a moment to write a thing on any blog… But that’s ok the little voice on the phone brings a smile to my face and I am ready to go with him and have a fun and happy Easter.

I hope all of you do the same – Easter, we all know what it’s about – but its also about Family, being together and enjoying that we can have a good life. Whether it’s just two or ten it really doesn’t matter it’s a day to be happy 🙂 We could use more days in our lives that do this, times are tough for many people right now.

To all of you from us here at BlogDumps we wish you the best and happiest Easter ever!

I didn’t know what to post for the music today it was a hard choice so I am going to do two, I couldn’t decide!

I thought this one is nice, maybe I’m just that kinda guy, reverence is good.

The funny one for the day. Easter Exposed!

Happy Easter,

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