BlogDumps News and Saturday Funnies

Hi all, it has been a few days since we have posted but it has been real busy around here – we are trying to finally get everyone added to the directory but some blogs may have to wait until we get to the next port when we land. If you want to be added right away to a category please go here to get in front of the line. OK, so it costs a couple dollars, but every dollar helps keep the servers humming and the programmers happy.

Everything else is on time and on track except the .css changes we are making in IE for the B Tubed part of BlogDumps that seems to be taking toooo long for me. I almost think we need some real change in this department but they keep asking me what and I haven’t figured it out yet, any ideas????? Leave them in the comments, I’m game let’s do it!

There are new sponsors on the front page of BlogDumps so make sure to click around and check them out we want them to be happy and get some readers and stay awhile 🙂

Not much else to report, Oh yeah we changed the back up time to 3am Eastern Time US for all BlogDumps Bloggers you all seem to get on the site at the same time in the mornings and when we do the data back ups it slows down the site so we are doing them when you all “Should be sleeping” 🙂

BlogDumps funnies – check this one out it was uploaded to B Tubed

Have a great Saturday!

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