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Sunday Music With Nickleback!

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Some songs just seem to have some meaning to us as we listen and sing along. They leave us thinking about life. 🙂 The things that make us happy and wanting to have fun. In this song it seems he has found love and she is saves him from unhappiness as they dance into the night. How many time have you done this!?

I thought this was a nice song for this Sunday.
If you listen to the lyrics it’s a nice upbeat song and I love the music it’s great.

This was uploaded by MusicMan on BlogDumps “B Tubed” Thanks for sharing this awesome song!

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Have a great Sunday

Sunday Music With “Three Days Grace” Live!

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Wow what an awesome concert 🙂

When we got there, there ware a lot of people scurrying around to find their seats – it was about a hundred degrees outside! The opening band was great but we missed most of it while wandering the fair eating fries and admiring all the fried wonders (fried Twinkies, pickles, snickers, Oreos)…

We found our seats and waited for the big moment to arrive and when the sun started to set here they came with a loud rumble… The lead singer to one look at the barricades they had set up and he said “You all seem so far away” everyone screamed “Yeah!” I don’t know why but they always do that no matter what the singer says. So he went on to say “If you all can behave yourselves we will remove these barricades, after all this is a rock concert not some country event – get up here let’s ROCK!” The crowd went wild, the cops looked as though they needed to attend the bathroom at this point and abandoned the stage area. 🙂 But the bands security came out and the rest is rock history. They put on the best rock show I have ever seen at the Delaware State Fair. Kudos to you Three Days Grace you made my Friday night the best ever especially after working in such a long hot week.

In the middle of the concert the lead singer announced that he wanted everyone to have all of thier CD’s and that he didn’t care how we got them – burned, ripped, downloaded, or stuck in a jacket pocket at the store – “We’re so proud of our music and we just want you all to listen to it!” The crowd went wild!

I wish I had a better video camera so I could upload the videos I took of the concert. Just for fun, here’s one of their songs:


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Fourth of July Sunday Music

What a great weekend 🙂 Cool weather, no rain – does it get any better!?!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend with family and friends, we are having a small party here on the farm and a cookout as most do on the Fourth. For those who have followed us in our travels today is a mark in time when my son, his wife and his son will be visiting “Together” this is the first time in probably eight months! We are so happy we can’t stand it 😀 Hopefully this will be the turning stone and the nightmare will be over.

For those who don’t know, they are not fighting. They are a very loving couple and their son was taken from when a misdiagnosis was made by social services. After a long, expensive fight “Today” three generations will spend this holiday together. Life is good!

I found this song, it seemed to fit well Stars and Stripes Forever!

And for you that like to rock how about Nirvana Lake of Fire a great Fourth of July rock song!

If you want to use these they are on B Tubed in the Audio section with an embed code.

Have a great day and a safe happy Fourth of July!


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BlogDumps Sunday Music

Brought to you by Liggy from Liggyz Dreamz you do remember this song? Oh come on you know it!
Where were you when this song came out? leave it in the comments 8)

Make sure to visit Liggy’s blog it’s great you will be glad you did, she is awesome!

Liggy uploaded a few songs so I am going to ad a popular Shed54 tune remixed with a harder, grungier sound for all you rockers out there. Rock on Liggy

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Have a great Sunday,